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    Maxwell's Equipment[Plot character]

    Creator Maxwell
    Creator Maxwell

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    Maxwell's Equipment[Plot character] Empty Maxwell's Equipment[Plot character]

    Post by Creator Maxwell on Fri Jan 09, 2015 12:00 pm

    Weapon name: Unforged Eternium Blade
    Weapon/Armor rank: Transcender 1
    Maxwell's Equipment[Plot character] Eterni10
    Ability/Spell name: Eternium Forge: Complete
    Description: The shattered blade of Eternium is a weapon that Maxwell has had in his possession for quite some time, at first he hated the weapon because it's original state is that of a broadsword who's blade is broken. Even in it's current state of being broken, the blade is roughly three and a half feet long itself and so it is still viable to be used as a sword but it was not until the first time he was able to release it's full form that he fell in love with the blade. Much like Maxwell's current state, the sword is so powerful that it cannot maintain it's true form for very long and there is a prerequisite. Eternium Forge: Complete cannot be used until 5 abilities have been used in it's presence (80 meters in radius) because it feeds off of the energy put into the area around it, sucking up just a tiny bit of power, not enough to alter those abilities used around it however. After it has charged its self up, it's full form can be released. In it's full form, the blade is reforged and it unleashes it's dangerous capabilities. So long as the blade has been within the presence of another ability (80 meter radius) it can replicate that ability, it must however abide by the rules of that ability. As abilities are used around Maxwell and Eternium, the blade slowly feeds off the energy, growing ever so slightly until the 5th ability is used and the blade is completed.
    Duration and Cooldown: Passive ability/Requires 5 abilities to be used around it before it's full form can be achieved.
    Strength: Once the full form of the sword is released it's damage is increased to being able to cause damage equal to it's wielders tier. In it's released form, 'The Eternium Blade' is capable of replicating any ability that is used within an 80 meter radius of it.
    Weakness: Before it achieves it's full form, 'The Eternium Blade' is only capable of dealing Master rank damage with it's melee capabilities. After it has been reforged, when replicating an ability, it must abide by the original rules of that ability. When Eternium Blade uses an ability, it is bound to that ability until both the duration of that ability and it's cooldown has ended before it can use a different ability.

    Armor name: Void-Drake God's Hide
    Armor rank: Transcender 1
    Maxwell's Equipment[Plot character] Small_10
    Ability/Spell name: Living Drake-God armor
    Description: After killing the Void-Drake God, Maxwell skinned it, tearing away the beasts living flesh. Even in death, the beasts Void-energy infused skin remains a living entity, giving testament to the great power that the Void-Drake God held. Because of this, the hide offers an immense amount of defense and on top of that immense defense, the Drake Gods hide will heal itself and its user, repairing the armor in battle even if destroyed as well as healing its wearer. When wearing this armor, it's almost as if the wearer simply gains a harder outer shell that is attached to their body that continuously heals itself. The hide itself also don's a massive pair of wings which cannot be seen in it's non-winged state, these wing's seemingly grow out of nowhere and allow for flight and levitation.
    Duration and Cooldown: Passive armor heal. Character heal is instant/5 post cooldown.
    Strength: Because of the nature of this armor it makes both the armor and user hard to be harmed in any way unless they incurr a massive amount of damage over a small amount of time because of the constant healing. +3 tiers to endurance. Allows the user to fly.
    Weakness: The character heal is only as good as it's wielders tier and rank. The more damage caused to the armor itself, the slower the armor is able to regenerate. When the user casts the character heal, the armors passive heal is halted for 3 posts.

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