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    Who are you?

    Name: Kurome Nakamura
    Nickname: The Timeless Monster
    Age: 120, looks 27.. what did you expect?
    Sexuality: Straight
    Race: Monster (Werewolf)
    Special features: Scar over the left eye.

    What are you like?

    Personality: When one first meets Kurome in his beast form he seems arrogant, overbearing, selfish, and prone to make fun of his own comrades. He strives to be the strongest and looked down on those he considered weak, heavily reprimanding their weakness and even resolving to hurt them whenever they stepped in his path. Due to his outlook on his weak comrades he tends to care very reluctant in helping them he usually suggests that they had to give him something in order to acquire his help. Namely something they have that interest him or if they are men he asks for their manhood as 'they no longer need it'. The only things he appeared to truly care about were the strength and reputation of his group/team/crew, and he became enraged every time someone made fun of it. When enrage his actions become brutal, and his sense of humor becomes far more twisted than before.

    When he reverts back to his human-like form he comes off far more light-hearted. He lets off a few jokes and even shows a slight lecherous side to him (though to be honest he has no idea what he is doing). He can be a pretty uptight person and he is a bit OCD when it comes to the appearance things around him. He is very perceptive when it comes to things being out of place. He hates dirty and unkempt things which makes it hard for him to get along with others especially if they have a naturally unappealing appearance. He has habit of pointing out even the smallest flaw in one's appearance. Though once you get past that, he is a considerate person who is always willing to give his opinion on a subject.

    In battle, Kurome wants to be known as a thinker rather than a fighter. Preferring to use magic rather than the brute strength he was born with he attempts to defeat his opponent with sheer cunning rather than pure might. Though this tactic tends to thrown out the window once Kurome realizes what he is dealing with. Transforming into his feral state, throwing all thoughts of outsmarting the opponent if he believes his opponent is a match for him he will use his brute strength to tear his opponent to shreds.

    Classical Music
    Women (Obviously >.>)

    Unnecessary conflicts


    To become a powerful mage- Kurome wants to master the art of magic, though he is a monster it is hard for him to grasp the arcane arts. Yet its that same sort of challenge that drives him to overcome his shortcoming to become a mage of great power. Surpassing the likes of Cecelia.

    To Protect His Comrades- Kurome's comrades are all he has left. After losing his family and comrades to humans he has become focused on his comrades and his comrades alone. To do this he needs to gain strength and bring himself to a higher plane of power in order to let his enemies know, NO ONE MESSES WITH KUROME'S ALLIES.


    Red Hair- Kurome fears red hair beings. This is due to the idea of red hair beings being the one to take everything from Kurome when he was a child. This has caused him to immediately go on alert when a red hair appears.

    Spiders- Ok Kurome has arachnophobia... hard to explain that

    What do you look like?

    Height: 6' 1"
    Weight: 201lbs
    Eye color: Grey
    Hair color: White
    Cause I'm Lazy:
    Kurome Nakamura Silvers_rayleigh_sketch_by_kouji134-d6uqeqg

    Where have you been?

    Background: Unknown
    History: Born years ago, Kurome found himself in a family of five. He had three loving siblings and lived with his father. Though they weren't like any ordinary family. They were a family of monsters, and like many family of monsters they were slaves. Kurome's family happened to be the slaves of a wealthy red-haired family by the name of Hokain family. Mr.Hokain was a red haired man who loved having exotic creatures serve on his hand and foot. Though most of his staff were mainly women Kurome's father was the only exception seeing as Hokain's wife took a special liking towards Kurome's father.

    One could assume that Hokain's wife was in loved Kurome's father seeing as she kept him by her side at all times and could always be seen staring at him. Though it was obvious she didn't like his children very much, seeing that they were not hers but some other creatures. She always gave them the most arduous task, the more difficult the better and she then severely punish them when they failed. Kurome lost his brother through the mistresses severe punishment.

    Years passed and Kurome's father passed away. Kurome and his siblings were at the verge of being sold off. Now without their father one mistake would lead to them being sold. Two of Kurome's siblings had already been sold off. Kurome was all alone, it was then he would find friendship in the daughter in the Hokain family. Her name was Cecelia. The two were close, so close in fact that he was assigned to be her personal servant. He sat in on her lessons, watched her when she went out, and was her advisor. He was even learning a small amount of magic from her. They grew up in a relatively happy state, that was until the revolution happened. 

