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    Hades, The Dark God


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    Name:: Hades
    Race: Fallen God

    Hades, The Dark God

    Post by Hades on Sun Dec 07, 2014 6:23 pm


    Who are you?

    Name: Hades
    Nickname: The Dark God
    Age: Hades is ageless, but appears to be 26
    Sexuality: Straight
    Race: Fallen God
    Special features: N/A

    What are you like?

    Personality: Menacing, Silent, and Brooding are a few words that describe Hades. The term 'short fuse' is a massive understatement when it comes to Hades, because he is always filled with hate and anger, so the smallest thing can send Hades into a blind fury. Love is not a word that is in Hades' vocabulary, in fact he generally cares very little for everyone. The only person he does have any care for is those he is loyal to. In fact, Hades cares less about himself than he does about everyone else. Hades only sees himself as a weapon, he truly believes that his only purpose is to fight. It is in the midst of combat that Hades feels at peace, the only time he can feel the smallest shred of happiness. However, it is nearly impossible for Hades to trust anyone and without anything to fight for, he doesn't get the same thrill or satisfaction from it. The reality is that Hades is a very straight-minded God, he only thinks about fighting. Fighting is the only release for all the hate and anger inside of Hades and until that hate disappears, he can not change. The only other thing he does find any joy in is assisting those who he is loyal or indebted to. Hades has a very high sense of honor, and therefore anyone who shows kindness to him and helps him in a significant way instantly becomes a very important person to Hades, until the debt is repaid or otherwise. He takes this debt so seriously that Hades would even lay down his own life to assist those who he is loyal to.

    • Fighting
    • Darkness
    • Re-paying debts


    • Himself
    • Everyone
    • The Light


    • Purpose- Hades wishes to have purpose and to be of use to those who have helped him.
    • Change- Hades ultimately wants to become a better person, even though he believes it to be impossible.


    • The Darkness- Even though Hades commands the darkness, he is afraid of it corrupting his heart and overcoming him.
    • Hell- Hades has spent most of his life in his own personal hell and he is terrified of going back.

    What do you look like?

    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 168lbs
    Eye color: Purple
    Hair color: Black
    Appearance: See avi/sig

    Where have you been?

    History: Long ago, far before the world was even close to what it is today, the first creator god's were in disagreement on how to handle the creation of their first life form's, God's. The creator's disagreement grew heated and violent and their anger and hate boiled over, so much so that it began to become pure energy. The angrier the creator's became, the more energy collected together. When the creator's finally noticed, it was far too late. So much of their hate and anger had collected that it began to manifest into something living. Out of the dark energy, stepped a man with jet black hair and purple eyes, his body wrapped in black bandages. The man was small in comparison to the size of the creators, but his power was not far from theirs. The creator's could see the anger on his face and feel it resonating off of him, the man let out a scream so powerful that it destroyed much of the surrounding area. Although this power was devastating, it was mere child's play to the creators and with a thought they had restored all of the damage that he had inflicted. Astounded, the man knelt before the mighty beings and inquired when his power would reach such heights. The creator's laughed at him, explaining that he was not one of them and could never become as powerful as them. Enraged, the man unleashed all of his power at the creators, doing much more damage to them then they had originally thought possible. Unsure of how to treat this man, they cast him into a prison filled with light, where his dark energy could not assist him. However, this prison was not supposed to be permanent. It was only with the death of the creators that his sentence became permanent. This is the origin of The Dark God, Hades.

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