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    Rhiannon Doujim13

    Who are you?

    Name: Rhiannon
    Nickname: Guardian of the Forest
    Age: Ageless (appears as a child and as a young woman in her 20's)
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Race: Goddess
    Special features: When in her true guardian form, she appears as a humanoid tree with vine hair and bark skin.

    What are you like?

    Personality: Very kind and gentle, Rhiannon is enamored by humanity and nature, wishing to protect it. She has a deep sense of security within the forest and is determined to show the humans that not all gods are to be feared. Generally bubbly and playful in her child form, she interacts with all creatures within the forest and often enjoys playing games with them, as well as keeping watch over it to make sure no damage is done. Only when she feels that herself or what/whom she protects is threatened does she become rather hostile and short with whatever she is facing.

    Wise and full of courage, Rhiannon will gladly die to protect the what lies in the forest, including the creatures and the power within the sealed temple, whom she feels she is a guardian (or forest sage) of, to decide whether someone is worthy to wield it, and if they are pure of heart and of spirit. Not caring much for the idea of having power, she only will display it when she feels it is necessary, such as when she is being threatened by a powerful force she could only face in her guardian form. Rhiannon has a deep fear of power, mostly due to her past where she let it consume her and her mind became corrupt. Fearful to ever become that away again, she is rather distant to the other gods, whether she got along with them well or not.

    Full of innocence, Rhiannon does not seem to have any source of evil within her. She is selfless and puts all others before herself. Though she has surrounded herself with such a pure environment, this does not mean that she does not understand and underestimates the forces of evil that she will inevitably face in the future. Her emotions will get the better of her at times, though she does not realize it, and when she feels threatened or feels that the forest may be threatened, she, at times, loses herself in her anger and becomes merciless.



    Protection of the Sealed Temple - Rhiannon's main goal is to protect the sealed temple hidden within the sacred grove of the Greater Forest. She is determined to keep the powers within it safe and in secret, for only that of the purest of heart and spirit may ever use it.
    Unity of the Gods - One of Rhiannon's greatest wishes is for the Gods to no longer fight among each other and to get along once more.

    Industrialization - A great fear of Rhiannon's is for the forest to come to an end as humans begin to build over it, killing all wildlife within.
    Fall of the Sealed Temple - If the temple were ever have to be broken into and the power stolen by a heart of evil, surely darkness would follow, and Rhiannon would have failed her followers.

    What do you look like?

    Height: 4'3" (child form) | 5'6" (adult form) | 6'4" (guardian form)
    Weight: 60 lbs (child form) | 130 lbs (adult form) | 225 lbs (guardian form)
    Eye color: Green
    Hair color: Green
    Child Appearance
    Rhiannon Doujim11

    Adult Appearance
    Rhiannon 81671e10
    Rhiannon Tumblr_mwu291Qico1rmjp9yo1_500

    Guardian Appearance
    Rhiannon Forest10

    Where have you been?

    History: In the beginning, all Rhiannon could remember was that she was among the others of her kind, though they seemed so much different than she. While some had left immediately to join the world of humans, Rhiannon had spent her time exploring eagerly in curiosity. Though, she couldn't help but wonder what it was like on the other side; on the other side with humanity. She had heard so much about them, so when it came time for her to part ways from the Aether, she knew that she may never return unless absolutely necessary.

    When she first arrived to Earth, she wasn't quite sure where to go or what to do, and that is when she came in contact with Oski. He took her under his wing, showing her the ways of power and how the world came to be and she fell in love with it all, fascinated by her potential. She worked alongside him for quite some time, though she noticed something change in her once she became so powerful - people were afraid of her. Realizing how corrupt she had become and how many lives she had destroyed, she immediately panicked and wasn't quite sure what to do with herself. Fleeing from Oski, she never said goodbye and disappeared within the forest. The forest, along with its many different animals and sprites brought joy to her soul and she rejoiced in it. 

    She became friends with the creatures and vowed to always protect them. From then on, she became the guardian of the greater forest, protecting it from harms way. That was only the beginning of her self realized purpose. While exploring the vast wooded area, she came across a very old stone structure covered in moss and vines and surrounded by a grove full of willow trees and fairies that fluttered. In front of the very old, rusted door was a very old woman, feeble and thin. She explained that she was the last remaining member of a tribe that promised the old gods to protect the sealed power within the temple. Only that of the prophecy - one of pure heart and spirit may ever enter to reveal such divine light to use. Evil must never touch it.

