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    Rylan's character application


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    Rylan's character application

    Post by Rylan on Tue Dec 16, 2014 4:11 am

    Who are you?

    Name: Rylan
    Nickname: Ry
    Age: 18
    Sexuality: Straight
    Race: Demi God
    Special features: A brown furry tail that's mostly hidden underneath his toga and his eyes changing colors when showing a strong emotion.

    What are you like?

    Personality: Rylan is usually very calm, he gives away a pleasant aura. Every time he  encounters someone he ends up being their friend, even if it means changing how he behaves. He doesn't like unnecessary conflicts and will do anything to avoid them. He greatly respects his 'creator' , that's how Rylan addresses the man who blessed Rylan with his powers. Rylan is also very sincere and will tell anything that's on his mind, except when talking to his creator. He'll then change his answer based on what it the best for him.

    Rylan strongly follows his religion he created called "The grey knights", he loses his composure if he doesn't get to pray. He thinks it'd be offensive to the creator that gave him his powers, the creator who saved his life, the creator who opened up a path that led Rylan being Rylan. He'll follow any order given from his creator without any hesitation, Wave's decisions are absolute. Rylan also takes most insults and criticism to heart, and feels discouraged easily when they talk down to him. This does not affect his fighting capabilities but adds another reason to fight harder.

    When fighting someone he hates, he can be very cruel. He doesn't stop beating up his opponent until he deformed his opponents face, teeth and left unable to fight. He doesn't care what happens to them, but this rarely happens, it only happens to people who he dislikes. Mostly when he goes into that state he doesn't stop until he's done with what he started, the only one that can force him out of his state is Wave.

    - Pleasing his creator
    - Reading
    - Fighting
    - Being useless
    - People disrespecting his creator.
    - Homosexuals
    - Regain his lost memories.
    - Serving his creator.
    - Not able to please his creator.
    - Dying knowing he was not a help to his creator.

    What do you look like?

    Height: 5'9 ( 182 CM Not sure if this is correct since we don't use feet/inches.)
    Weight: 176 lbs (80 KG, again not sure if this is correct.)
    Eye color: Black but change to red with two dark rings around his iris when shown a strong emotion. (Fear, anger, joy, sadness etc.)
    Hair color: Black
    Appearance: Rylan wears high collared red and tan robes with gold trim, along with a large, flowing white toga draped around his torso. He has short black hair, dark eyes. His eye color changes to red with two dark circles around his iris when he shows a strong emotion(Fear, anger,joy,sadness etc.). Rylan sometimes wears glasses while reading, not because his eyes don't function well, it's because he wants to appear 'smart'. His look and personality may not show it but Rylan takes criticism to heart.

    Where have you been?

    Background: What has your character been doing in recent history, past month, week or days. 100 word minimum. (Optional)
    History: Rylan has no memory of who his parents are, where he came from or if he has any relatives (alive). The oldest memory he has is 3 years ago, it was rainy night, Rylan was walking in a forest that looks very disturbing. He has no idea why he was walking through the forest, Rylan has no clear memory of the forest, the only thing he can recall is it being very disturbing. Suddenly a gang of humans appeared in front of him, the total number of their gang was 5. They looked like they didn't eat anything in days, their clothes were ripped and were equipped with sticks. Their clothes had one thing in common that was they had a red dragon logo on their pants.

    Without a moment of hesitation they all jumped on Rylan, beating him with the sticks, he was paralysed by the shock of being attacked out of the blue. They looked like animals, they were biting him all over the place, Rylan was fighting them off but they were too strong. Rylan cried for help, but nobody was near them, just when he thought it was all over a light shone upon him. He felt reborn, a mysterious man stood behind him. Knocking the gang off in matter of seconds, Rylan felt weird.. His body felt different than usual, the mysterious man explained that he is no normal human any more, but partially a god. The mysterious man named Wave blessed Rylan with powers people could only dream of. Rylan felt grateful and sworn to aid him for the rest of his life. Something still bugged him, why he had no earlier memories than what he has now.. He doesn't recall anyone, yet he is able to speak, walk and think like he was raised normally. He wanted to find answers to his lost answers aside from aiding Wave.
    RP Sample:
    Rylan only recently had attained his new powers, but felt using them as soon as possible. He didn't want to use them on objects, because that'd be no fun, and does not help you in a serious fight, as you're only used to fighting objects that don't move or "think". The best way to do this was to fight someone for real, but since he doesn't know anyone and Wave obviously outclasses him, he had no choice but to roam the town.

    Nothing interesting was happening or anyone worth fighting was there, Rylan was getting discouraged to continue searching for a worthy opponent, a silly idea of him causing a scene popped up on his mind. But discarded the idea very quickly, as it didn't feel right. Then an idea popped up, going to the bar, it's where most action happens. He headed to the bar, he saw a few shading guys in front of the entrance, blocking the people who wanted to enter. Rylan patiently waited in line to see what this was about, upon getting to the entrance one of those guys asked "What's the password?", Rylan had no idea what they were talking about. "You don't need a password to enter the bar, do you?" did he asked confusedly. The shady guys looked a little bit annoyed and yelled "Today you DO need a password" and pushed him away.

    Rylan nearly lost his balance and managed to stay on his feet barely,his eyes turned red and felt anger. To be treated this way, he'll make them pay. Without a delay he balanced himself, and sent a punch to one of the three guys. The other two quickly got into a fighting position and started landing a series of attacks on Rylan. He quickly repositioned himself, and kicked one away. The second one came from behind and tried to attack Rylan from behind, he quickly dodged his attack and hit him on his stomach. Without a delay Rylan continued sending fists, causing him to be unconscious. His whole face was covered in blood, the other two fled when they saw the scene. "Oh, no out all battle? Was about to get interesting.." did he say disappointed and at the same time wiping blood off his lips.

    He walked into the bar while walking in the bar he didn't see anything useful or something worth protecting for. He believed he arrived in the wrong place but didn't careless, he had his fight even though he didn't get to use his new acquired powers he was still happy that he had a little bit of action. Those guys probably would've made him use it if they all three fought simultaneously. Oh, well, what happened has happened. He walked up to a seat, and looked towards the bartender "What might it be, young fellow?" did he ask. Rylan had no idea what to drink, so he quickly picked something on the top of his mind "Water... I'd like a glass of water.. Please.." did he say nervously like he never ordered something before. He had no idea what happened, he emptied his mind and sat in silent, ignoring all the noise being made around him.

    While meditating he noticed that he was extremely tired, and that he could call it a day. The bartender put the glass of water next to Rylan, "That'd be 30 gold coins." Rylan quickly went into his pocket looking for some money to pay for it, he then remembered he forgot his money at home.. "I.. I.. forgot my money at home..Haha.." did he say nervously, the bartender didn't look pleased, in fact he looked angry. He grabbed Rylan by his neck and threw him out of the bar, Rylan stood up and walked away sad. "Oh, well.. I should've seen it coming, I wasn't thirsty anyway did he say. It was an average day for him, and was pleased with the outcomes, and went home to rest for later.

    Who do you know?

    Reference: Wave Darkbright
    Face claim: Rylan/Zeref/Fairy Tail
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    Re: Rylan's character application

    Post by Wave Darkbright on Sun Dec 21, 2014 4:50 pm

    Approved go nuts~

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