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    Konstantin [wip]

    Konstantin Sokolov

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    Konstantin [wip]

    Post by Konstantin Sokolov on Mon Dec 22, 2014 1:19 pm

    Konstantin Sokolov

    Name: Konstantin Sokolov
    Nickname: Kon
    Age: 24
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Race: Human
    Special features: Instead of living out his days as a cripple after an accident during the Blitz had left him horribly disfigured losing the ability to use all of his limbs save a barely functioning right arm, Konstantin Sokolov was fitted to a exoskeleton , this incident also resulted in the loss of his left eye which was also replaced with a artificial one.

    What are you like?

    Personality: As a Boy, Konstantin was subjected to a great deal of pain, Konstantin has always be rather observant to almost everything whether it’s the gentle least of breezes, or other the fine detailing on his exoskeleton. Because of the treatment he received at such an early age, he is unwilling to immediately form a relationship, behaving more distant and preferring to remain unknown to most feeling that it adds to what makes him what he is today.

    Konstantin fights with ferocity and often-extreme cruelty, rarely kill them until his target has been totally disabled and humiliated. However, he does seem to have some small shred of humanity left in him, as he is still capable of shedding tears, evident during the death of his father meaning that he has not become completely lost to the darkness that runs throughout his body. Because he was born from the seed of a god, Konstantin has become rather arrogant, freely taunting and belittling his opponents. It can accurately be stated that rather than killing his opponents, Konstantin breaks them.

    Underneath his cocky, arrogant attitude, Konstantin has become deeply sad and envious of others, for they are blessed with the gift of being simply human, and has gained a great respect for others who have the willpower to endure old age and death. Konstantin also holds a great affinity for others who take pride in themselves. He often shows respect for certain people for their bravery.


    • Mediation, due to the method of grafting the exoskeleton onto Konstantin's body, he is in constant pain which almost never ceases save for when he is either in the middle of combat or when mediating.
    • Reading books - One of his favorite past times he has spent countless hours pouring through them.


    • Unneeded conversations between other people, Konstantin after his irregularly upbringing and his accident has often been looked down upon as such he has often resigned himself to shadows where he would be able to avoid the gazes of those who envied his abilities.


    • To Reacquire his old body back, whilst Konstantin has been given a exoskeleton frame to allow him to move about like no human could, he continues to miss a basic human sensation now limited to largely just his face, this sense being touch.


    • Death, Due to his upbring Konstantin was introduced to what awaits him when he passes away as such he has endeavored to sustain his life for as long as possible using means outside of what both public and even royalty have access to.

    What do you look like?

    Height: 210 centimetres
    Weight: 89 Kilograms
    Eye color: Orange
    Hair color: Tan
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    Where have you been?

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    History: Born from the seed of a powerful and ruthless god and the womb of a human, Konstantin's life had never been easy, due to the fact that he was a demi-god from the instant he was born, he was subjected to extreme methods of training throughout his early childhood and continued through his time as a part of the sokolov family. Despite being created by one of the most combat orientated god in existence, Konstantin never truly felt the way of the sword or any of the fighting styles he was. Konstantin was born on a mild winter's night, he is the only child of the main branch of the Sokolov family with minor branches rivaling for control before his birth as his mother and father in law has been unable to conceive which would lead to another branch take control of the rest of the family as they would have no successor. In an attempt to work out their problem the pair pleaded to the gods for a child their wish was granted but at a great cost which the child's mother, Amaterasu dying shortly after due to the unnatural conception of his creation. His father in law, Hisaho couldn't find a way to save Amaterasu despite all the money the family had, so he removed himself from the outside world choosing to spend his days studying the arts of necromancy, this obsession lead to him completely forgetting his newborn son and heir to the Sokolov name, Konstantin who was instead looked after by maids and battle hardened fighters, each of them of which handled various fight styles that Konstantin was required to master in the hopes that his unnatural abilities given to him as a demi-god would improve dramatically with this training.

    Eventually after Konstantin reached 16 years old one of the maids suggested to the absent minded almost mad Hisaho that he went out and spread his wings from the restricting grounds of their manor, so after a years worth of debate konstantin left the manor for the first time to a Dormitory in the freezing mountains near the border to the countries in the east, it was here where he spent almost a year there following precise orders, studying, debating, calculating, he would often bore and often annoy both his classmates and friends by trying to discuss minor details which amused him. This entertaining education was brought to an end shortly when the dormitory was raided by a legion of troops of one of the minor branches which after further investigation was an attempt on Konstantin's life, fortunately for Konstantin he managed to survive far past that of what a normal human could sustain instead however he was left completely crippled save his left arm using his uninjured arm he was able to pull himself out of the rubble of the dormitory and rescued by travelers who took him back to his manor for a fee. Once he returned to his home his father after several hours of debating he recognized the crippled and scarred body that was Konstantin as his son and the two of them began to investigate ways to restore the functions he had lost during the blitz with Hisaho finally being able to move on with his life after the death of his wife and Konstantin's mother.

    After spending several years developing prototype exoskeletons two worked on, Konstantin began to be introduced to parts of the most of the prototypes requiring brutally invasive surgeries including the removal of all of his limbs whilst keeping vital parts like tendons and nerve fibres which were later grafted onto the cybernetic components and were removed each time there was a change in part meanwhile despite the huge revenue that Hisaho was bring to their family which was shared out to the rest of the families tensions began to grow to breaking points where two of the minor families raided the manor just as the two had completed the latest sections of Konstantin's exoskeleton. During this second raid he was able to fight all his foes and knock them down as though he was swatting down flies unfortunately however his father wasn't so likely receiving a fatal wound in the chest realizing that despite Konstantin's abilities both from his demi-god side and his exoskeleton he would be unable to fight what seemed to be thousands he made a swift retreat leaving behind his deceased father as well as his family name, shortly after this he learnt that after the funeral of his father as well as another body in-loo of his that the title of main branch was carried over to another branch.

    With the death of his father finally coming into realization Konstantin grew into a deep depression and began to move around the vast country in an attempt to avoid mercenary that were hired to kill him as well as find the quick jobs to sustain him and his ever increasing alcohol abuse problem. Eventually however with debts and fights occurring between him and the mercenaries, konstantin quickly fell in with the wrong group of people who were willing anything to hurt society which mainly involved starting fights with law enforcement groups and stealing high value objects whilst also protecting him by just pure numbers.

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