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    Summons Rules

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    Summons Rules

    Post by Wave Darkbright on Wed Dec 03, 2014 9:00 pm

    Summons Rules

    Summons allow you to call forth Beasts, spirits and other mystical and mythical beings to aid you in combat. Summons work much like having a side character attached to your character because they start at the lowest level and must be leveled up in order for them to become powerful. Unlike your character however, summon upgrades and abilities are slightly cheaper so that you may also maintain your summon or even make it your main form of fighting. Summons are not free however so you must purchase one to have one.

    • All summons must be living things(or at least undead.)
    • All summons start at the human tier, and the owner must spend money to upgrade them.
    • All summons start with one free ability equal to the rank of the summon.
    • If you wish to be a 'summoner' type, you may renounce either a free weapon or ability in order to replace it with an additional summon slot.
    • Summons are allowed to be higher tier than their master but they must stay within their masters rank range. (example: Demi-god tier 1 can have up to a demi-god tier 5 summon.)
    • Fully upgraded Summons can have up to a maximum of 4 ability slots.
    • Fully upgraded Summons can have up to a maximum of 2 weapon slots.
    • If you unsummon your summon, you cannot summon it back for a total of 10 posts.
    • Summons cannot 'die', they can be defeated which unsummons them and if defeated, they cannot be re-summoned during that thread.

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