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    Invasion Rules(WIP/ Discussion)

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    Invasion Rules(WIP/ Discussion)

    Post by Wave Darkbright on Wed Dec 10, 2014 10:11 pm

    Here to Invade an opposing group's base or an empire's castle or invading any place, you must follow a few rules. Since we do understand that plenty of humans, demi gods, and gods alike shall attempt to upset the world with your shenanigans, a system has been devised to allow you to do so.

    Now how this shall work is rather simple, first and foremost, you must title your thread as an infiltration thread. The inability to do so shall result in the thread not being treated as an infiltration thread, and probably even voided. Next those within the target area, or who just want to help have 48 hours to intercept your party(If you brought one). After this 48 hours and nobody has intercepted the city, castle or group base doors/gates are destroyed. If you are intercepted, the residents will have 25 post to stop you before the gates are destroyed and anyone is allowed to enter. For these 25 post you must follow a posting order and post at minimum 150 words per post. During the infiltration thread you may flee without notice and having to fight if you choose to do so. You may also surrender and you will not be executed, unless you before hand tried to fight back. Depending on the number of people attacking and defending, along with your personal preference people in fights may split off into other threads. However these split threads will still follow the original 25 post countdown of the original thread. For example if the original infiltration thread lasted for 5 post and then split into two new ones, the new threads now have 20 post remaining. If you have managed to get pass the first stage, than you may proceed to exit the infiltration thread and make a new one that must have the invasion tag in the title.

    After making the new thread the defenders now no time limit to stop the attacking force. The invasion thread will be an all out battle. Once the it starts its not over until everyone on one side dies, surrenders, or flees. The invasion thread will follow the same rules as far as posting as the infiltration thread, except there is no post countdown. One of two things can happen depending on the outcome of the thread. If the attacking side wins they may do whatever they wish with the conquered area. This includes destroy it, take it as their own, or maybe sell it back to the owners or another nation/group. However if the defenders win the battle at any stage they have secured their land, however some damage may be done and will have to pay to get it repaired(Or leave it a mess your choice). If the attackers win they are then responsible for paying for the damage. The amount of money you will have to pay will be determined by 2 admins who go over the thread and determine the damage. Also any attackers that were not killed or escaped during the last parts of the thread, are at the mercy of the defenders. They may be killed, enslaved, or kept as prisoners this same thing applies for any defenders who did not escape or die if the attackers win.

    Who owns what land and areas will be kept track of by staff and listed for everyone to see in the rules section. There will also be a limit on how often a place can be attacked, we will call it a grace period or peace time. This time period will depend on the severity of the attack and which side won the fight. The minimum amount of time you will get for grace is one week, and the max is four weeks or one month. This will be determined by the same admins who give you the amount you must pay for repairs.

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