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    Kyro Empty Kyro

    Post by Chaostothemax on Thu Dec 18, 2014 2:34 am

    Kyro Yasuo_league_of_legends_render_by_rikkutenjouss-d6v7tku

    Who are you?

    Name: Kyro
    Age: 21 years as a human, three centuries as his current state. Still looks 21.
    Sexuality: Straight before, N/A now.
    Race: Demigod, formerly human
    Special features: Inhumanly gaunt features, bizarre color-changing eyes (tied to his magic)

    What are you like?

    Personality: Kyro has a very disconnected, pessimistic view of the world. He listens to current events, but goes out of his way to not participate in them, believing his role in this world to be that of an observer, not a fighter. He does not engage in conversation with others, speaking only to respond to somebody else, and avoids forming bonds with anybody to preserve his nomadic lifestyle. He views history with a sense of nostalgia and wistful regret, longing for the days when his life had a clear-cut purpose. He rejects the Gods, believing them to be responsible for his current predicament, and will fight against them if they contact him.

    The only things that make Kyro feel truly alive are combat and tutoring - honing his already razor-sharp skills, and passing on his knowledge to the newer generation. He will never do either without something in return, however, usually gold. Kyro has retained his frugal, gold-hoarding tendencies from his mercenary days, and has several stashes throughout the world where he keeps his riches (filled to the gills with traps, of course). He is a sellsword at heart, and will do almost anything for the right amount of gold, despite no longer having need for said coin. He seems to collect riches as a neurotic tendency more than out of any real need, and he realizes this, so he often gives his riches away to the nearest person.

    - Combat
    - Teaching people/passing his knowledge on
    - Collecting gold
    - Gods
    - Doing things for free
    - Moving (or doing anything, really) without purpose
    - Finding his duty. Kyro seeks to find the reason why he was brought back to this world and fulfill it so that he may truly know peace.
    - Tying up loose ends. Tied to the first goal, Kyro wants to make sure that he has no regrets when he fulfills his duty, so he tries to give back everything. This includes giving away his stockpiles of gold, passing on his knowledge in both academics and combat, and finding somebody worthy to pass his abilities onto.
    - Becoming aimless. Kyro fears that he will lose sight of his goal, and that he will become another shambling shell on the world, not contributing anything and having no purpose to drive him.
    - Being controlled. Kyro’s ultimate fear is the idea that he is being manipulated like a pawn on a chess board without him realizing it. To him, having no control over his own life even in death is the ultimate punishment, his own personal hell.

    What do you look like?

    Height: 6’2
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Eye color: Originally hazel, but they never stay that way. (Again, tied to magic)
    Hair color: Black
    Kyro Yasuo_league_of_legends_render_by_rikkutenjouss-d6v7tku

    Where have you been?

    Background: For the past few months, Kyro has simply been a nomad. He travels from location to location, never staying in one place for more than a week at a time. He stayed at a single village for a full month however, believing that he had finally found his purpose. He believed he had found a worthy successor in a young girl who had crossed his path, but she vanished under mysterious circumstances, likely dead. With his path for a purpose having gone cold again, Kyro took to the wilderness once again, searching for the reason why he is here still. His travels have led him to believe that his goal does not lie with any of the mortal empires, however.
    History: A millenium ago, Kyro was a founding member of a band of mercenaries renowned for their skill and willingness to do anything for the right price. They were hired to fight in a great war, but found themselves surrounded and abandoned outside of the enemies’ fortress. There, for the first time, their group of five surrendered. A week later, having been exposed to horrific torture which Kyro refuses to recount to this day, he sold out his comrades and betrayed them; this remains his one regret from his past life. He was double crossed himself, however, when his new ‘allies’ stabbed him through the heart and buried him alive in their cemetary aside his former comrades.

    Three centuries ago, Kyro burst through the now sandy rubble that was restraining him, realizing that the world had changed. He had been dead for 700-odd years; the fortress that had been their bane was now nothing more than a pile of rubble, and there was nothing left marking the graveyard. Kyro was changed as well; he retained his prowess, but his muscle was gone, leaving him a skeleton with some skin hanging onto it. His allies’ graves were empty, having either been robbed or having risen themselves; Kyro set out to find the reason why he had returned, a goal he still pursues to this day.

