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    Natalia d'Blakc [[done]]


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    Natalia d'Blakc [[done]] Empty Natalia d'Blakc [[done]]

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    Natalia d'Blakc [[done]] LustFMA
    Who are you?
    Name: Natalia Ebony d'Blakc
    Nickname: "Sin" or "Devil's Pryde"
    Age: Appears 22, but has been around for more than a couple centuries.
    Sexuality: Straight
    Race: Monster (Half-Blood [Vampire])
    Special features:
    -Red tattoo on her chest
    -If looked at from a close perspective, one would find that her right eye has the marking of this star.

    What are you like?
    Personality: Natalia Ebony Blakc is a woman born into power, wealth, and prestige. As with any woman of her stature, everything Natalia does is done with great delicacy and poise. Her speech and mannerism are top notch and her movements are quite delicate as well as flawless and precise. Natalia carries with her a "presence" of what could be defined or deemed as darkness and demonic energy despite being human. Despite belonging to the wealthy Pryde family, Natalia differs in what one would call a social norms as she stands against her family and, at times, their beliefs. Natalia cares not for her family and their image, but for her goals. She is driven to an extreme and stops at nothing to accomplish her goals. Natalia portrays beauty and poise, but when her prey lets their guard down, she strikes. This makes her perfect when steering a court to her favor Natalia is deadly. Not only do her enhanced physical features show that, but also her uncaring nature and swift skills.

    Natalia can work well with people and brilliantly lead a team. She works extremely well under pressure and her plans are perfect, flawless even. She is able to maneuver her plans to fit in last minute situations that may occur. Her mind works rapidly. When head of a group and or organization, she leads with strong, firm hand. There is no time for fun and games when dealing with a huge ordeal. She will face it head on with always a plan and have a backup plan at hand for any situation. Natalia dislikes hand to hand combat tremendously. After all, she is a lady of the court although she would not turn down a mid range to long range battle. Her strong mind is in perfect sync with her body making her a master for evasion and surprise. Not only does she like the tactical aspect of a con. courts, and or battle, but she enjoys taking part of it. She treats those who have earned her respect with warmth, but even so, she does not fully trust anyone. Natalia dislikes any form of distraction. With that being said, she does not care much for games unless they stimulate the mind and she particularly dislikes the notion of love. Not only has she never experienced it, but she has seen it as an unnecessary distraction from the greater things in life although the truth would be that she is afraid of it and what it may bring

    -The dark. Natalia has always enjoyed the shadows and the unknown that lies within.
    -Sweets. She enjoys sweets.
    -Experiments. She is a scientist or, better said, of scientific background.
    -Reading/ Knowledge. Natalia is especially highly knowledgeable about vampire lore as well as the supernatural.

    -Last minute changes. She hates it, but can work around it.
    -Goody two shoes. In life, you must get your hands dirty in order to obtain what you want.
    -Sexism. What men can do, she can do as well.
    -Inconsiderate People.
    -Hearing the mention of her real name "Elizabeth Pryde."

    -Power and control. Coming from a very prestigious background, seeking power and control runs through her veins.
    -Seeking knowledge. Natalia loves to seek knowledge for knowledge is power
    -The World. Making a name for herself in the world, but her motivations lie beyond that. She wants to shape it
    -Death. She can feast on the blood of her victims without a problem.
    -Perfecting her magic and making a name for herself. As far as she knows, she is the only one with her genetics to weild magic.

    -Dying. Dying without having accomplished her goals.
    -Betrayal. Betrayal is the worst crime a person can commit.
    -Falling in love. She fears the concept and believes that it will weaken her and hsway her from her goals.
    -Loosing her status. A status is who and what you are, if you loose that then you are nothing.
    -Always living in the shadow of her family and family name as an outcast.
    -Fully turning into a vampire. She won't be able to go out in the sun if she fully turns

    What do you look like?
    Height: 5ft. 6in.
    Weight: 120lbs.
    Eye color: Golden
    Hair color: Midnight Black
    Appearance: Natalia is a woman of medium height, only measuring up to 5ft 6in. She is of pale, beautiful skin and of slim appearance. Her hair can almost be seen falling in waves past her shoulders. Natalia is one to dress formally to any occasion or even semi formally as this is the way she was brought up. The half vampiress enjoys wearing various formal attire, especially dresses. As thus, she is always seen dressed nice and elegantly. Her golden eyes seem to sparkle in the sun, but one can never really tell. Also, the star sign on her eyes barely even shows unless during the night where her eyes seem to glow which enable her to see clearly at night. Despite only being half turned, Natalia has fangs, sharp pointy fangs she can extract at any given time which she obviously uses to drink blood. She also has no shadow in the daytime.

