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    Rules and Guidelines


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    Rules and Guidelines

    Post by Hades on Thu Nov 27, 2014 12:26 pm

    Every staff should substitute these rules whatever the
    situation may be. Real life dilemma or not.

    The Big Seven

       Except in the Appropriate forum. No chatbox advertising or linking in signatures, images or the like.

        Do I really need to explain this one?

       We are not just evil~ We are eeeeeeevil!!! Nah jk. We have good reasoning behind our decisions.

       This should be chucked into rule number three, but just for clarity's sake it will be put here.

       A little chatbox emoji game with other players is acceptable. However when one person uses nothing but emotes every three seconds can be a little annoying. It can also be taxing on those with not so good devices to join the chatbox. Please be wary of people who ask to stop emoji games.

       A friendly reminder every now and again is fine, a Pm is better since it will remain in the inbox for a memoir for later. But that guy who ask every hour on the hour will most likely get ignored for spite's sake.

       We decided the rules upon an agreement of several people's compromise. Don't be that guy who needs to point out every flaw in the rules just because better systems are out there. This also applies to the work ethics of the staff members. If one pulls a bigger slacker chain than another, don't harass them for it. They will sort that out themselves in time.

    Staff decisions cannot be based on personal opinion. Sites are always a community and at times staff is like the police.

    Offense and Punishment

    If a member violates a rule, they will receive a warning. A warning has to be clearly outspoken. In example: "This is a warning," should always be added into telling the member to stop. If a member violates a rule after being warned, a ban can and will follow.

    • First offense ban: Violating the rule again will result in a one hour ban.
    • Second offense ban: Violating the rule thrice will result in a day ban
    • Third offense ban: Violating the rule four times will result in a week ban
    • Fourth offense ban: More than four times can result in a site ban.
    • Fifth Offense ban: Permanent site-wise ban across all linked accounts.

    Deliberately and repeatedly disrespecting the Staff can and will earn you a permanent ban regardless of the number of offenses. If Staff violate the rules I believe there is only one way to deal with it: They get stripped of the staff position immediately without warnings, then get treated as a member. If staff violates rules, they don't deserve to be staff.

    Ethics and Expectations

    • Everyone on this site is here to have a good time one way or another, so please be respectful to everyone else on this site.
    • No harassing, flaming, trolling or verbally abusing anyone else on this site. Anyone that is being harassed, contact an Admin right away and we will take care of the situation. Please keep a copy paste of the chat-log as proof of the misdemeanor.
    • No Spamming. This means that you shouldn't double post or post anything in a thread that isn't relevant to thread. This keeps threads and forums from being cluttered.
    • If you feel that there is corruptness with the admins or mods, or unfair treatment and you have substantial proof, then bring it to an administrator and they will further the investigation, dealing with it accordingly.
    • This site is meant to be fun for everyone. For that reason no excessive swearing, sexual content or overly graphic content is allowed in the ChatBox. Anyone who breaks this rule will be warned, if it persists they will be banned from the Chatbox for an amount of time. Any time from 1 hour to indefinite depending on how much this persists.

    Roleplaying and Posting

    • To be able to post almost anywhere on this site you must have an approved Character. To make one go to the Character Creation Section. To use abilities or equipments in a thread, they must also be appropriately approved as well.
    • You can only have 1 character per account. If you wish to have another character you need to make another account.
    • If you are inactive for 3 weeks or longer without given a reason for being inactive staff may remove your rank so this will be open for other people to have.
    • Due to the nature of this site there will most likely be IC fighting among characters. What happens in a fight can affect the character such as missing limbs and things like that. Fights can even lead to death if you wish to prevent this put in the topic title one of the following tags. (No Killing), (No Fighting), (No Permanent Damage) etc.
    • You may roleplay in up to two topics, this however does not include mission topics, arena topics or dungeon topics. You may be in up to two mission topics in addition to two normal topics, you can only be in one arena topic at a time and you can also only be in one dungeon topic at a time.
    • In Character posts are required to be at least 5-6 sentences long. It makes the storyline on the site much more enriching.
    • One to two line posts is strictly prohibited. Any posts that are that short will be deleted and the poster will receive a warning.
    • Threads that are full of short posts will be deleted entirely. With or without notice.
    • Thread with the title [Invite only] requires of course an invite from a member in the thread as well as the approval of all parties involved.
    • No Godmodding or Metagaming. These terms can mean any of the following and are not allowed. Instant dodge, I'm sorry but just doing a back flip doesn't make you dodge everything. Auto or instant hits, you can't automatically hit someone, if they can't block/dodge your attack its a hit but you cant just say it hits.
    • If at anytime you think you'll be making a thread that is very gory, gruesome, or violent mark your topic with (Mature). Sexual content however doesn't apply, it is strictly banned. If you wish to do something like that with your RP partner please do it though PMs.
    • Please refrain from using "txt talk".
    • Please attempt to use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Nobody's perfect, but the effort is appreciated.
    • Please separate your dialogue from action with an enter key, click, and quotations.
    • Do not post in first person.
    • We require that your posts meet a minimum of 300 words.
    • Respect the posting order. However, we have a 24 hour rule that states that if a person in the topic didn't post within 24 hours and it's already their turn to post, the rest of the members can continue without them whereby they can just catch up later when they get on.
    • Posting Order: It will be set when the thread has all of the people in it will have for one turn. New people will be last to post, and it is cumulative. It does not matter if you bring in more characters,’ the order is based off the ACCOUNTS. You are NOT to change the order unless: No response in one week without temporary leave, someone leaving for over one week, someone quitting the site, or the person requests to be skipped. If you do, your post will be deleted and saved in an admin's notepad and sent to you via a PM. If you are a repeat offender, you will be barred from role playing for 1 day. If it continues, it may result in temporary ban.

    Credit to Tobirama.

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