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    Noah's Arc Weapon (Tsu-inkumo)

    Noah S. Trajada
    Noah S. Trajada

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    Noah's Arc Weapon (Tsu-inkumo) Empty Noah's Arc Weapon (Tsu-inkumo)

    Post by Noah S. Trajada on Mon Apr 20, 2015 9:54 pm

    Arc Weapon name: Tsu-inkumo
    Arc Weapon rank: Basic Arc Weapon
    Description: The swords have metallic strings in the back part which are connected to a special belt (second image) which can pull from them to make them a ranged weapon by first throwing them and then returning them towards the user. The strings are only a max of 10 meters long each. The swords are each 1 meter long and very light.
    Noah's Arc Weapon (Tsu-inkumo) Shingeki_no_kyojin__swords_by_cccosplayers-d6cpls9
    Noah's Arc Weapon (Tsu-inkumo) 3d-maneuver-gear-6
    Arc Weapon ability: Reach
    Description: Noah is able to throw his swords up to 10 meters to make one of his attacks become ranged. This can be used with both swords, and after throwing the sword, he pulls from it to drag it towards him again. This can also be used to stab a tree for example and pull from it to move faster.
    Duration and Cooldown: Instant/Each sword can be launched and pulled once per post.
    Strength: It gives the swords a range battle advantage.
    Weakness: Even in a range battle, it's weak against ranged weapons, why? because it has a short range and isn't as fast as a bullet for example.

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