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    The End and Gatekeeper Rules

    The Gatekeeper

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    The End and Gatekeeper Rules

    Post by The Gatekeeper on Wed Dec 17, 2014 6:58 pm

    The End
    The End is a prison inside of the Shell created by the enhanced god known as the Gatekeeper. The End is seperated from the rest of the shell by a very powerful and ancient barrier spell. The spell is always active and unable to be broken with sheer magic force. The only way to undo this barrier is to open it using the Gatekeeper's key, which is the gatekeeper's soul. Meaning he is the only way in or out of the End. In a nutshell the End is a section of the shell that is sectioned off and is filled with nothing but black energy and imprisonment orbs. The orbs are used to hold the prisoners of the End. The orbs cannot be destroyed from the inside, however from the outside the orb can be destroyed by the power of 3 gods or fallen gods. It can also be opened by the gatekeeper. The gatekeeper will not however go after people randomly for no reasoning. Who the gatekeeper attempts to jail is determined by staff. The staff votes on if someone's IC actions are criminal enough, and if the majority vote says yes then the Gatekeeper will be sent.

    The Gatekeeper
    The Gatekeeper is an enhanced god known as Kaien. Him being an enhanced god gives him a number of different perks and abilities. The first of these perks is that he is naturally stronger than all other gods and fallen gods. By default the gatekeeper will start at transcender tier 5, and will rank up as the strongest characters do. He also has the ability of omnipresence, meaning he knows all things that happen in the universe no matter where it happens. Kaien however can be "negotiated" with. He will agree to not take people to the end and imprison them if they can beat him in combat. He will also agree to allow people into the end under the same circumstances, however the fights have to be fair. If a person is beaten in combat by the gatekeeper no matter if they are the intended target or not, they will be imprisoned in the end. The amount of time one is imprisoned is determined by the staff, however no matter the amount of time people can still attempt to break prisoner out. The gatekeeper can be looked at like a raid boss because he has rare drops. When defeated in combat the person or party will receive a key to the end, which will give them free access in and out. This does not mean the gatekeeper won't try to stop them. If someone has the power to not only defeat but also kill the gatekeeper they will be rewarded with the gatekeeper's armor skin. The armor will be whatever rank the gatekeeper was at the time of his destruction, and will take on whatever appearance the user wishes. It will be equipped with a special ability known as "Evolve" since this armor is known as the evolving armor. The ability will remain unknown until further notice.

    Gatekeeper Abilities
    Anti Magic Zone:
    Name: Anti Magic Zone
    Rank: Transcender
    Description: Kaien activates the spell and it launches a dome 75 meters in radius with him as the epicenter. Anyone caught in this dome will not have access to any techniques. Anyone who enters within 75 meters of Kaien will lose their magic also, however if someone exits the 75 meters they will not regain their magic.
    Duration and cooldown: 6 Post duration, 8 post cooldown
    Strengths: Makes opponents lose magic capabilities
    Weakness: Can only affect people within range, and they must be at least Novice tier 5

    The Void:
    Name: The Void
    Rank: Transcender
    Description: This makes Kaien like a ghost. At any time he chooses he can become intangible and allow any attacks, physical or magical to pass through him. He can do this at any time however he cannot attack others while he is intangible.
    Duration and cooldown: 2 Post duration, 5 post cooldown
    Strengths: Makes Kaien immune to attacks
    Weakness: Makes Kaien unable to attack while he is phasing

    Raiden's Arena:
    Name: Raiden's Arena
    Rank: Trancender
    Description: A Magic spell in which the user creates multiple orb filled with enormous amounts of Lightning Magic and suspends them high up in the air in a circular formation around the target. When the orbs are released, everything below the circle is struck by powerful lightning bolts. The orbs can make a circle that covers up to a 75 meter radius. If the orbs are destroyed by an outside force, the attacker is instantly electrocuted with Master ranked damage. There are 10 orbs that have a 20 meter radius in size.
    Duration and cooldown: Orbs can be cast up at any time 1 post charge time needed, and can be activated at any time. 7 post cooldown
    Strengths: Massive area damage
    Weakness: Orbs can be destroyed at a cost

    Name: Mahapadma
    Rank: Transcender
    Description: An ability that freezes time and space. When used, time and space are frozen and only the user can move. This ability is very taxing on its user and can only be used once a thread. The area that is halted is a 75 meter area around Kaien.
    Duration and cooldown: 1 post duration
    Strengths: Makes escape and dodging attacks easy
    Weakness: It leaves Kaien tired and strained after it is deactivated, he is not able to use another technique of his for 2 post after using this. Target can move if they match target tier and rank

    Five Iron Pillars:
    Name: Five Iron Pillars
    Rank: Transcender
    Description: As the practitioner clasps their hands together, five small yellow orbs with skinny tails emerge from between their clasped hands and move above the practitioner's head before forming a circle of five. Raising their clasped hands above their head, the practitioner slams them downward, sending the orbs into the ground. As a bright light is generated in the sky above the intended target, five tall and thick pillars, which are connected to each other by chains, pin the target to the ground. The Pillars are 20 feet tall and 8 feet wide.
    Duration and cooldown: 3 Post duration, 5 post cooldown
    Strengths: Makes a single target unable to move
    Weakness: Target can break free if they match caster Tier and rank

    Gatekeeper Weapons
    Blaze Shields:
    Weapon/Armor name: Blaze Shields
    Weapon/Armor rank: Transcender 5
    Blaze Shields:
    Twin shields mounted onto the forearms. They appear and disappear instantly whenever the user wills for them to appear.

    Ability/Spell name: Blaze Cone
    Description: The user extends his forearm shields all around his body to form a cone shape in front of him. This protects him from all frontal and side attacks and allows him to break through magical barriers.
    Blaze Shield:
    Duration and Cooldown: 2 post duration, 5 post cooldown
    Strength: Provides maximum protection
    Weakness: Cannot cut cut or pierce people, but can cause blunt damage

    End Blades:
    Weapon/Armor name: End Blades
    Weapon/Armor rank: Transcender
    Description: Twin Long Swords
    End Blades:
    Ability/Spell name: End Striker
    Description: The user charges at the target with top speed, he moves so fast that he makes a after image of himself. The real user appears above the opponent and slices downward across the targets chest. The afterimage this technique creates is so life like that it will take several seconds for it to be figured out.
    Duration and Cooldown: Instant Duration, 5 Post cooldown
    Strength: Creates a stealth like attack
    Weakness: Once the afterimage is discovered to not be the user opponents may see the user before he is able to execute the attack

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