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    Who are you?

    Name: Saiga
    Real Name/God Name: Ventrinius - - -
    Nickname: Sai, "The True Fallen God"
    Age: As a god he was over 2,000 years old. In his human body he looks 20
    Sexuality: Straight
    Race: Ventrinius was a god. But as of now he is nothing more then just a human.
    Special features: None other then his eyepatch.

    What are you like?

    Personality: Saiga or should be said Ventrinius was a reckless, albeit brave individual. Who is infatuated with the idea of power, money and surpassing the limits. His ambition burns hot; hotter than the very sun placed above the earth. This burning ambition turns into a blistering passion. Passion for himself, passion for the people close to him, and passion for the world of magic. He wants nothing more but to push his body to reach it's peak performance; without looking like he wants to be the very best at everything. His ambition to surpass himself and prove people wrong has to be the biggest thing keeping him going.

    As a god Ventrinius was a being unatural rebellius nature (he stills shows that even now). He never turned from a challenge, and never accepted things as they were. He was extremely reckless and hot headed, though a great tactician and leader he let his pride and power lead his thoughts and actions. He sought to challenge his brethern the other gods, and even sought to face the creators themselves for creating these evil abominations known as monsters, and letting things go blindly as if nothing mattered to them. Ventrinius did fight for 'just' things, but he was not without his own inner tempations. He always seeked power, and lands. The humans called him "The Conqueror" for while he promised to fight for them, and defend them he made their lands his own. Deep down Ventrinius never cared for humans, he only saw them as a means to more power. Although he has changed much from his past life, still selfish just not as much as before. In fact its rather good that Saiga doesn't remember anything from his past life he may be ashamed of how he acted and who he was.

    Because of his past life Saiga has grown to be a rather selfish and somewhat greedy young man. He is always looking for his next big pay either legally or ilegally, he is not above performing crimes and to make sure he is sustained and living well. He doesn't connect well with 'heroic choices' and being a natural 'do-gooder'. Saiga believes in doing for yourself and the ones close to you.
    As a god Saiga was rather selfish, one minded and pretty greedy though he doesn't remember his past it reflects on his persona today. But his time as a human has changed him he has grown to be very thoughtfull, mild and loyal. Pretty open minded aswell and never one to disregard a good decision from his allies. Because of this some may even call Saiga a surprisngly well eduacated man, he tends to never forget things and always keeping his eyes and senses open.
    Although he has selfish actions, and goals he is not a man without a morall compass and compassions. In times of great peril Saiga can do what is right, and just maybe fight for the cause of good rather then just himself. He holds his own moral values like never killing women, and children and never stealing from ones that can't afford it. Because of this Saiga falls more into the Anti-Hero, he is a bad boy but indeed a good man.

    In battle Saiga embraces adaptibilty, versatility and the instinct to observe over anythingelse. His fighting style matches this forethought heavily. He has pioneered his fighting style to observe everything and be able to react and adapt to it. His own movements are swift and precise lethal when executed properly. The versatility stems from the thought of being formless, and unique. He absorbs what is useful, discards what is not and adds what is uniquley his own. Constantly adding and changing to his fighting style keeping his opponents on their toes. He can come off having a rather cocky attitude in battle and out, and not above throwing his opponents off with his slick mouthy banter. He is shown to be very energetic and optimistic to delude his opponents into thinking something else. Despite being just a human Saiga gives off a god like presence and feeling. As if he stands above the gods themselves. If there is one thing about Saiga's persona it's his pure determination and undying will to overcome. The kid simply doesn't give in no matter what the situation is; and has a ridiculous resolve matched by no one.


    Money- Saiga first and foremost loves money and jewel. He is a selfish man and wants nothing more to attain all the jewel that he can.

    Woman- Saiga has never been the 'loyal' type when it comes to women because he simply can't choose between more then one. He loves and admires all beautiful women.