    Apparently the monsters were tired of being servants and planned to attack the Hokain family and merely oust them from their house. Kurome seeing what was happening warned Cecelia beforehand expecting to help her escape the fate, only for her to tell her father and watch him execute every single monster in the mansion. Seeing the horror that the red headed man had done in killing the monsters without remorse. He even turned to Kurome and made an attempt on his life. Kurome had for the first time had to fight for his life. His friend whom was watching made no attempt to help him and only cheered for her father's triumph. Hearing this wounded Kurome as he fought off the father and made his escape from the compound.

    Years later he met the Horde. Joining into their ranks he began to form a family. He was known for his hard work in the Horde and the services he provided when it came to using magic. He was even given a small band of monsters for him to lead. He was happy, that was until he reunited with Cecelia. This Time she had a small party with her, and she seemed determined to exterminate all monsters as they were now the enemy of her father. Baring his fangs Kurome and Cecelia fought each other, the battle could only be described as 'awesome' as Kurome fought against Cecelia's magic with his brute strength. Many monsters died as well as humans. By the end of it only Kurome and Cecelia were left standing. Cecelia was forced to flee after losing an arm in the battle, Kurome was left with a scar on his eye. They expected to meet again. Kurome began to resent humans after that, he lost his family once again. From there he began to train, learning magic and improving his skills so that when he met Cecelia again it wouldn't end the same.

    Unfortunately a century passed, Cecelia hadn't returned. Kurome believed she had died and decided it was time to further his career within the Horde. Namely by leading it.  

    RP Sample

    Rain could be heard throughout the forest. The small rain drops touched the tips of the leaves to the bottom of the soft ground ready to soak up the water. Kurome sat on a stone under one of the overly large leaves that worked as an umbrella for him. There he sat looking at his comrades. Today they would be attacking a human caravan in order to get supplies. Being monsters they couldn't very well get any through buying them. So they had to do it the only way they could, by stealing them. 20 year-old Kurome took a deep breath as he began looking for a suitable target. One had to be careful when picking a prey, Kurome didn't want one of the nations after him and he didn't want his party to get wiped out by a more experience group. Picking a perfect prey was imperative to surviving in the forest.

    Kurome's eyes scanned the forest till it came to a single carriage that seemed to slowly be moving through the forest. Kurome found it strange that there was a carriage moving through the forest without protection. It seemed to be easy pickings. So much so that Kurome contemplated even sending his men after it. Weighing the options he decided that he might as well see who was inside of the carriage. Sending two of his fastest men, he sent them to secure the carraige. The two monsters jumped high into the air, their swords facing downwards and planned to pierce through the top of the carriage. Kurome had begun running towards to the carriage once his subordinates had begun engaging the target.

    Once Kurome started approaching the target he saw flames fly from the target. Once he got close enough he saw 5 humans. Two looked like warriors, two looked like archers, and one familiar red head was the mage. Kurome's eyes widened and his face slowly contorted into a scowl at the sight of the mage. He knew her, quite well in fact. Some would call her his master, others would call her his kind's executioner. Kurome merely called her, Cecelia. Every fiber of his body wanted to jump from his current position and attack her as memories of his siblings and his fellow monsters came to his mind. Yet he kept his body calm as he watched to see how the humans dealt with his subordinates. The warriors and archers had trouble dealing with the two monsters leading Kurome to believe that they were merely novices. Cecelia however was able to effortlessly kill off Kurome's subordinates with no problem.

    Kurome cursed. He didn't expect for the two to die. At most he expect injuries, but after seeing them die Kurome knew he couldn't walk away without making a move. Revealing himself Kurome called out to Cecelia, his eyes were sharp as his human form grew bulkier and slightly hairier. Cecelia seeing Kurome frowned and quickly began chanting some sort of spell. Kurome wasted no time in telling his men to attack. Kicking off Kurome rushed toward Cecelia. His claws and fangs were posed in order to tear out her throat. Though a unlucky archer decided that they would be a hero and tried to jump in Kurome's way in order to protect the mage and snipe her attacker. That archer instead of killing Kurome, received a punctured lung and a view of his blood leaving his chest. Cecelia however didn't miss a beat as she finished her spell. a large glowing circle formed on the ground. A large rock golem appeared out of ground. Kurome cursed. He cracked his knuckles. It seemed this wasn't going to be as easy as he thought.

    Who do you know?

    Reference: My boy Google
    Face claim: Kurome Nakamura/One Piece/Silvers Rayleigh.

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