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    Race Guide

    Post by Fabled Emperor Karna on Fri Nov 21, 2014 5:44 am

    Races of Terra

    Gods and Fallen Gods: The Gods and the Fallen Gods can be compared to two halves of a whole unit. Both were created by the Creator God using his power. Six of them come from his energy that existed in the Aether Realm and there are six other Gods that were created from the power of the Creator God that resided in the Nether Realm. The Gods and the Fallen Gods are natural enemies, they have no real reason for their hatred towards each other yet the hate still persists.

    Demi-gods: Demi-gods come from the lineage of Gods, There are a few methods that can be used to explain the existence of Demi-gods, some people believe that when a human and a God mate, they produce a Demi-god. Other schools of thought believe that Demi-gods can simply be created from the will of a God or by a God imparting some of his or her power onto a lesser being. Demi-gods seem to act as they please, having some sort of connection to the Gods, they seek for answers to their existence.

    Humans: Humans are the among the lowest beings in terms of power that were brought about by the Creator, The Creator gave them free will and little knowledge of how the world he created for them works. Over thousands of years the Humans created empires and forged weapons and created systems of ruling.

    Monster: Also as a production of the Creator, Monsters are any form of intelligent beast which can range in build from massive monsters with multiple arms to vampires to neko's. As a monster you have the creative freedom to be any kind of beast of nightmares that you could come up with. Unfortunately, there are very few monsters that are accepted in society and you are also the natural enemy of the rest of the world.

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