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    Post by Fabled Emperor Karna on Mon Apr 13, 2015 10:32 pm

    ...Twenty-two years ago...

    It all started when the 'Gate' appeared in our world, we had no idea where it came from or what it was but we would soon find out that it would nearly wipe our race off the face of the planet. When the 'Gate' appeared many countries and Scientific Bureaus went to investigate it, it was like nothing anyone in the world had ever seen and it put out an energy which was completely unknown to man-kind at the time. It wasn't long before 'they' started to come out of the 'Gate', creatures which were unlike those that naturally inhabited our planet, they were much more ferocious, dangerous and murderous. Their goals were unknown, their language also unknown but there was one thing that was for certain, our complete and utter annihilation. We called them "Wraiths".

    It was a losing battle, our modern weapons and technology simply was not enough to stop the masses of creatures, they seemed to be highly resistant to most all of our forms of current weaponry, our futures seemed to be very bleak. Several cities fell in the initial invasion, we were not only outmatched but we were also outnumbered, masses of these creatures poured out of the 'Gate' day and night without a break. The area around the 'Gate' was quickly referred to as 'The Nest' because the area quickly became overrun by these creatures and they made the area their home as they started their campaign outward, taking over and destroying not only our cities but our families, our lives, our hope and also our dreams.

    Organizations quickly formed, normal government structure completely collapsed. People were left to fend for themselves or swear allegiance to these organizations which would promise safe haven from the creatures as they started to build up defenses and headquarters in order to protect themselves and the people who followed them. Unfortunately for most, only one organization managed to follow through with its original promises of protecting its people where all other organizations failed and were breached and destroyed. 'Vanguard' had gathered some of the worlds best scientists to begin studying the creatures they managed to slay and began to educate themselves on how to survive in this dangerous new world.

    ...Two years ago...

    Scientists at Vanguard were finally able to synthesize a weapon that would be proficient in killing the Wraiths which they named 'Arc's, these Arcs were special tools that were part machine and part monster, utilizing the specimens that the scientists had created, using the cores of these creatures as a driving force to autonymize the machine. Theses weapons were alive, they had to be specially made for each individual user or it would reject whomever else tried. With this creation the Omega unit and Jaegar program was started. Five weapons could be produced at the time and so Vanguard found five humans who were compatible with their five weapons and began to train them and began to fight back against the Wraiths.

    With a team now formed and weapons to begin fighting back, the Jaegars were sent out on missions to begin securing the land around Vanguards fortress, battling through destroyed cities against hordes of monsters and sometimes even saving people who sought refuge within the ruins of the cities. While their missions were a success most all of the time, it was only making so much progress, they were taking such baby steps to revive an almost lost world though they had to start somewhere.

    The Jaegar program proved its self to be a small success and so over the next two years Vanguard began a training program for those who thought they had what it takes to become a full fledged Jaegar and hunt the monsters that tore apart their world. Producing the weapons in bulk proved to be much harder than it had originally seemed though with a 5 man team of Jaegars already in place, they were able to bring in more specimen and find several different types of these monsters for the scientists to study. While the Jaegars continued to be sent out on missions and learn all they could, the candidates were working hard on training their mind and body to become a full fledged Jaegar themselves.

    ...Present day...

    Now veterans of war against the Wraiths, the Jaegars of Omega squad have been ordered to disband and form their own squads, Alpha through Epsilon. With the Jaegar program now getting off of its feet and starting to look more like an organzation of warriors instead of a special unit. It has been left up to the former members of Omega squad and the newest members of Jaegar and the Vanguard organization to begin to take back land, find more inhabitable places for people to live safely and eventually to travel to the 'Nest' and send these creatures back from whence they came.

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