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    Eden Archlight (WIP)


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    Eden Archlight (WIP) Empty Eden Archlight (WIP)

    Post by Eden on Mon Jan 19, 2015 11:00 am

    Eden Archlight (WIP) C1D4LCG

    Who are you?

    Name: Eden Archlight
    Nickname: Do you have a nickname?
    Age: Nineteen
    Race: Vampire
    Special features: Blood red eyes and a flawless body, void of any damage.

    What are you like?

    Personality: What kind of behavior patterns do you have? What emotions do you show prominently? How do you act around friends, enemies, lovers, leaders? How do you act in combat? How do you act as a leader? 200 word minimum.
    ~ Blood
    ~ Murder
    ~ Laughter
    ~ Seducing others
    ~ Destruction
    ~ Toying with humans
    ~ Donuts
    ~ Humans in general
    ~ Liars
    ~ Food (other then donuts)
    ~ Vigilantes
    ~ The poor
    ~ Eden hopes to, one day, make a name for herself. The Arclight family themselves have already done such, being known as a family of philanthropists to most humans, and a family of world renounced vampires to the world of monsters. She wishes to make a name for herself, crawling out from under the shadow cast upon her by the Arclight family name.
    Fears: List and explain at least 2.

    What do you look like?

    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 120 ibs
    Eye color: Blood red
    Hair color: Magenta
    Eden Archlight (WIP) SqmCZzt
    Where have you been?

    Background: Currently, Eden has been doing a bit of traveling. Traveling the country, she has gone from place to place, pillaging and tormenting the minds of those who fall into her path. Of course, recently, something has been missing. She wants a sense of purpose. Leaving behind her worldly affairs, Eden has decided to go off and join a group that has a sense of morals, a code of conduct similar to her own. The Horde. Even though she is still aesthetically, being practically an infant in comparison to others of her own race, she plans to rise in rank, and make herself well known.
    History: The world is not a fair place? Really? Eden would have never noticed. Always being treated with a silver spoon jammed in her throat, she would have assumed that everyone lived in the same lap of luxury that she had. At least, all monsters. But alas, she was mislead by the world of vampires, a group of monsters who categorized them selves practically as gods, thinking they were invincible due to not only their wealth but their abilities as well. At the age of eighteen, Eden began to truly see that the world was not a fair place. A human escaped from the corridors, preventing himself from getting feasted upon by the Arclight family. That very day, hell broke loose. He spread word of the monsters that the Arclight household truly was, and thus, Edens world came toppling down.

    A horde of angry townsfolk came, burning the house to the ground. This really only enraged her family, simple means as such would not contain them. It was then they went on a hunger spree. Murdering every town member they could find. This was Edens first real exposure to murder, and she loved it.

    As her family moved to the next place, leaving no traces of their path behind, Eden decided to take her own path. She decided to take the path of a killer.

    Who do you know?

    Reference: Nemesis
    Face claim: Riruka Dokugamine - Bleach

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