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    [WIP] Bea T. Blakc


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    [WIP] Bea T. Blakc Empty [WIP] Bea T. Blakc

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    [WIP] Bea T. Blakc 14%2B-%2B1

    Who are you?

    Name: Bea T. d'Blakc
    Nickname: The Phoenix
    Age: 21
    Sexuality: Straight
    Nationality: Citizen of Bethlehem (a city perhaps not located within this realm)
    Special features: Right eye that glows red. The red tint engulfs the eye completely so that you can see none of the eye's characteristics but the red glow. Only happens when she is under duress and or when she is studying someone or something closely.
    I.D. Number: X00101

    What are you like?

    Personality: Bea T. Black is a recent graduate from the prestigious, number one academy of sciences. She completed her Ph.D in bioengineering and robotics in record time, graduating at the young age of 22. Bea is strictly professional and so she may seem as the hard-to-approach type of person. It is a rarity to see her laugh and joke for she oftentimes has a serious look upon her face. Bea is not one to easily trust and it may take some time until she finally warms up to someone. Once a person has gained her respect and friendship, the person will find Bea to be kind and and invaluable friend.

    In her free time, Bea can be found hard at work working out in the gym or in her garage working on her many motorcycles. Oftentimes, she can be found in the library cruising through old archives. Quite recently, Bea has found a liking to history and mythology, especially those of Egyptian and Greek origin. Bea also enjoys heading out to the shooting range to improve her accuracy. Although she can fight with the aid of a gun, she prefers hand to hand combat. It gives her the opportunity to test her skills in case she has no weapons with her.

    The murder of her parents, the culprits being her home country's government, has brought resentment towards any totalitarian government. She took on the role her parents left behind, to become a fighter for the people. Although she is seen as a freedom fighter by many, she follows and agenda all her own. She wishes to take down the people that caused a big loss in her life and will stop at nothing until she obtains it. She also fights against them to prevent anything like that to ever happen again.

    Bea is a strong believer in the old saying, "If you want something done right, you do it yourself." She isn't one to fight alongside a huge team, but rather prefers to do a mission herself. Although, just because she doesn't like working in a team doesn't mean she won't work in one. In a team, Bea has doubts about the people she is working with before a mission. 'Will they do the job right' and 'can I count on them' are some of the many thoughts that race through her mind. Once, the mission starts, all doubts escape her mind and just one thought lingers: finish the job with as little casualties as she can. Bea has a quick mind perfect for maneuvering from last minute and or spontaneous situations. She focuses on what is important and will do anything to make sure it is done correctly. Bea is a natural born leader as she has some experience in the field, but she doesn't like taking on that role. Bea is the soldier who goes back to help a teammate in need, even if it means that she is risking her life. She hopes that others would do the same for her if the situation ever occurred.

    1. Bea loves fire. She is an arsonist.
    2. Danger/ the adrenaline rush. Bea is in constant search to outdo herself. She isn't afraid to put her life at risk mainly because she has no one to live it for.
    3. Robotics and bio engineering. She has always had a knack for them and so she dedicated her life to them. Hence her Ph.D.
    4. Good sportsmanship. She admires those of good sportsmanship.
    5. Greek and Egyptian history and myths.
    6. Preparedness. She likes planning and preparing something well beforehand

    1. She extremely dislikes people putting down her intelligence and capabilities. She is perfectly capable of protecting herself and hates when people say otherwise.
    2. Unprofessionalism. Bea detests when someone is not being serious or putting their full effort into completing something.
    3. Last minute changes. She dislikes most last minute changes, but she can work with it perfectly.
    4. Unnecessary fighting

    1. Vengeance. She wants vengeance for the murder of her parents and will stop at nothing to obtain it.
    2. Freedom and Equality. As the ancestors before her, she fights for the people.
    3. Outdoing herself. Bea works hard to be the best she can be.

    1. Dying without ever having fulfilled her duty.
    2. Preventable deaths of her teammates. If she could have done something to prevent a death, Bea will not take it well and may go into depression.
    3. Being left behind in the line of fire.
    4. Loosing someone she cares about. That is why she is a solo type of person.
    5. The Phoenix. She fears that one day it will consume her.

    What do you look like?

    Height: 5ft. 6in.
    Weight: 127lbs.
    Eye color: Redwood Brown
    Hair color: Onyx Black
    [WIP] Bea T. Blakc 2916-99
    Bea T. d'Blakc is thin with an athletic build. She has black hair and redwood colored eyes that may shift from redwood to red in the sunlight. She is of 5ft. 6in. weighing up to 127lbs. She contains a constant professional look that seems intimidating giving her to hard-to-approach look. Bea likes to wear what is comfortable, but she has a special liking towards leather. She is one to dress prepared for whatever situation that may occur. This gives her a soldier like appearance and vibe to her.

    Where have you been?

