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    The Lich


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    The Lich  Empty The Lich

    Post by Lich on Tue Dec 16, 2014 4:34 am

    The Lich  Karthus_reveal

    Who are you?

    Name: Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
    Nickname: The Lich
    Age: Unknown
    Sexuality: None
    Race: Undead Necromancer
    Special features: He is a corpse that has control over the forces of the unlife

    What are you like?

    Personality:  Lich is an Enigma wrapped within a riddle. Antisocial awkward and quiet. He seems like a puppet who has wandered off without its strings..almost robotic. He is ignorant and arrogant about the rules and other humans in general. Lich keeps to himself by nature and a bit of psychopath who delights in death destruction and pain. One would never normally talk with one so awkward...but given the right circumstances even a antisocial weirdo like Lich can battle his quiet persona and seem like a friendly and decent human being. He might help someone if only out of boredom and he might torment someone for the same reason....his only motivation might be the simple fact he could act!

    Emotionally... Lich is frozen... his heart dead....he has no interest in pursuing romantic endeavours....how can one do so when they cannot even grasp the basic human emotions. He has one hidden passion... His (only) passion Black Magic.....Death magic specifically.. Necromancy in all its forms.. He wants to slip farther and farther away from humanity...anyway he can. Surrounded by Death and the dead. Fear is nothing more then an abstract concept..however if there was to be a fear personified it would be love...emotions in general confuse him Society as a whole cripples him....He is encapale of understanding how one could care for another.
    What Lich seeks is unrivaled death destruction sorrow anger..and chaos.. if there is anguish or suffering... He is drawn to it like a moth to the flame if only to watch.. Corrupted souls such as his crave despair. Anything to further his dark art sacrifices, bodies...even negative emotions to a degree make him feel mentally stronger. His voice matches his insane mad nature.....raspy...and reptillian but soft spoken somehow.

    When confronted
    or alone to his occult practices his main persona takes centerstage...his nihilistic diabolic villain. He speaks incredibly morbid towards all obstacles.. in this state he is definitely fearsome even without the power to back up his words ....His speech is like venom which seeps into his opponents mind weakening it with terror.

    What is interesting to note about Lich's Personality is that when he decides to help someone....or oppose them...he puts his full unwavering effort into the matter.
    However unapproached He falls to solitude and his own dark goals. To simplify.. he has Two basic personalities which surface.. his Quiet somewhat antisocial and timid general persona where he can be easily manipulated and molded like a puppet...and His almost souless demonic villain persona which seems hell bent on destruction through world anarchy and suffering on all scales... (He'd ruin your bake sale if he had to)

    • Killing Innocents who stand in his way for power
    • Gaining power to speed up his plans for domination
    • Controlling the weak minded humans
    • Dominate this world and control everything


    • Orders from superiors
    • Most people save a select few he deems worthy
    • Cute fluffy things
    • Those who resist his will


    • Thrill of Killing: The sheer thrill of murder excites and motivates him to a point where he does his job flawlessly.
    • Power: To gain more power is what also drives the Lich, the thought of becoming stronger and powerful is what he see's as his future as the true ruler and dominator of this world.
    • Will to Live: The Lich's main motivation is to live to see others die before his power before he falls to an enemy he would want many dead by his power.


    • Being unable to dominate the world
    • Being Killed: Even though he is already undead his unlife can still be ended
    • Losing his book which has all his experiment information in it

    What do you look like?

    Height: 7'2
    Weight: 180 lbs
    Eye color: Glowing Blue
    Hair color: White
    The Lich  Karthas2

    Where have you been?

    History:  "Come closer, my children, let me look upon you. So many new faces, searching and uncertain. Many find their way to this consecrated land without knowing it to be their destination. But this pilgrimage was no accident; you have suffered, and you seek a convalescence of the spirit. Look around. You are not alone.

    We are gathered here this day to mourn those lost to us. To weep, to wail, and cry out for those souls whom we hold so dear, yet who remain out of reach. Speak now and let them hear us. Let them hear our pain! Let them hear our anguish! Let them know in their hearts that they are not forgotten!

    These pitiable creatures are pale reflections of ourselves, shrouded in a haze of false light, groping blindly for some scrap of meaning. Shackled to a hollow existence, they languish, unaware of what they are or what they could be. Every second, secretly begging for release.
    My children, we are their shepherds. Only when they hear our voices do they stir. So call to them! Raise them up from their aimless stupor. Sing with all your longing, your hatred, your hunger! Fill their empty lives with dread; remind them of their inevitable mortality.
    Go forth, you faithful, and offer these wretches freedom from life’s prison. Deliver unto them the word of death, and bring their wayward spirits home.
    Death frees us all."

    While others are bound by the shackles of death, one man embraced the yearning darkness stretching on beyond life’s boundaries. And though he chose to forgo mortality in the Nether, The Lich has yet been born anew, and drifts now towards Terra and the destruction of it.
    RP Sample:

    Who do you know?

    Reference: None since im an alt
    Face claim: The Lich - Karhtus - League of Legends

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