    RP Sample:

    Again and again, it was the same old story.

    Kyro entered the village gates slowly, his eyes shifting to take in everything around him. Honestly, he hadn’t expected to find a village here; they were far away from the large empires of humans here. In fact, this might be the only village around for miles; they might never have visitors, if the monsters that had accosted Kyro on the way here were any indication. The village certainly looked isolated: There were only a few huts, and the people he could see stared at him as if he was an alien come to abduct them. He returned a few of the stares with his own, dignified glare, as if daring them to speak out against him; he had endured enough suffering in life to deal with a few stares from strangers.

    After what felt like an eternity but was probably only a few minutes, an elderly man shuffled out of one of the huts and made his way over to Kyro. “E-excuse me,” the man stammered, “but could you be...A visitor?”
    Kyro cleared his throat before responding; he hadn’t used his voice in a few days, so it was imperative that he made sure it still worked before speaking. “You could say that,” he replied to the old man, his voice coming out as deep and melodious. “I am a nomad. If you have any rooms, I’ll gladly accept them; if not, I’ll be on my way.”
    The old man shook his head sadly. “Unfortunately, we do not have any room to spare; as I’m sure you’ve seen, the monsters have us hard-pressed. Say…” he muttered, eyes drawn to the sword at Kyro’s hip and his armor. “Would you be willing to help us with the monsters?”
    “That depends,” Kyro responded evenly, his eyes boring into the old man’s. “How much will you pay?”


    A few hours later, Kyro returned to the village, a set of wolf-man corpses dragging behind him. “I believe you owe me a thousand gold coins,” he said to the stunned old man as he threw the carcasses at the elder’s feet. “If anything, the fur and meat you get from the wolf-men is worth that. This is a bargain for you, you know.”
    “O-of course,” the elderly man stammered again in reply, bowing gratefully. “You will have your gold. Feel free to explore the village while I go get it.” The elderly man disappeared into his hovel, leaving Kyro alone in the village.

    The elder had said that he was free to explore, but there honestly wasn’t anything worth exploring here. Kyro could see the entire village from where he stood, and none of it was particularly impressive. Instead, he sat down beside his kills and relaxed. A thousand coins was a lot of money for a small village like this; he couldn’t help but wonder where they got it from. It wasn’t his place to judge, however; as long as the coins were good, he didn’t care where they came from. It was all part of being a sellsword; he was the arms of the operation, not the brains. That wasn’t to say he didn’t have a brain, but it was nice not having to always worry about the logistics of things.

    Out of the corner of his eye, Kyro saw a young girl approaching him. Her vibrant red hair reminded him of somebody else...but that was a lifetime ago. “What do you want?” He asked nonchalantly.
    “Teach me how to fight.”
    Kyro’s eyes flicked upwards to look at the girl more closely. Her wide, green eyes were full of determination, which was good. He felt potential for magic within her, which was better. Still, he wasn’t in the habit of giving things out for free. “You couldn’t pay for my tutoring,” Kyro muttered, returning to admiring the sky.
    “I’ll pay you with my life,”
    the girl responded. “I’ll be your squire. I’ll follow you and do whatever you ask.”
    Kyro actually turned his head this time, facing the girl. “Are you sure? This ain’t an easy life, you know.”
    “I know,” the girl responded. “But I can’t let people suffer like the ones at my village have.”
    Kyro sighed as he realized what he was about to do. “Alright, fine,” he muttered, getting up and grabbing the girl’s arm. “Let’s go now, before any tearful goodbyes.” He pulled the girl out of the village and into the wilds, leaving behind only a pile of wolf-men and a confused old man holding a pile of cash to mark his stay.

    Who do you know?

    Reference: Urek brought me here indirectly Razz I also know Kaseki from other RP sites.
    Face claim: Yasuo, from League of Legends

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