    Seeing that the woman was not going to live for much longer, Rhiannon revealed that she, herself was a goddess, but not one of the old ones. She had never even met the creators, herself. The elder expressed her worry that she would not last much longer and then begged the young goddess to protect the temple. Accepting the oath, she knew that now her powers could come to use as she waited for the human of prophecy to arrive to receive the gift within the temple - whatever it was. No one really knew what was inside, for the temple must be sealed until the chosen one has arrived.

    Taking the form of a small child to reflect her innocence and kindness, Rhiannon does not want to appear as a fearful, angry being to her peers. She wishes for the creatures of the forest to approach her and to feel welcomed, rather than anxious. She will take the form of a young maiden among those of equal power to her, or to that of humans she so chooses. Only when threatened in high alert does she take form of her guardian form. Rhiannon has a tiny sprite companion named Ferra who follows her around at all times, keeping her company.

    RP Sample: Running through the forest with little on her mind, the goddess spun around the trees and turned herself to change directions. Fairies flying around her, racing her as they always did each morning, Rhiannon leaped up into the trees and began hopping from branch to branch. The young child, long green hair flowing behind her, she blended into the forest easily, almost appearing transparent with how fast she whisper through the trees.

    "You can't catch me!" Rhiannon giggled as she jumped down and sped through the grassy path. The bickering fairies that tried to keep up fluttered behind in close range as the goddess had suddenly came to a stop, eyes widen and frozen in place. Looking forward, there was a man in the distance, facing the entrance to the sacred grove with a darkened aura around him. "Ferra, warn the others. The sacred grove may be in danger," Rhiannon murmured as her gaze hardened as it fixed on the man. "I'll try to distract him until the others arrive."

    "Yes, m'lady!" Ferra replied quickly as she spun around and disappeared into the distance. Taking a deep breath, Rhiannon closed her eyes as she immediately transformed herself into her adult form, a long, white gown lacing around her nimble body as she stepped out from the shrubs and into plain view. "Excuse me, but you're not welcome to enter the sacred grounds," she called out firmly as the man came to a stop, slowly turning her into view. Upon noticing what appeared to be a helpless young woman, the man chuckled, rolling his eyes as his lips curled into a smirk. "You do not scare me, human."

    "I don't think you heard me," Rhiannon snarled, her eyes narrowing as she raised her hand above her head as the entrance began to grow smaller, the trees moving in and obstructing the path. "You are not welcome."  Noticing that he was now unable to proceed, the strange man realized he was not dealing with a mere mortal. "So you are a protector then," he sighed in annoyance. "I surely hoped you would be distracted."

    "What do you think you will find within the grove, hmm? Do you really believe that there is something of worth?" she raised her brow as she stepped forward in defense. "Surely there would be no need for protection if there was not," the man retorted quickly as his hand grasped the hilt of his sword. "Of course, though no one has stepped within the walls of the temple for thousands of years, so how would we know if something were truly there? Perhaps means of protection is only important because the grounds are holy."

    "You're a fool if you think something of power does not lie within. Now let me pass before I slit your throat!" the man growled as he pulled out his sword. "I do not feel the need to kill another poor witch who thinks she is one with the forest." Eyes stern and unmoving, the goddess quickly raised both her hands high in the air as she rose in height and her skin hardened to bark, her hair growing out into long vines and leaves. "I am no witch, and you shall obey the orders of a Goddess or perish and become one with the earth yourself."

    Eyes widened and sword dropping to the ground, the man immediately fell to his knees, "Y-You're a god--the sage of the forest--but I thought it was only a myth..." he stumbled back slightly. "Please, I did not realize, I thought the Gods had disappeared long ago..." Smirking as she took a step forward, Rhiannon lifted a finger as vines began to twirl around the ankles and wrists of the man. "The Gods are here to stay, and this forest must be protected. If you can escape the vines, then you may surely run, but if you do not, then you will surely not be missed."

    Who do you know?

    Reference: John has been pestering me to come here for like two weeks. Lol. (oh shut up xD I told you twice and you joined because you think the site is pretty~ Oski)
    Face claim: Child - Nanako Doujima (Adult and Guardian form are commissions)

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