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    Kyro's New Abilities


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    Kyro's New Abilities

    Post by Chaostothemax on Thu Dec 25, 2014 1:03 am

    Abilities for Kyro:
    Death Mark:
    Name: Death Mark/BlackStrike
    Rank: Master
    Description: Kyro was renowned as a fearsome hunter when he was alive, able to track down and kill any target he was asked/paid to. Death Mark is a key component of his strategy, allowing him to know where the target was at all times and to swoop in for the kill. Kyro can place the Mark on any opponent within 80 meters instantaneously, whereupon it stays for 4 posts. During this time, Kyro is constantly alerted to the location of the Marked opponent. Also during this time, Kyro can activate the second half of the skill, BlackStrike. BlackStrike allows Kyro to teleport to the marked target if he is within 60 meters of them once during the application of the Mark.

    Duration and cooldown: The application of the mark is instant, and it lasts for four posts; BlackStrike is instant. The Mark has a cooldown of eight posts starting after the mark fades, and BlackStrike can only be used once per application of the Mark.
    - Since it is a stealth-based skill, it is very hard to detect once it is placed upon an enemy
    - It compensates for one of Kyro’s weaknesses, which is his inability to deal damage at range
    - Using BlackStrike consumes the Mark, starting the cooldown and removing Kyro's ability to sense where the Marked target is
    - If the Marked creature is healed by another being, the Mark’s duration will be reduced by a post; if this would reduce its duration past 0, it’ll cancel out the Mark completely
    - The user must be able to see the opponent to apply the Mark in addition to being within 80m range

    Attunement Burst:
    Name: Attunement Burst
    Rank: Master
    Description: Kyro’s Chroma attunements are stronger when he first activates them, giving him additional benefits for three posts when he switches to any given attunement. The bonuses are as follows:

    RED: +2 Strength stat for 3 posts.
    BLACK: Blinds everybody within 40m of Kyro for 3 posts
    BLUE: Deals 3x damage to summoned units for 3 posts
    WHITE: Reduces incoming damage for 3 posts
    GREEN: Gains the ability to sense when a spell is cast targeting him from any range for 3 posts

    Duration and cooldown: The ability activates automatically whenever Kyro switches attunements, and lasts for 3 posts. The Boosts’ cooldowns are tied to the activation of the attunement, so each boost has a 3 post cooldown starting when the attunement is switched away from.
    - Has a lot of variety, allowing for a wide range of attack styles
    - The individual attunement boosts do not disappear when switched to, giving Kyro the option to have all five up at once (although it will cost a lot of energy to do so and it will put all of his attunements on cooldown)
    - Each boost can only be activated by switching to the corresponding Attunement, limiting what options Kyro has
    - The Black attunement burst affects everybody, regardless of whether or not they are Kyro’s ally or not, giving the potential for friendly fire
    - The Green attunement can only sense when a spell is cast, not if there is one already targeting Kyro

    Abilities for Tsubaki (weapon):

    Living Dead Man:
    Name: Living Dead Man
    Rank: Master
    Description: Tsubaki is the symbol of the one-sided pact made between Kyro and his reanimator; as a reanimation, Kyro is given a few benefits in combat. Since he is kept alive by magic, not by bodily processes, he can lose any organ with no downsides; he also has artificially boosted endurance due to his reanimation, giving him +2 to his endurance stat. Finally, since he does not need to breathe to stay alive, Kyro cannot be suffocated and/or drowned.

    Duration and cooldown: Passive
    - Makes Kyro harder to take down since he has fewer vital spots
    - He gets a passive endurance boost, making him consistently tougher than usual enemies
    - Kyro’s head is still a weak spot, since he still needs the brain to function
    - Kyro still feels pain from the injuries, he simply doesn’t die from having the organs removed

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