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    Tobirama's Missions


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    Tobirama's Missions

    Post by Helios on Tue Dec 16, 2014 8:07 pm

    Mission Name: A Battle Through Time.
    Description: Unknown objects are appearing into the world that aren't actually supposed to be there. A lot of them can be identified as ancient weapons from the past, while some are weapons that some of the worlds greatest minds just can't figure out. The only conclusion was is that they are from the future. As years went buy a reward came up for the capture of whoever was bringing these items into the present for fear of these weapons being used for something very terrible. The weapons brought into the world remain untouched due to anyone coming near them being found on the ground dead from rapid aging.
    Requirements: Transcender Tier/Tobi. (Me because it's a one time mission.)
    Player Count: One.
    Reward: 3,000,000
    Word Count: 4,000
    Mission Boss: Yes.


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