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    Artemis Alana

    Suga Skitz
    Suga Skitz

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    Name:: Artemis Alana
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    Artemis Alana Empty Artemis Alana

    Post by Suga Skitz on Sun Dec 14, 2014 1:15 am

    Artemis Alana Bitter_sweet_mirajane_by_ishthak-d5ecdqx

    Who are you?

    Name: Artemis Alana
    Nickname: Emb, Suga, Skitzy, Kit
    Age: Looks 18
    Sexuality: Straight
    Race: Demi-God
    Special features: A pair of purple feathery wings

    What are you like?

    Personality: Normally being extremely happy and easygoing, Artemis always has a smile on her face and a kick in her step wherever she goes. Nothing really bothers her save for when her brother starts doing his brotherly antics, because well….what brother doesn’t? She likes to hang around mostly with him and his friends since she has no other place to go, and she doesn’t know the customs of Earth yet, or as she sometimes calls it, The Planes.

    Seeing as Artemis is normally so easygoing and happy around others, she also is extremely childish at times. When she gets frustrated or irritated with anyone, she’ll puff out her cheek and give them a small pouted glare like that of a 5 year old who doesn’t get their way. And when she’s happy she’ll jump up and down and shout out like a child while flailing her arms everywhere.

    But sometimes she’ll have to mature up for those who need it. She also has a very large mothering instinct in her that forces her to try and understand people before acting her own special way around them. And she’ll look to children more for that way than anything. Her mothering instinct comes from her never having a mother, and wanting those all around her to be protected and cared for, unlike how she mostly was save for her brother doing whatever he could.

    How she acts in combat and around those she’s fighting with is a whole other story. She becomes something of a fighting spirit, with snarky replies, evil doings and trickster smiles that’ll really set the boys off in a frenzy of not knowing how to deal with her. She will treat them as she is normally treated; so if someone acts like she’s just a piece of dirt, she’ll treat them the same way and completely ignore them like the dirt she walks on. Or if they treat her like a leader, she will treat them as an equal, asking them for advice or giving advice when asked; therefore an all around equal treating lady.


    • food
    • Messing around with people
    • sleeping
    • training


    • too much walking
    • no sleep
    • people being rude


    • She wants to try and protect people because she knows how hard things can get
    • To become stronger so she may one day see the Temple again


    • Darkness because she has too many things going through her mind at once that will always scare her
    • Her past which will always seeps into her thoughts on a regular basis as she’s working towards a better future

    What do you look like?

    Height: 5’8”
    Weight: 180 IBS
    Eye color: Ocean Blue
    Hair color: Snowy White
    Artemis Alana Miraja10

    Where have you been?

    History: Her beautiful white hair and shining ocean blue eyes stared up at him with confusion, slight anger, and wonder. Her white tank top and white cargos seemed to be a tiny bit too big for her smallish curved figure, her white combat boots tapping the ground in agitation. Her hands were on her hips drumming back and forth.

    “Why not? I’ve just recently turned 500!” She shouted in anger, her arms flying.

    He rolled his eyes and crossed his broad arms over his toned chest. “Are you sure? It seems like you’re only 200.” He said chuckling.

    Her eyes hardened and she glared at him. “I’m old enough to learn please!” She begged.

    He sighed and shook his shaggy brown hair before looking back at her. “Fine, but first, you need to know what will happen if you don’t listen to what I say.” He scolded, pointing a finger at her, already knowing it will be difficult to train her.
    RP Sample:
    After she had said goodbye to some of her friends in the Temple, she decided to go take a little rest. She wanted to build up her strength for the decent down to see all the new things, seeing as it would take a lot of time and power to get down there without too much of a hassle.
    What caught her off guard and made her jump up was when all of a sudden, she felt herself start falling. She widened her eyes and screamed, wondering what was going on. Then she saw that she was actually Falling from her Temple. She flipped over onto her back, looking up but not being able to see her temple above her.
    ‘What is going on?! Where’s the Temple?! Where am I going?!’ She cried in her head, screaming more to herself in frustration as she couldn’t figure out what was going on.
    She fell for what seemed like hours. She wasn’t able to fall back asleep because the wind kept whistling in her ears, making it hard to tune out sound. And she couldn’t scream anymore because she just didn’t have the energy. But suddenly, a thought struck her mind. Her wings were still with her! She could use those to float the rest of the way to the Planes.
    She unfurled her wings, flipping herself over at the last moment so they wouldn’t break from the backwards force on their structure. She opened them up, and floated while looking down at the ground. “Okay, I can do this…..I think.” She said to herself, closing her eyes a moment to try and fly away.
    Her momentum kept bringing her close to the ground, even with her wings opened and she ended up crash landing into trees, around the only town in around maybe 50 miles; and there just so happened to be a tree right in her path. She hit dead on, wrapping around the tree slightly and crying out in surprise, falling off the tree and smashing branches on her way to the ground.
    She landed with a loud ‘thud’ and ‘oomf!’ which made others stop what they were doing and look over in interest. She groaned to herself and rolled onto her back, looking up at the tree line above her in hazy confusion. ‘What happened? Am I okay? Whoa, that hurt.’ She thought, going to stand up and walk away like nothing was wrong.
    Though what surprised her was when she went to walk and her knees crumpled. Her eyes widened while she face planted into the dirt, her arms sprawled on both sides of her to ‘catch’ her fall. Though they ended up getting slammed into the ground just as hard as the rest of her body. Her body wouldn’t move as she wanted it to, which was worrisome as others were around and she didn’t want to be spotted, but her body wasn’t cooperating with her, and she ended up closing her eyes again in pain.
    She curled into a ball and rolled away from sight, hiding in some brush close by to keep herself from being spotted by Humans. She was curled tight into a ball; her eyes clenched shut while she gritted her teeth at whatever pain was shooting through her body. She only knew it one time, and it was heightened now because the pain wasn’t in just her back area, it was also in her eye sockets.
    She knew what was happening, and as her eyes shot wide open while she gasped for air, her wings were reforming into droopier wings, and her natural eyelining black—which had just her simple little cat eye swirl—was changing into a downwards, triangular droop, just like her wings. Her cat-like pupils turned into diamond-like pupils.
    Her body changed completely from her flying abilitied body, to that of a humanoid body with wings on her back.

    Who do you know?

    Reference: Oski Astal brought me here
    Face claim: Suga Skitz/Fairy Tail/Mirajane Strauss
    Fabled Emperor Karna
    Fabled Emperor Karna

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