    Where have you been?
    History: Natalia Ebony d'Blakc was born to the wealthy yet well hidden family and pack of supernatural hunters called the Pryde's under the name of Elizabeth Mary Rose Pryde. She grew up under the wing, protection, and power of her family name, forever searching for a way to erradict the "monsters" of the world undetected and unnoticed by anyone else. The hunters worked undercover and under the blanket of secrecy, thriving in their success to eliminate those found to be a threat to human life. After all, they held their own black market dedicated to the cause of elimination; a bounty market. Years passed and all was well until an unfortunate event occured that ripped Natalia of her family ties within the Pryde household. When out in the woods alone, a rouge vampire attacked her and, with no means of defense nor escape, she was bitten and left for dead. She awoke a long time later, burning in fever as her hunter cells combatted those of the vampiric nature. Miraculously, she was able to survive the attack. She was turned into something resembling a dhampir by a bite from a rouge vampire. The vampiric infection spread through her body until her hunter immune system combatted it. Her immune system was somewhat successful in combatting it although traces of vampiric infection remained. The remains of the infection began to change Elizabeth and, consequently, began to merge together with her genetic code thus making her a half blood. Returning home in hopes that her family would be able to help, she was turned away given the ultimatum that if she ever returned, she would be killed.
    RP Sample:

    The Legend:
    Many a tales have been told about a fabled guild
    A guild with great power and wealth
    One that stood majestically above all else
    A guild that crushed all that opposed it
    It was a guild unlike any other.

    It wasn't until the Great Wizard War
    A war that wiped out many a mages past
    It was but a war that the world had never seen
    A war that anhilated anyone and everything

    The great guild stood strong against the terror
    But alas, not even its power and its strengths,
    Its numbers and its wealth,
    Its glory and its roots,
    Stood a chance agiants its vast elimination

    The story still continues
    Claiming that the great guild shall arise again
    It will grow with such splendor and wealth
    And shape the word as it did milleniums past

    A woman bathed in the dark yet welcoming arms of the shadows walked through the eerily empty streets. She moved elegantly through the dark and deserted rubbled place, her face never looking away from the front. The gentle breeze swayed her hair and dress making her seem as an apparation of some sorts. And, in a sense, she was. The woman seemed to blend into the dark. The place had but one functioning light after all.

    The woman's mission was simple. It was to see for herself if the fable told to children held any truth to them. If it did, well then, why not raise the guild from the ground up  as the fable did say. Bring it to its glory and build it in strength. Her golden eyes scanned the place as a dark smile swept up her blood red lips. This would be an interesting day. This day and its findings could potentially change her course in life.

    The lone woman's lips turned to that of a devious smirk. Her mind turning wheels as her thoughts were occupied about what this day would mean to her and mages such as she. If she were to find the remains of such a guild, then her goals would take  ahead start. It would work to her benefit, starting an underground organization to complete her goals. If not, then she would work hard to make such a guild a reality. After all, the world needed cleansing and a new world order.

    After much walking, Natalia came face to face with the deserted guildhall. It loomed from the ground majestically and stood as if taunting the world of its greatness despite the ruins it found itself in. Was this the great guild of the fable? She would have to go inside and find out. She glided up the small flight of stairs, her heels echoing through the place. Placing her hand against the cool doors, she readied to push them open but, as if by her touch, the doors themselves slowly swung open revealing the eerie dark interior. Before taking another step, she felt a presence only to be accompanied by these words,
    "Many a tales have been told about a fabled guild
    A guild with great power and wealth
    One that stood majestically above all else
    A guild that crushed all that opposed it
    It was a guild unlike any other..."

    If she had not been so preoccupied, she would have heard someone follow from behind. But alas, she felt no presence until it was too late.

    Natalia eyes narrowed in alarm and turned to face the stranger. She held herself on guard, but he seemed to be of no trouble. After all, he was consumed by the pages of the book he held. Still, she watched him and his every move just to be on the safe side. The stranger closed the book and looked up towards her, his demeaner calm and collected. "I assume you too have come here to quench your curiosity, The man spoke. Does it exist? Are the legends true? Alas the former has far more concrete evidence than the latter." Natalia raised an eyebrow at the stranger. Perhaps he was a scholar, studying the books of the olden legends. Hearing his questions, she simply swept her arm to the side, showing off the building. "Perhaps," She said giving the mage a secretive smile."Although the answers to prove it factual will be found inside."

    The man tucked away his book and and bowed in courtesy and gentlemenly demeaner. "Apologies, I meant not to surprise you. Nor do I bear any ill intent upon you. Indeed, I have not long since arrived here myself. To now know that there is another who believed at least partially in the legend...perhaps the Gods themselves have plotted this meeting." Natalia nodded in greeting. Yet before she could utter a words, the male seemed to catch himself and quickly added to his earlier greeting, bowing yet again. "Ah, but how rude of me. I've been prattling on and yet you have not an inkling as to who I may be. You may call me Darius and, as you have probably deduced, I too have an interest in this guild of legend." With a slight bow proceeding his introduction, eyes never taken off from the stranger, Natalia introduced herself. "Natalia Blakc, at your service." She gestured again at the building. "It seems as if the rumors do ring true. Yet in order to prove it to be the one and the same, I shall have to venture inside and find out myself." With a slight pause, Natalia said, "Would you like to join me?" The mage would venture inside anyways, despite whether or not she wanted him inside. Might as well make him feel welcomed yet, how would that affect the next happenings?

    Who do you know?
    Face claim: Sin/Full lMetal Alchemist/Lust.

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