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    Post by Urek on Wed Dec 10, 2014 12:11 am

    Who are you?

    Name: Urek
    Nickname: The Impartial One.
    Age: Ageless, Late 20s/Early 30s
    Sexuality: Heterosexual.
    Race: God
    Special features: A long facial scar that starts on the bottom of his right cheek and travels to the top of his nose.

    What are you like?

    Urek is a rather odd being, mostly keeping to himself. For being a god and having all the goodies that come with it he took a different approach to things. Instead of just putting himself out there he observed everyone; humans, gods, monster, and fallen gods the whole lot. How can you expect someone with such power to just go out and lead maybe even destroy people. He has been around for a long time, some say longer then most of the other gods and everything after them but he wouldn't confess if asked. Thinking is a burden when you've seen many things and are tasked with even more, unsure of your own path let alone others.

    Company isn't exactly one of his favorite things in the world, especially when its a bothersome person. He doesn't care to surround himself with masses, but its rather obvious when he doesn't mind or likes someone because his actions make it known. Usually he will just leave a situation when it becomes unfavorable only fighting when it really gets down to it. Urek isn't the greatest fighter nor is he the worst. Its such a trivial thing to waste time on when he could be out doing something that he wants rather than being a savage. There are times though when the savagery is needed and he understands it completely stepping up in those times. Temperamental is a word that comes to mind when thinking of ways to describe him.

    Power is an interesting topic, and one that has great pull inside of Urek. It causes all sorts of rational and irrational thoughts and actions within people and gods alike. Watching humans struggle to strive towards the power the gods are born with and then watching the gods just play with it like some toy that never gets old. One can only take so much before he collapses underneath the weight or it is stripped from him as if candy were from a baby. Preserving yourself and all your own is his main point in life, no matter what it costs.

    1. Like Minds - Urek enjoys meeting someone who's mind works similar to his own, and prefers to know the distance and relationship between them.
    2. Calamity - Its fun to watch how differently people react in situations that put them out of their norm
    3. Freedom - All of the power that comes with being a god has allowed him to experience much more freedom than most could dream of.


    1. Like Minds - Its the people that think most like him that he would have to watch for when it comes to his own life.
    2. Being held back - There is nothing worse than a person or event that keeps you from striding forwards.
    3. Dealing with idiots - This is the only time that Urek feels that killing someone would be totally acceptable.


    1. Self Preservation -  Having what he has and seeing all that he has seen has shown Urek that the only thing that is important is keeping himself alive, and a god.
    2. Gaining Power - Power is what separates you from everyone else and allows you to do what you want to do.


    1. Death - Urek isn't exactly afraid of dying rather what happens after you die, and how you will be remember.
    2. Becoming Mortal - Losing the power that makes him a god would make it even harder for him to keep himself alive and he would have to start from the bottom.

    What do you look like?

    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 165 lbs.
    Eye color: Gold.
    Hair color: Silver.
    The most notable thing about Urek is his waist length silver hair, it's quite the spectacle with one braid just in front of his right ear some would say it is his most prized possession. Almost everything else about him is plain, from the scar across his face to his golden eyes. His attire is usually a long black cloak that runs all the way down covering most of his black pants and matching boots. Something he never leaves the house with is the black top hat that finished off his all black outfit.

    Where have you been?

    Urek has spent most of his time observing from the shadows, watching not only mortals and monster but his fellow gods unsure of what is going to happen next. It has been a long time since anyone had even heard of the creators so it was as if the gods and free run of the world and no one could stop them. This interested Urek and pushed him into a search for not only the creators, but anything that had to do with them.
    It is said that Urek was one of the first of the gods to be created, however there really is no proof that such things are true. He has knowledge of most gods including the fallen ones. A lot of his early years were spent hidden among mortals and monsters studying them inside and out. His curiosity was at a record high point when it came to why the creators had allowed for the freedom and power they had given the gods and left the mortals with nothing. Spending hundreds of years disguised in the mortal realm just watching every move that they were to make. Great periods of time were spent examining all of the inhabitants. Because of this Urek determined that an easier path to survival is to avoid the majority of contact and conflict that you can. Life is all about survival and when you're an immortal the only thing you can strive for is self preservation.
    RP Sample:
    One of Urek's very first adventures was an important one. It taught him a very valuable lessons during his stay one of his very first stays in the mortal realm. It was an extremely late night in the Holy City of Crea'Tora when he happened to "stumble" upon what seemed to be a secret meeting. All of the what he assumed were men wore black cloaks similar in color to the night, with large hoods hiding away their faces from view. There were a fair number of people on either side heading towards a single table lit only with candle light. Surrounding the table rather quickly on person from each group pulled down their hood one revealing a normal human the other a hideous monster.

    Rather abrupt and quickly the human pulled out a parchment and spread it across the table, it was old and tattered resembling what looked like an ancient map. Bickering could be heard spreading through either group until the representatives for either side calmed them. A few words were exchanged before being interrupted by a figure stepping through all of the monster group and brutally stabbing a dagger through the map into a table. He shouted a few things that Urek really couldn't make out before being shoved back into the group by the representative. "That's no way to get the things you want" he shouted at the monster as he fell back in line with the others.

    Chatter continued through the groups of both sides and the two were pointing things out on the map and maybe discussing plans of an attack. The groups seemed as if they were a rather motley crew being held together by a few strings, maybe a puppet master? Dawn was approaching the sun was beginning to rise shedding a bit more light on the situation. Screams were heard as the monster who caused the ruckus earlier was lying on the ground in a pool of his own blood. Unsure of what had happened they all turned on one another. The human pulling the map from the table jumped back whipping a sword from its scabbard pointing it towards the monsters.

    "This is why you monsters are no better than the pots we piss in." shouted the human with disgust in his voice. The monster replied in a similar tone " We had nothing to do with this you pathetic mortal, our man is dead" looking back at the poor fellow in his own blood. "He did you humans no harm" he nearly cried as he pointed at the body. "This was the work of no man of mine, it must be a ploy for you to start a fight and murder us like the monsters you truly are." Urek had seen enough of this bickering, it was rather amusing for him he chuckled as he fell unheard from the shadows.

    "Now now you pathetic whelps this was neither of your plans, but all of your fault." Urek muttered as he walked between the groups putting an end to the squabbling. Taking the sword from the mortals hand before a blink of an eye he pointed it towards the  shadows that had yet to be expelled by the suns rays. "It seems your little party has an uninvited guest" he shouted before throwing the sword into the dark shadows. Rushing after the sword he grabbed it just as it began to pierce the mans flesh and pulled back sparing him ever so kindly. Taking the unknown spy by the collar of his cloak he dragged him out of the shadows for all of the beings to see.

    "Before you commit to such a clandestine operation you should make sure that your area is secure." he said as he held the sword back out to its original owner. "Its your pleasure not mine." he coughed as the man took the sword back into this hand. Raising it high in an arc he brought the sword down into the mans shoulder cause a spurt of blood and the crackling of bones.

    Who do you know?

    Reference:  Oski Astal
    Face claim: Undertaker - Kuroshitsuji - Urek

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