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    The Nomad's Hunt [Private]


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    The Nomad's Hunt [Private] Empty The Nomad's Hunt [Private]

    Post by Kurome on Tue Jan 20, 2015 5:34 pm

    The Greater Forest was home to many different creatures. From large to small there were many different types of people and many times of plants. Some were harmless, but most were deadly. Some would say this was the suitable home for the monsters, but others would disagree. Kurome was one of them. The werewolf moved through the forest dodging foliage as he moved, it was obvious that he was searching for something. His stomach growled.

    Kurome needed food, it had been days since he had last eaten. After the raid on the human camp a couple of months ago Kurome had binged on food and now he was starving. While as the leader he could have easily taken from his comrades, but that would have worsened his standings amoung his peers. So he was stuck hunting.

    Kurome continued on the hunt. His ears were trained so that the slightest sound would grab his attention. He began to stalk as he continued to search for food. He wasn't a fan of the forest. It was dark. It was decrepit. It was in no way fit for him and his people, he needed to find a better place for his people. Maybe a fortress would be better? At least they wouldn't have to feat being attacked by plants or animals. Yet a part of him feared leaving the safety of the forest. It was much easier to be attacked by the humans outside of the forest. Not only that they could easily take his people prisoner. Kurome continued to contemplate as he searched for food.

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