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    Post by Reign on Sun Dec 21, 2014 6:48 am

    Man has always longed to be something greater. Not to play God, but to be God. To tamper with mankind and unlock the potential locked deep within our genetic code, turning the small evolutionary advantages that made us smart and strong into a guiding light of power.

    But mankind has a habit of acting not out of hubris— no hubris might be a good thing —but out of greed.

    With the advent of cybernetics came the greatest disaster known to man: "PLAGU3," as the intranet came to refer to it. A disease uniquely evolved to put the very machines that had made man special against the humanity that gave him life.

    A small organic virus, seemingly innocuous before the days of prosthesis, triggered an immune response and a war between man and machine, devastating nearly 6% of the world's remaining population, exacting a near-100% fatality rate. A tragedy on a scale like none in recent days has left the world both fearful and reeling in shock at the cruel fate nature had offered. Though majority of the prostheticized world found itself immune to infection, the toll had been a heavy one. Family, friends, loved ones had been claimed.

    What the world did not know was that this tragedy was not as natural as they would like to think.

    From the attempt to build a better man comes trial and error. A lab-borne virus was packaged to the world as an unlucky fluke, but now something has changed. The slow and steady natural evolution was one that had taken much, at a hefty financial cost, and Vagabond's greatest secret had become the world's most dangerous unknown.

    However, now something has changed.

    Man has changed.

    Tragedy has borne fruit.

    Now, these afflicted, those few not left shriveled from the infection, are becoming more than simple man or even cyborg. They are changing. The grow strong. They grow unique. They refuse to go gentle into that good night, and Vagabond seeks to collect the fruits of their labor.

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