    History: [spoiler="The Phoenix Rises 101"]

    RP Sample:
    Facing the Ghosts of the Past:
    Bea trudged through the thick, heavy brush that had surrounded the long forgotten graveyard with two other mages that she had decided to accompany. Her senses were on high alert as she led the way to the graveyard. Why they weren't leading the way she didn't know, but she wasn't complaining. It would provide her a nice time to her clear her mind on a few things and let the two mages behind her talk. On and on they trudged until they came across the dead, silent graveyard. The clearing contained many graves that had been left abandoned by the people around the place. Ivy and weeds crawled around the tombstones and the statues were cracked and some even broken. It seemed simple, a few graves here and there, but what surprised her the most was that most of the names were faded or not there at all. Only those that belonged to the powerful mages that had roamed  Fiore had their name beautifully preserved. "This place is cursed..." Bea whispered as a shiver ran up her spine, "Nothing good will come of us being here." Bea was a believer in superstitions. Long ago they had proved to be useful, just as long as the person knew which of them were true and how to use them. After all, she was the keepr of the Phoenix so she knew legends and superstitions really did ring true. She did not at all know why she was here only that Kaseki had asked her to accompany them. It was an adventure, but she couldn't help the feeling of dread that engulfed her. Why were they here? What was their purpose? She silently moved through the place, her footsteps echoing all around her. "What exactly are we looking for?" She asked the two mages as she knelt down besides a lone grave. She pulled out her dragon lighter and flicked it open. The warm glow of the flame flickered, provided her enough light to see the dusty name on the grave. With her free hand, she wiped the name plate from all the dust it had accumilated over the years. What she saw next caused her to stumble back. The last half of the name plate spelled the name 'e T. d'Blakc.' Bea had enough. The unfamiliar feeling of fear had engulfed her. "I-I can't..." She closed her eyes tight and opened them again. The name plate now appeared blank. She shook her head and grabbed her lighter, walking over to the mages. "Let's hurry up before I loose my mind." She said.  "No it isn't." The mage who accompanied her said firmly. He pushed her slightly to keep on going. "Stop complaining." Beatrice glared at the shadow mage, John. "You're not the one who saw their name in a tombstone."[ She grumbled silently as she was pushed slightly foward. It would have gone unnoticed by anyone else, but as she was one to notice the slightest of details she felt the little nudge. She bit back a further retort and made her way through the graveyard. She did not like this place at all. She believed the place cursed and it was later confirmed when Kaseki began seeing names of his past come to haunt him. She, too, saw the names of her fallen comrades and parents. Bea could not stop the pang of longing and regret. Her heart squeezed tight yet she did say a word and continued onward. The dead were better off dead, she always believed, better to bury them and leave them at rest.

    It was not long before Kaseki began telling the tale of his past until he reached a tombstone shaped differently from the rest. He saw a name she could not see, but by his reactions she could tell it was not good at all. She watched silently as the demon fell to his knees and pounded the earth with fury and sorrow. "I never seem to save you. WHY CAN'T I SAVE YOU?!" Kaseki began to cry, continuing his repeated assault on the ground. "WHY MUST THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN?!" He screamed at the ground. In that instant, there was a ball of black mist forming and a portal of some kind appeared right above the tombstone. She felt the godly and familiar vibe coming through it. Bea felt a stir in her mind- the connection of the Phoenix link. Death..., rang the sound of a voice in her head that felt like rivers of warm honey. It had been a long time since the Phoenix had called to her. As the Phoenix had stated, the angel of Death appear through the ghostly portal and made his way to Kaseki, his son, the demon of life. She felt the hum of the link tone down until it was barely audible, but she knew that it was there, watching and observing. The freedom fighter stood quietly in the sidelines as father and son talked. "His soul belongs not to my realm, nor of Heaven and Hell." The angel said trying to comfort his son, "He lives as long as you believe in him, son." The reaper's gaze turned from his son to John and herself. "Ms. Black, and Mr.Walker, greetings. I assume I need no introduction, you seem to know who I am, if that is not the case, then Kaseki will tell you." Bea smiled warmly and gave a bow in formality and respect. "I believe I know who you are, Mr. Death. More so when I join this place." Her hands swept the graves nonchalantly, "Although that won't be for a very, very long time." The hum suddenly grew louder, giving her a splitting headache but she was able to remain her warm demeanor without so much as a flinch. Although she had never had contact with Death himself even with her near death encounters, the Phoenix had and she was able to grab ahold of the memories. Interesting, she thought to herself as she shifted through them. After a moment and pausing at one memory in particular, her eyes grew wide and she turned her gaze to both of her fellow comrades, finally realized why they were all there. Life... the sound rang yet again, this time singing the single word. Life... Bea listened to what the angel of Death had to say without uttering a word. Her face remained expressionless and her movements were incredibly kept to the minimum. What had she to say or do? Out of respect, she had gone, but she wasn't part of what was going on that night. She was not going to raise the dead. She may have the power to do so, but no way was she going to interfere with the fabric of life and death. Was she?

    Who do you know?

    Reference: Massa
    Face claim: Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy 7

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