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    Tobais Kado

    Tobais Kado

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    Tobais Kado

    Post by Tobais Kado on Sat Dec 13, 2014 7:08 pm


    Tobais Kado

    Name: Tobais Kado
    Nickname: The Alchemist
    Age: 48
    Sexuality: Striaght
    Race: Humie
    Special features: Appears as if he is 60.

    What are you like?

    Personality:Calculating, smart, rational, talkative. He does not mind blathering secrets and weakness to his enemies. He'd rather shove his nose in a book or experiment with alchemy instead of doing something with others. Although he will not hesitate to help someone. He feels that he is responsible for the bad things of the world and he will take things into his own hands to correct things. Even if it does not concern him. He sympathizes for the sick, and often heals them, even if they are a criminal. He hates suffering, from himself or from others, and will do his best to see a smile on strangers face.
    Likes: Books, helping others, intellectual conversations.
    Dislikes: malfeasance, sleep, dishonoring others, death
    Motivations: Peace and harmony
    Fears: Failure and weakness.


    Height: Five foot seven
    Weight: 148 lbs.
    Eye color: blue
    Hair color: brown?

    Where have you been?

    Background: Its optional so its a big ol pile of nopenopenopenope
    He was born from a family of librarians, actually a really big family of librarians. Tobais really did not care for books too much. In fact, he hated them because he was overwhelmed by the number of chores he had to do concerning books and cleaning up and organizing books. Out of spite, He decided to look at a book; A its was basically book of alchemy for new alchemists. The only problem was that it was in Latin, making it hard to decipher, He recognized some words since one of his family members knew Latin and taught others some Latin words every now an then. There was also arrays and pictures to help. He flipped through it and landed on how to turn carbon into diamond. He thought it would be an easy way to make money. He kept this a secret from his family. He experimented on the alchemy on a tree in a nearby forest and succeeded making a diamond so big it could pay him anything he wanted. Excited that it worked, he buried his nose in the book and scoured the library for more books on alchemy or how to translate Latin. His parents didn't care that he studied alchemy. In fact they were happy that he was studying something from books for once.

    Eventually Tobais learned how to cut the diamond into small pieces to pay for materials and alchemic equipment and more books on masterful alchemy. He even reached the point to experiment without the need for instructions. Eventually he came to an unknown glyph in the book he found in the basic alchemy alchemy book he first found. It was labeled "Grand Arcanus" Curious, he gave the glyph many materials to be safe. And tried to transmute, but to his dismay, the glyph is one to make a Philosopher's Stone; An artifact of unlimited power that could break the rules of alchemy. But the ingredients to make it was human life, and lots of it.

    Tobais' entire family was killed and compressed into the transmutation. He did not know that yet. Instead in the middle of the glyph was a red splinter of a Philosopher's Stone. His hands were still finalizing the transmutations as he touched it. Almost immediately the floor turned from wood to crude diamond, a reaction of the stone melting into him. Tobais realized this bend in the rules and figured it out overnight. He could transmute without a glyph, but a glyph made it stronger.

    Excited Tobais went to tell his family of his newfound power, but he could not find them. Coincidently there was a local Renaissance festival going on that they usually go to. He went there in search of them, but could not find them. There was a guy posing as a wizard selling old books, Tobais looked through an alchemy book there and found the Grand Arcanus glyph again. He bought it and dove into what the glyph did. He was horrified, He unknowingly killed his whole family, and achieving something no other alchemist did or had the nerve to do: Making something to become almost God-like in power.

    Tobais cursed himself to depression. He did not eat, drink, or sleep for long periods of times. Coming close to suicide in some days, but he could not come to it. He could not let all of their deaths be in vain. It was almost like the souls of the family wanted him to repent. In fact the body, mind, and souls of the family were forced into the stone Tobais made. This eventually made Tobais become an alchemic doctor of sorts. Every person he healed made him feel just a bit better. He eventually used the last of his big diamond to make his library a local clinic. In where he healed people throughout his insomnia and skipped meals. He became obsessed with helping people. He did this all for free, After all his family paid the More than the ultimate for others to live. He eventually taught some apprentices who showed some promises to Alchemy or doctoring.

