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    Arena Rules

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    Arena Rules  Empty Arena Rules

    Post by Fabled Emperor Karna on Sat Dec 06, 2014 4:27 pm

    Please keep in mind that these rules are subject to change so make sure you keep up with the rules if you are an Arena regular.

    Core Arena Rules

    • Both participants must be in compliance to the match its self and it's rules.
    • You may not fight against another one of your accounts in the arena.
    • All participants must abide by the specific rules of the match.
    • Breaking those rules will be decided by the referee of the match and if you are disqualified, you not only lose the match but you lose an Arena rank.
    • Rank limiters for specific battles should be monitored, breaking a rank limit will disqualifies you.
    • Purposefully attacking the crowd will get you disqualified.
    • Stepping foot outside of the arena or actually running away from the fight by leaving the arena will disqualify you.
    • Three day reprieve is given to reply to your opponent, unless your absence is approved by a staff member prior to the inactivity.
    • Betting gold to the participants as a means to win big can and will be allowed. However, extortion and forgoing matches to win may result in a ban.
    • You may not bet on matches alts are participating in.

    The Arena's are heavily guarded by ancient spirits which protect the sanctity of the Arena meaning that on the Arena grounds there are no Kings, no Gods, and no Monsters to interfere with the games. These spirits are much more powerful than even the Gods though they're one single order is to stop all killing in the Arena grounds unless it is a part of an actual match, factions cannot start fights at the Arena without it being in a match itself. Secondly, all IC characters count as the audience as the Arena battles are recorded on the Arena leaderboards which are known to everyone IC so long as you've paid a visit to the Arena before. Lastly, the more you participate in the Arena and the more you win in the Arena, the higher your Arena rank will be which will increase the amount of fame throughout the land as well as the amount of Gold you can win in a match or how much your opponent can win by beating you in a match.

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