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    Mia Cane (Done)

    Mia Cane
    Mia Cane

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    Mia Cane (Done) Empty Mia Cane (Done)

    Post by Mia Cane on Sat Jan 10, 2015 10:01 pm

    Mia Cane (Done) Azula_fire_and_sword_by_kelly1412-d4bmssj

    Who are you?

    Name: Mia Cane
    Nickname: Red
    Age: 21, but looks one year younger than she is
    Sexuality: Straight
    Race: Human
    Special features: N/A

    What are you like?
    Mia Cane (Done) Tumblr_n6acm9LHnq1r0autto2_500
    Personality: Mia is a dangerous women, most people don't flock to her and she has been this way since she was a young women. She found it better to hang around swords or magic, they seemed to have been calling her so she went. She has a twisted way of thinking, one moment she will be one of your friends but is not above flipping the script if she feels it's needed in the situation to achieve a goal. Mia also acts a lot she has gotten to the point where she does not even know she is acting her own self; it effects her is a more of human interaction way then in a personal way. She is very straight forward aka "blunt", and will tell you if she wants your help our not. It's not that she does not like people, they just seem to get in the way of agendas; she is a determined women who does not have time for distractions.

    When it comes to conflicts she finds it easy to just burn everything down to the ground, pulling your sword or casting your spell will probably save you time in the long run. They say fool me once shame on me, you don't get fooled again; Mia does not like to get over things she likes to get even.  She also does not like to date, it's pointless and does not benefit anyone it only causes problems that should not have been started.

    Swords- She was always around swords when she was younger, she found it more fun to cut objects in half than to play with other little females her own age.

    Fire-  It's something that shows your power, it's powerful but can be put out at any moment controlling fire means that you almost control a little bit of life. It's also nice to be around because it's warm.

    Dancing- Why not dance with your sword, you can slash and rip through your target in a few movements it's almost like dancing.

    Coffee- You can drink it around fire, it keeps you warm on the inside even when it's snowing.

    Gold- It shines and who would not want fancy gold tokens, around their neck and wrist.

    Acting- Mia has been acting since she was little, it became an every day thing. She could tell a lie to a person face with out feeling bad or thinking it was going to hurt anyone. She knew that she was good at acting and lying that she did it because she could get away with it.

    People- Mia is just not a people person...

    BullShit- She does not like having to deal with drama and other people, she will even become more pissed off if it's really pointless.

    Ignorant people


    Fame- it's something that everyone would like to have a least once in a life time. Mia has been looking for way to achieve this, even if she ends up behind bars. A least everyone will know her name, and know what she did to gain her fame.

    Strength- People need strength in order to live in this day and age, Mia does have what it takes to live but for how long she wants strength but to find it on her own with out the help from the gods.


    Closed spaces- When the walls close in on themselves it only means that you will most likely  be dead or about to die. The compression from being closed in the small space and squeezed to death is bad way to die. She would want to have a beautiful death, battling out in the battle field.

    The Undead- It's a sad thing to see and also scary, it's not normal and no one should want to be undead. They also smell like old cheese and stuff.

    What do you look like?

    Height: 5'4 ft
    Weight: 145 lbs
    Eye color: A golden hazel color
    Hair color: Black
    The Appearance:
    Mia Cane (Done) Tumblr_nhqj41Fy1e1rj38pwo2_500

    Where have you been?

    Background: What has your character been doing in recent history, past month, week or days. 100 word minimum. (Optional)

    Mia was born in a small community that turned their backs on the gods, she was raised to use your own strength and not to trust that of the gods. She grew up with her two brothers, one was older and had his own family to take care of. She also had a younger brother who was head strong and independent, she mostly had to watch over him so he did not find himself in trouble. Mia was also independent and really did not have a connection with any of the other little girls in her community, she found that being alone was better than being with a group and acting like you had fun. She found it better to practice her sword skills, because she wanted to be a warrior in the villages army.

    At the age of fifteen she was given the test to join the army, and passed it with breeze fighting with the boys or so called men in the village. She decided that joining the army would allow her the chance to become stronger, she had many trials that she had to over come; she become better and better with each of the task she had to do. When Mia was eighteen she was asked to marry one of the communities men, she did not fancy that and decided it was best for her too go and try life on her own.

    RP Sample: Create an rp sample of THIS character, 650 word minimum. This is only for characters applying to become God's and Demi-gods.

    Who do you know?

    Reference: Did you find this site on your own or were you brought here by a friend?
    Face claim:  Mia Cane/Avatar Last Air Bender/Azula.
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