    One day Tobais was out gathering materials for doctoring doing favors like fixing broken appliances or help building fences for materials, rather than pay for them. He refused to make anything of value. He valued balance, and he was severely not balanced. As he was coming home he watched this man kill someone right in front of him; A shot to the victims' face with a gun. Tobais was angered that someone would throw away a delicate life so easily, and so readily at that. Tobais used alchemy to subdue him by turning the ground into tar. The murderer was arrested immediately. He went to try to heal the victim and bring him back to life. He could only fix the body. In fact, the heart and the mind could beat and think respectively, but the body had no memories; no soul. It was worse than dead. It did not react to to stimuli. It made no move to survive. It had no soul to give him the faith to have a will to survive. Despite Tobais best efforts, the man died again of starvation days later.

    Tobais made no move to try to resurrect him again; in fact he gave him a proper funeral, and a burial. Tobais was traumatized again, almost ruining his library/clinic in the process. He almost ruined his good reputation. But the people understood his problems. They watched him try to revive the dead person and failed. They understood his intentions, and understood his rage of failure. The people decided to stay away for a while. Tobais looked for something that would soothe the suffering, including another suicide attempt, but one of his apprentices came in his room right as he was about to shoot himself and tried to wrench the gun away. Tobais smacked him with the gun, knocking him out. When he went to aim at him, he realized something. He realized how sensitive human life was. He realized how easy it was to overpower the weak and abuse them. He decided to do something about it. He decided the best way now to save people was to fight crime.

    Apologizing to every single person in the town, he destroyed his lab including all traces of the Grand Arcanus and left the clinic in the hopes of no one repeating his mistakes. His life as a hero has begun.
    RP Sample: Tobais woke up to his uncle barging into his room and opening up the long tapestries that covered the window. It was only 6:30 in the morning, barely lit up outside. "Wake up Tobais, breakfast is ready," His uncle said with a thick English accent. He groaned, he hated getting up at this hour. The snow was lightly blanketing the streets outside. This sight further motivated Tobais to stay under the covers. His uncle saw this and quickly pulled off the blanket and attempted to lift Tobais up. Tobais squirmed and with a small cry of frustration he said, "Fine," and got up. He proceeded to get dressed. He would get nagged about it if he didn't anyhow. He dressed up in some brown hand-me-down short pants, suits and knee socks and out on some dress shoes. The proper fashion for English boys. He went downstairs into the dining room.

    There was a proper gourmet fit for King George VI. Figuratively speaking of course. King George VI would never visit such a lowly commoner's home. Tobais saw his seat, sixth one of the right hand side. He took his seat, pulling it close with both hands and crossing his legs under the seat. His plate had already been prepared for him. Tobais waited for the announcements where they would discuss their day. Tobais was to bring in a new shipment of boxes and put them on the shelves that were brought in earlier that day in alphabetical order. Tobais pouted at that very thought. It was cold out. The motion was made to a Christian reiteration of "The Lords Prayer" Tobais held hands with his aunt and mother and listened to his great grandfather say, "Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come; thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, for ever and ever." At this point everyone said, "Amen," and that signaled the time to eat. He held the knife and fork with the handles in the palm of the hand, forefinger on top, and thumb underneath. He placed them down as he ate, applying the proper eating etiquette. It was annoying. Soon when everyone was done, the great-grandfather made a small nod which signaled the family to say in unison, "Thank you for this meal. May we be excused?" And the Great-grandfather waved his hand. A signal to carry on with their chores.

