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    Drake Vanguard [WIP]

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    Drake Vanguard [WIP] Empty Drake Vanguard [WIP]

    Post by Fabled Emperor Karna on Tue Apr 14, 2015 8:00 pm

    Drake Vanguard [WIP] Soma_b10

    Who are you?

    Name: Drake Kyril Vanguard
    Codename: 'Reaper'
    Age: 21, looks 21
    Sexuality: Straight
    Nationality: United Kingdom
    Special features: An "X" shaped scar on his chest from a certain encounter with a Wraith.
    I.D. Number: X001

    What are you like?

    Personality: Two years ago, back when the Jaegar program had just started, Drake was just a nineteen year old boy who had the fortune of being the son of the man behind the Vanguard organization and thus he acted rather spoiled and ignorant. He would often make sure that he was alone and didn't really socialize with his other four Squad members, he rarely talked to them, only answered when he had to. Drake had always not had many friends when he was growing up because he was somewhat anti-social, after the attack by the Wraiths and knowing that all his friends had died it only made matters worse. Deep down inside this left Drake feeling confused and alone but because of his father and Drakes own line of work he had no choice but to act strong. Drake takes being a Jaegar very seriously because it will be his life's career until this nightmare has ended for him.

    Being with Omega Squad for two whole years changed Drake a bit though, during his time in Omega Squad he learned how to become a team player and a leader, how to respect people for their actions and convictions. This doesn't mean that he has completely changed from his old ways however, while Drake 'can' become more outgoing, especially the better he gets to know you, Drake is still the type of person to say very few words and at times when he chooses to speak he normally demands the respect of his words, he can get very irritated if people take what he says lightly or ignores him. While under his leadership, it may feel as if it is a dictatorship and Drake understands this though, for those that decide to listen to him and understand the meaning behind his callous exterior, you would see that he has nothing but the best intentions for people and only says and acts how he does to make sure that he can help people.

    When it comes to Drake's relationships most would consider him to be 'shy' about it, he is in fact a very private type of person and believes highly in the separation between work and personal life. Because of his situation as the son of Vanguards leader, he carries certain responsibilities on his shoulders that others do not have to bare, Drake directly represents both his father and the entire organization and if he didn't act in an extremely professional manner almost 100% of the time it would look bad on him, his father and Vanguard alike. Because of this, Drake likes to keep his love life very secretive, Drake would rather have to work all day with someone he likes and for them to act completely professional about their dangerous line of work than to left feelings get in the way of life or death matters, he is a 'behind closed doors' type of person.

    During combat situations and emergency situations Drake has a tendency to go into a 'trance' like state where nothing else matters except for completing the task at hand with the utmost efficiency, this however does not mean that he would be willing to so easily sacrifice his Squad mates in order to do so, he is a leader and he knows that not only is his own life in his hands but the lives of his entire Squad are also in his hands, he will do anything to protect them. Drake's codename "Reaper" comes from this 'trance' like state that he enters when he is in combat, his face looses all signs of emotion, his eye's seem almost dead and his movements become much more precise, almost in a robotic manner. While in this trance it is almost as if he lives for nothing more than to continually slaughter Wraiths, the actual expressions on his face simply do not portray what most think is going on inside his head, it's as if a psycho killer is locked inside, lavishing in the blood and killing while on the outside Drake must clear himself of emotion or else he would risk losing himself to this 'alter ego' seemingly inside of him.

    There are times when Drake can become very pensive or even seem to just be completely out of it. This side of Drake doesn't normally get a chance to make an appearance because Drake makes it a point to never let anything bad happen but he is just one man, there are things that not even he can stop. When tragedy strikes, affecting Drake, He will seek out alone time at all costs. Drake is even willing to ignore or avoid his good friends in order to get his alone time where he will simply sit and think. His mind has a tendency to always be racing as if he doesn't know how to shut off his own brain which often causes him to not be able to sleep very well. When in this type of situation, Drake will often find a nice quiet place outside such as on top of the base's dome and sit by himself while staring up at the nights sky.

    Despair is Drakes mortal enemy and because of that, it has affected his personality in a major way. Most people don't know that Drake is terrible with handling things that tug at his heart strings in a bad way since he always portrays himself as the 'tough' or 'stoic' one which is far from the actual truth. Drake can become very desperate for the things that he wants, for instance if a loved one way taken away from him, it would be very bad. He wouldn't know how to deal with that type of situation right away, becoming very desperate and willing to do anything to fix something of that nature or get revenge.

    Despite Drake's callous exterior, he does have a few weak points or soft spots. It always makes him feel a bit sad when he is out on missions and sees a stray house pet that no longer has a home, when he was a young boy he had a dog that he loved very much and it was taken from him by Wraiths. His soft spot for pets can become a bit cheesy at times and it's just about the only thing his friends and Subordinates can make fun of him for as he rarely shows any signs of weakness. Drake also has a soft spot for accidental romantic encounters, for instance if he happened to like someone and for some reason they had to work together on less violent tasks such as things around the base and they happened to bump into each other or catch each other looking at one another, he tends to get very awkward in these situations but not necessarily uncomfortable. Drake is the type of person to say that 'love' and things of that sort are gross or not real despite how he truly feels about it, he wouldn't admit that he believes in it unless he himself happened to be in love.


    • Training.
    • Leadership.
    • His job.
    • Being a defender of his own race.
    • Being a warrior.
    • Enemies of Vanguard.
    • Pets.
    • Kendo/Kenjutsu.
    • History books.


    • People who talk to much.
    • Insubordination.
    • Wraiths.
    • The current state of the world.
    • Cowards.
    • Hotshot rookies. (Much like his former self.)
    • Non-home cooked meals.
    • Huge flirts.


    • Vanguard: As not only a 'God Arc' wielder but also as the son of Drako Vanguard, Drake has a lot of pride for the organization its self, for as long as the Wraiths have been around Drake's life has revolved around his and his fathers involvement with Vanguard. With his new position of being a Squad leader, Drake takes his job even more seriously than he ever had before as he now has new people's lives in his hands.

    • Revenge: Just like everyone did, Drake too lost many people who were important to him, his friends, his pet and even his mother. With that alone there is more than enough motivation for Drake to want to get revenge on the Wraiths for what they did simply just to his life let alone the lives of billions of people.


    • Failing his Squad: Now that he is a Squad leader and unlike when he was in Omega Squad, Drake is now calling all the shots and commanding a force of five people including himself. Drake has a certain reputation about him as he is known as the 'Reaper', he fears failing his Squad whether it be a failed mission or losing a squad member.

    • Annihilation: As a member of the human race, like all other humans should, Drake fear's losing the the Wraiths. Ever since he was a little kid his life has revolved around Wraiths, scientists, fighting, blood and Vanguard so he is naturally accustomed to this lifestyle now. Drake fears that the human race might face extinction and will do anything he can to stop that.

    What do you look like?

    Height: Drake stands at a decently tall 6'2".
    Weight: Lean 167 lbs.
    Eye color: Ocean blue.
    Hair color: Egg shell/Beige/Gray
    Drake Vanguard [WIP] Ge2som10

    Where have you been?

    History: What is the history of your character? 150 word minimum.
    RP Sample: Create an rp sample of THIS character, 650 word minimum. This is only for characters applying to become Squad Leaders

    Who do you know?

    Reference: Own the place.
    Face claim: Soma Shicksal/God Eater (1/2/Burst)/Drake Vanguard

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