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    Powering up

    Fabled Emperor Karna

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    Powering up

    Post by Fabled Emperor Karna on Thu Dec 25, 2014 1:26 pm

    The tier chart has been updates to reflect a new set of stats (while im still working on how to explain endurance, strength and speed are there and locked in to how I want them to be.) Within Novice tier you now start out with enough strength to lift 250 lbs and run at 15 mph. Each level you go up you gain 50 more lbs of strength and 5 more mph of movement. Once you hit Master rank, each tier now give you a 100 lbs strength increase and a 10 mph speed increase. At Transcender rank, things start to get a little intense, since this is the hardest tier to rank up in, each tier gets you more and more power. At tier 1 you can lift 1150 lbs and run at 105 mph, tier two increases strength by 200 and speed by 20, tier 3 increases by 300 strength and 30 speed, tier 4 grants you 400 more strength and 40 more speed and tier 5 grants you maximum power, gaining 500 more strength and 50 more speed. Check it out~


    (Also be on the watch, later in our progression a new tier will be added once we have enough players around the high Master to mid Transcender tier. Keep your eye's open for Divine ranks/tier ;D)

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