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    Radiant Shield

    Roman Flames
    Roman Flames

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    Radiant Shield Empty Radiant Shield

    Post by Roman Flames on Fri Jan 09, 2015 9:53 pm

    Weapon/Armor name: Radiant Shield
    Weapon/Armor rank: Novice Tier 5
    Description: The shield, when inactive, is a golden gauntlet that covers the upper forearm of the user. There are runes engraved into the shield.

    Radiant Guard Being Activated:
    Radiant Shield Shinkiro_-_Absolute_Defense_System

    Ability/Spell name: Radiant Guard
    Description: The runes on the gauntlet will glow with a crimson light. The gauntlet will manifest a red, spherical barrier that surrounds him from every direction. The barrier has a radius of 2.5 meters with him being in the center and is composed of hexagonal shields. The barrier is mobile with the user being the epicenter. This allows the user to have a near absolute defense. The barrier is capable of blocking any attacks that are equal to or less than the user's current rank and tier from any direction. However, should an offensive spell that is higher than the user's rank and tier is used, the barrier will block it before it is destroyed outright.
    Duration and Cooldown: 5/7
    -A near perfect defense against attacks from every direction
    -Barrier is mobile
    -The user cannot attack while the barrier is active
    -Can only block attacks that are equal to or less than the user's rank and tier
    Wave Darkbright
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    Radiant Shield Empty Re: Radiant Shield

    Post by Wave Darkbright on Fri Jan 09, 2015 10:00 pm

    Approved go nuts~

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