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    Book 1 : Water || Chapter 3: Forgeing & Forging


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    Book 1 : Water || Chapter 3: Forgeing & Forging

    Post by Kaseki on Tue Dec 16, 2014 10:17 am

    Kaseki lay there staring up at the stars in the sky. His hands were neatly folded across his chest. "I wonder where she is..." he wondered to himself. It had been his whole life, and he couldn't remember a thing about her besides the feelings he felt. He couldn't remember her name, and much less her face. It had been years. Years upon years. "Brother..." he uttered. His body drifted around the lake in the forest, he was just above the surface, his cloak becoming his body, as if he didn't already consider it such. It would appear of that of a siren, laying her body on the ocean's surface, waiting for someone to save her. But alas it was just Kaseki, a mad man, a plant with a problem, someone who looked like death but smelled like roses.

    He wondered about his past, and the many journeys he held. It had been a long time since he ever had flesh, and to his memory, he never did. It was just a story his brother told him. And brother wasn't even his family by blood, but rather, by bond. He focuses his gaze to the night sky, thinking about how things could have gone different. All he knew was she was connected to the gods. Not even she remembered her entire past. But being as that was millions of years ago, could she have changed? Could she still be alive? If she was a goddess, then what was her power?

    Everything was so unclear, so uncertain. Nothing made sense. "Rhiannon..." he said softly. He began to drift down the small river, letting the water take him wherever it wanted to. "... You will be the key to finding her." he said to himself. "I know it."

    "You sure he will be fine?" the bird turned to his friend. They sat on the tree above. They watched their leader float down the river. "Kaseki will be fine." answered the skeleton. "He'll be fine."

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