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    Races, Ranks, and Tiers System


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    Races, Ranks, and Tiers System Empty Races, Ranks, and Tiers System

    Post by Helios on Thu Dec 11, 2014 5:56 pm

    So far we have four different races you can choose to be on this site, and each race has certain power levels above others starting off. It will go in this order.

    Fallen God's and Gods will start out a tier stronger than the other races at any point.  Next will be the Demigods and the same will apply for them. Humans and Monsters are weaker than the other races, so they get no special bonus. There are going to be three ranks for now. The first rank is Novice. This is the lowest rank you can start out as and humans must start no higher than Novice Tier 5. Demigods can start no higher than Master Tier 5 and Gods and Fallen Gods are able to be Transcender Tier 5. This will be edited later to include a chart that has the races, ranks, and tiers in a chart so it's visually more understandable.

    Races, Ranks, and Tiers System Boc_dr10

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