    Tobais walked outside into the clearly negative degree weather. He saw the boxes piled up by the door. How and why no one ever attempted to steal these, he had no idea, there were some rare books in there too. Tobais shivered, frost coming out of his mouth. He was not allowed to wear pants. It was not proper attire for him. Tobais hurried and grabbed the first box, and ran in, slipping on some hidden ice that dripped from the roof of the house. Tobais used his foot to shut the door behind him. How these massive oak doors shut so easily was a mystery to him. Tobais tried to hurry to the library, the heavy box covered in heavy snow and ice provided a terrible grip. He barely made it to the library when he lost his grip on the box. He dropped it. He tried to make it so where it turned into a failed throw to make a little less effort to get the books closer. The box spilled apart. scattering wet books everywhere. Tobais was angred. He did not want to do this. He shoved the books on the shelves, not caring for the alphabetical order. Who cares? Let them yell at him. These books would not be touched again, so why not? Tobais stormed outside, muttering random French insults under his breath. He grabbed the second box, this one was not so covered in ice because the first one was on the top. It caught all the water snow and ice, and protected the boxes below.

    Tobais carried this one in. It was easier without the weight of water slowing him down. He opened this box. Inside was a book written completely in Latin, on the front of it was what he would discover would be the array of transmuting carbon in various ways. Tobais had already took most of his anger out of carrying these heavy boxes in. Tobais picked it up, considering if he should put it on the shelves, or take a poke at what his family took so much pride in. Oh, why not? In spite, Tobais flipped it open to a random page. It had a corner folded in, bookmarked. This bookmark influenced this page to be opened on. It was completely in Latin, incomprehensible. But fortunately, it had pictures, on the left page, it showed a array of similar design of the one in the front. It had differences, but it was similar enough to mistake it as the same circle. On the right it showed a hand-sketched tree and an arrow pointing to a diamond. This caught Tobais attention. He considered, could he do the same? How easy was it? Maybe he could try it in his spare time. He put that book aside and continued his work.

    He even put them in alphabetical order. He did not want any distractions tonight. There was a good 17 boxes to bring in, each containing about an average of 20 books of various sizes and names. Alphabetizing it proved a pain, as for each box were not in alphabetical order to begin with. In hindsight, it probably would have been faster to dump all the books in a pile and stack them in order and shelve them, but the cold made Tobais want to hurry inside and unable to think. He wanted back in the warm house. It took some time. By the time he was finished, it was nighttime, and some of his family had already went to bed.

    Tobais took this book and a unlit lantern and looked around. He had done his job, the rest of the night was his to spend. He wanted to make sure no one saw him. He put the lantern down to open up a hand to open the massive oak doors as slowly as he could, so that way the hinges would not squeak. He picked up his lantern, and placed it outside. The lights of nearby buildings illuminated the streets. He stepped outside inside his own footprints so that way he would not make a crunch like if he stepped in fresh snow. He shut the door in the same manner as he opened it. He grabbed his lantern and lumped into the nearest civilian's footprints and followed them down the road. Once he assumed he was out of sight, he lit the lantern, it was one of those flint and steel lanterns, one where you push a button and it lights, rather than a lantern that needed an external fire source.

    Tobais continued to walk down the road. He took a look at the book, raising his lantern so he could see it better. He started to have second doubts. What if this didn't work? What if he got a cold? What if something happened to Tobais from the illicit deeds of a criminal? Tobais suddenly smacked into a solid object, that was the Crimson Shadow invisible. Tobais fell, dropping both the book and the lantern. The lantern broke and was extinguished. This part of the city was dark, unlit by torches. Only the moonlight showed any illuminations. "Oh excuse me ser," Tobais said in a thick squeaky English accent. He held his left hand to his nose, checking for blood, whilst using his right to get up. "I did not see..." Tobais quietened as he tried to look around for who he bumped into. Tobais could not see him. He was hidden by the shadows of the night since he was wearing dark clothes, but footprints were visible, and led right up to him. Tobais felt around, yes there was someone there. But, who, why, what did he want? Was he a friend? Or a criminal? Tobais was scared. What was he gonna do? What if this guy was gonna kill him? Tobais locked up in fear, hoping for the best of luck.

    Who do you know?

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    Face claim: Walmart

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    Re: Tobais Kado

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    Great history and sample, don't forget to claim your face.



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