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    Roman Flames

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    Post by Roman Flames on Tue Dec 16, 2014 8:46 pm

    Roman Flames 4758-255184446

    Who are you?

    Name: Roman Flames
    Nickname: The Flame of Ambition
    Age: 24
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Race: Human
    Special features: N/A

    What are you like?

    Personality: Roman Flames is an ambitious individual. He will try his best to protect and serve the Empire of Albastion. He have great pride in his country and is very diligent in anything that relates to the Empire. He is a rather charming individual is behaves like a nobleman. He is humble and respectful to anyone that he encounters. He tries to see the best in people, though if they fail to meet his standards then he will slowly respect them less. He also have a desire for knowledge of any kind. Specifically, he wants knowledge to pertains to history, magic and occasionally stories. So he has been known to visit the Royal Library to read on many topics that interests him.

    Roman is a well-mannered individual and can be offended by any insult or profanity that is spoken around him. He believes that everyone should treat each other with nothing but kindness, though he is aware that not everyone agrees with him. Which disappoint him to no end. He respects the opinions of others, though he has disagreed with a few that he considered 'unjust'. He is quite an open-minded individual and is willing to listen to anyone who asked.

    Though, despite his kind personality, he can be ruthless at times. If anything threatens the Empire of Albastion, he'll do everything in his power to stop them by any means necessary to ensure the safety of the people. He'll try to 'play fair' though he expects others to do the same. If anyone do not 'play fair' then he'll assume that the rules of war was altered and will use underhanded tactics in response.
    - Reading
    - Knowledge
    - Interesting Individuals
    - Humid Weather
    - Fish
    - Uncouth Individuals
    - The expansion of the Albastion Empire.
    - The protection of the Albastion Empire.
    - The destruction of the Albastion Empire.
    - Failure to fulfill his duties.

    What do you look like?

    Height: 6" ft
    Weight: 180 lbs
    Eye color: Blue
    Hair color: Red
    Appearance: Roman has a lean build, though he is quite athletic. He has very pale skin tone. He has a very high preference of wearing suits or other clothing of high material to show off his status. He'll try to wear anything to stand out from the crowd just for the sake of being noticed. Specifically, he'll wear something flashy like a suit with a cape of some sort. He'll also carry an item that represent the Albastion Empire in some way at all times to show off his patriotism.

    Where have you been?

    Background: Roman Flames have just recently inherit the throne of Albastion after the death of his father. His predecessor died from old age and a heart attack. After taking up the throne, Roman promised himself and the people of Albastion that he shall protect and expand the nation to spread its glories. He is currently trying to form an alliance with some of the other nations in order to strengthen each other. Despite forming an alliance, he is aware that his action can cause tension between the other nations who held a grudge against each other. He prays that his actions will not cause a war with thousands of casualties.
    History: At a young age, Roman was born with the love for his nation. He was amazed by the contribution that was made by the Empire and wish to contribute as well. Despite being born as the prince of Albastion, he was never once spoiled. In fact, he felt that he was given too much and wish to give to those that needed. He soon became loved by his people who sees him as an angel. Though, he was admired by his people, he did not receive the same praise from his parents. He often attempt to bond with his parents, but they were always busy. His father was busy ruling the Empire and his mother was always with his father. This only strengthen his love for the Empire since he assumed that his parents shared the same love for the Empire. He was quite humble when he was praised and he soon turn his attention on preparing himself to take over the Empire after his father. Roman spent years on learning and training himself to be ready for anything should his nation needed him. He was ready to make the Empire proud of him.
    RP Sample:
    Walking through the halls of the castle, a lone individual was hurrying to a meeting that he was scheduled to attend. This individual is none other than King Roman Flames! A handsome young man, who is barely in his prime, is responsible for ruling over the Empire of Albastion! Despite being tasked with such a huge burden, King Flames shouldered it with nothing but pride. Days after his coronation, he made it cleared that he will do anything to protect and spread the glories of Albastion. He was soon loved by his people and is trying his best to ensure their safety in their future.

    After a minute, he arrived at the door to the Council Room and made his entrance. Pushing the door forward, he was greeted with a large room. On one side was a structure that is used as the seating area for the council members and at the center is a lone pedestal for those who seek audience with the council members. The seven council members were waiting on the young king when he entered. Roman made his way to the pedestal and stood on it before waiting to be addressed by the council members.

    "*Ahem* Greeting, your highness. We assumed that you have an important matter to discuss with us?", asked one of the council members.

    "Indeed, as some of you may know, I love this Empire. I would do anything to protect and spread it glory to the world we live in.", Roman began.

    "Yes, and we admire your passion. Please go on.", asked a female council member.

    "Yes, well, we are aware of the many contribution that out Empire have made in the past and I believe we should continue to do so.", the young ruler suggested.

    "What do you mean, Your Highness?", asked a third council member.

    "As you know, we live in a time of peace. Though I do not know how long that will last. I believe that will should strengthen our nation to ensure the safety of our people.", Roman explained.

    "And how exactly do you wish to achieve that goal?", asked another female council member.

    "I wish to form an alliance with another nation, perhaps more.", Roman stated.

    Roman's suggestion caused the entire room to become silent. After a minute of awkward silence, another council member spoke.

    "With all due respect, Your Excellency, but I do not believe that is a... wise decision.", he replied.

    "What do you mean?", the young ruler asked.

    "We agree that the time of peace that we live in may be temporary, but forming an alliance with another nation may shorten that time of peace. Some of the nations bare grudges against each other and an alliance may direct their anger to our people. We believe that the people should enjoy their time of peace as much as possible.", said a female member.

    "Doesn't that encourage my idea? Shouldn't we form an alliance before the time of peace is gone? If we wait for too long, we may be too late!", Roman responded as he patient slowly dwindles.

    "Calm yourself, Your Highness. We do not mean to offend you. Just considering what the consequences may be. Granted, an alliance with another nation does seem like an excellent idea, but there is no guarantees in the protection of the people. Allying ourselves with a nation will only create enemies for us. I'm sorry, Your Highness, but we cannot allow this idea to pass.", stated a council member.

    "But-", he stopped himself before he realized that he won't get through the council members anytime soon. Letting out a sigh, he accepted his loss, "Very well, I shall return on a later date to continue to discuss you, Council Members.", he said before leaving the council room.

    "And we shall look forward to it, Your Excellency. Please have a wonderful day.", a female replied before he left exit their earshot.

    Walking down the hallway, Roman was frustrated that he could not persuade them to understand his idea. Though, he did understand why they were hesitant to accept it. He'll have to put up a better argument if he want the the council members to accept his idea. He only hopes that he'll persuade them soon in the future. For their people's sake...

    Who do you know?

    Reference: I was brought here by Wave Darkbright.
    Face claim: Roman Flames/Kago no Naka no Alicis/Harvey
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    Looks good to me approved!~
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