    Reading- In constrast to what people may think of him, Saiga is indeed pretty thouhtful and likes to read and expand his knowledge on things.


    Gods- Saiga has a disdain for the ones called 'gods and demi-gods' the reason for this is because they believe they are of higher standing then humans. Saiga is the type to believe no one is above him not even the gods. But nevertheless he still try and sweep a beautful demi god or god off her feet.

    'Heroes'- Saiga doesn't take well into the facade of heroes and dooing what is naturally good just because. The thought of heroic actions with no reward bores him and he doesn't like the people that constantly go on about it. If he's gonna do something 'heroic' he wants to get paid for it.

    Authority- Saiga has been a rebel at heart ever since he was a god. Always on the opposite side of the law. He never took well to the authorties trying to stop him. Or anyone trying to stop him for that matter.


    Achieving all the riches in the world- OR so as he calls it, Saiga wants all the riches he can get for himself. He'll let other people chase fame, and power, all he wants his money or so he tells himself that...Saiga is a ever changing man.

    His Past- Though he won't admit it, Saiga does want to know more about his past. He never knew where he came from, and how he got here. Sometimes he'll consider the answers and questions to his past just mere distractions from his goal of attaining true riches. But one thing is certain no matter where he came from or who he was, Saiga is proud to be a human and wants nothing to do with gods.


    Stuff being stolen from him- Saiga likes to steal, but he hates being stole from. He almost fears it, makes it him a little paranoid sometimes.

    Harm coming to his loved ones- Saiga doesn't fear death atleast not for himself. He'll throw up a front at fist but he does care for his friends and people he considers his family.

    What do you look like?

    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 165
    Eye color: Blue/Yellow
    Hair color: Dark Brown

    Where have you been?

    Background: - - -

    Saiga's true history begins atop of the Sky Mountains years ago, before he was a human back when he was a god known as Ventrinius. At this time Ventrinius was in his prime, confident, powerful beyond all measure, a conqueror of lands and rebel of anything he believed unjust. Ventrinius sat ontop of a cliff on the sky mountains, meditating though seen as a conqueror he was atuned to the world around him. He felt the struggles of man, their anguish, their anger, even more their confusion. But it didn't stop with the mortals. His brethern the gods they were confused aswell, why the natural order was chosen to be this way. Why these so called creators, had gods live like kings or rule like tyrants. Though Ventrinius was a god from the aether realm himself and did his fair share of ruling over these mortals. He couldn't help but feel a little weary of it, some time ago he didn't care for humans at all. But that all changed when he met her, the one human girl that changed the very way he saw life itself.

    Her name was Adelle and he loved her more then he had loved anything else in this world. All the lands and regions, his armies and wealth meant nothing to him when compared to Adelle. He met her when he was leading his armies to free the lands now known as the Great Plains. Saved her from an attacking monster, and fell for her eyes. Ever since he has done everything to keep her close and keep her safe. But alas even with his power, in this world it is never enough. Adelle's life was ripped away from him, but not from the hands of a monster or even a human. It was a fellow god, a brethern from the nether world. Though they hated each other, he never thought he would lose the closest person to him. He felt the same sorrow, the same anguish that the humans felt. For a moment he connected with him more than any other god before. But his anger blinded him. Ventrinius sought for revenge but not just from the fallen god that murdered his love, but for all the humans that suffered all the same. He marched his armies forward into the nether realm, facing many of the fallen gods himself. But his march did not stop there, even with his army defeated he still pushed to challenge the Creator himself much like the legend Tobirama did at the begining of time. Of course his crusade came to bloody end, but instead of being killed the Creator himself banished Ventrinius to mortal life, having no memory what so ever about his past. Where he was supposed to suffer like the rest of the dirty little humans.

    RP Sample: - - -

    Who do you know?

    Reference: Wave Darkbright
    Face claim: Connor/Sengoku Basara/Date Masamune.

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    Interesting char, great fc lol.



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