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    Maxwell the Creator[Plot character]

    Creator Maxwell
    Creator Maxwell

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    Name:: Maxwell
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    Maxwell the Creator[Plot character] Empty Maxwell the Creator[Plot character]

    Post by Creator Maxwell on Tue Jan 06, 2015 6:49 pm

    Maxwell the Creator[Plot character] Small_11
    "For one thousand years I have slept but my eye's have been wrenched open by my hatred for this world."

    Who are you?

    Name: His name has been lost in texts more ancient than life itself.
    Nickname: 'Maxwell the Creator'
    Age: Timeless.
    Sexuality: Not specified.
    Race: Creator
    Special features: hidden from plain sight until activated, Maxwell has a third eye on his forehead which will open up when he calls upon it.

    What are you like?
    Maxwell the Creator[Plot character] Smalle10

    Personality: In his time with his brother and sister as they created the world, the three of them has been tasked with the completion of a world in which beings could live on a much lower level of power to avoid the dangers the creator gods faced from a higher power. Maxwell along with his siblings knew this higher power not as 'Father' or 'God' but simply 'World' as they called it. It was never something they could see and because of this, Maxwell along with his brother and sister learned to easily be devout to a force instead of something they could see or even feel. Because of this, Maxwell and his siblings were zealous warriors for 'World' and so they all adopted the will to die for the cause of 'world'. Maxwell being the only creator god left has gone through quite some trouble however. Believing in the power of 'world' so much that he would lay down his life, his brother and sister were taken away from him and so as very own power began to deplete as the Gods of the world were being created, Maxwell despised the power of 'world' as he floated helplessly in the Shell. Before he could be found however, Maxwell awoke and descended to earth where he hid his existence, gathering himself a following and festering in rage and scorn for the power of 'world' and the actual world its self, Maxwell wishes to see the end of it all and start a-new.

    Maxwell sees everything else as simple subjects who should follow his orders or fear death, he talks as if he is a higher power than everyone else, which he is. There can always be a small condescending tone in his voice that will be noticed despite the fact that he cannot back it up just yet. Since Maxwell was almost completely stripped of his powers he has had to deal with the fact that he is no longer the survivor of his family, the strongest creator god, but that he is what he is and will become that once again as he attains his power back. Maxwell is capable of being somewhat civil in the circumstance of doing it simply to mock his opponent, whether he is currently stronger than his opponent or not Maxwell is completely sure of the power he will have and so he fear no man or god. Regardless of the situation, when Maxwell joins in he will state his demands no matter what and expect them to be met with the utmost proficiency or else he will make threats and Maxwell is not the type to lay out empty threats, if he says he will do something then more likely than not, it will happen on way or another.

    Maxwell loves to be feared by others, it is one of the things that drives him now that his brother and sister are gone. For being someone so full of hate and anger, he does not outwardly seems like someone who is 'completely' evil despite the fact that he is without a doubt stopping at nothing to bring an end to the world. Maxwell is the type of person that would be considered 'overly ambitious' because he does not set goals for himself, he simply goes on a path of conquest and there is no stopping point for him, conquering the world wouldn't even be enough for him. Filled with the despair of his loss, seeing the entire world in flames wouldn't even begin to quench his thirst, he wishes to destroy the world, absorb all the power of the Aether, Nether and Shell, essentially ridding the world of all other gods and then creating a new world in which he alone is the king, the God of Creation.

    Out of the three, Maxwell was known as the Warrior of the bunch. His thirst for battle and conquest is unlike anything any human could ever attain, it's not a simple feeling of joy that Maxwell gets from creating chaos, war and death, it is exactly what his purpose is now. Maxwell likes to use the immense power of his mind to stun and outwit his opponents, he takes joy in showing his opponents just how big the power gap between them and himself is, making him a very unmerciful combatant. It would be considered an extremely rare event if Maxwell were to show an opponent mercy and even then, Maxwell most likely plans to kill them later on, only letting them live to serve more purpose towards his cause until he doesn't need them. Making those that love battle almost as much as him feel worthless, like all their training means nothing, seeing the defeated look on their faces is what makes Maxwell smile. Maxwell's cold exterior can be foreseen and most can tell that Maxwell hates every single thing in the world with a glance at them though through his actions that becomes much less apparent, he is willing to accept anyone as his followers despite the fact that he does wish to kill them too. If those who chose to follow him were to prove themselves worthy of his 'new world' however, he would be willing to reason with them.

    Under Maxwell's eyes, he does not see good nor evil, friend or foe, happiness nor sadness. Maxwell only sees what he wants to see, what he believes he sees which is a world that was created at the loss of his brother and sister. Maxwell see's the gods as a direct reason for the death of his loved ones and he sees the humans and monsters as abominations that all played a small part in creating his hatred and anger and ultimately his will to destroy the world and create it again without the loss of his own power. Unlike all the other gods, Maxwell has a godly presence that would be considered to be crushing even to the gods and fallen gods. He uses this feeling that he can project onto other to feed his own feelings, making him feel as if he were on top of the world which eventually leads to his rants about his intentions, he has no care for hiding what he is doing. Maxwell would be considered to be reckless if he weren't who he was.


    -The world

    -Destruction: Maxwell has plans to destroy the world in which himself along with his brother and sister had once worked together to create, so that he can create a world of his own from scratch that is devoid of creatures of higher power than Humans and Monsters, leaving only Maxwell to rule the entire world.

    -Family: Because of the creation of the world, Maxwell lost both his brother and sister to the power needed to create the original gods and demi-gods, for that he is outraged. He hates both the Gods and Demi-gods for taking his family away from him and they are going to be the first that he will take his vengeance out on.

    -To kill 'World': World is the creator of the Creators, an unknown entity of incalculable power. 'World' once took away Maxwell's brother and sister and now he wishes for bloody revenge.

    -Defeat: While this isn't something that he ever thinks about, if he were to be defeated he would become very afraid because he is an all powerful creator god who has simply lost a large amount of his power due to his contributions to the creation of the world. Losing his cause would be devastating to him.

    -Ascension of the Gods: Only Maxwell knows that the current Gods do after a while, have the power to attain the Divine level of power that Maxwell once had. If they attain that before he does, not only his cause but he himself will also be in danger because only a creator god can defeat another creator god.

    -Others finding out what he knows: Maxwell does not wish for any of the Gods to go snooping around the void, he knows what lies deep within the void and what secrets are held deep within the void. He and he alone will be the one to kill the most darkest secret in the void.

    What do you look like?
    Maxwell the Creator[Plot character] Ren_ko10

    Height: 6'8"
    Weight: 186 lbs.
    Eye color: Crimson
    Hair color: Crimson
    Maxwell the Creator[Plot character] Ren_ko11

    Where have you been?

    Background: Maxwell has slowly been gaining back the immense power which he once has that was enough to help create the world and sunder any opponent who would step in his way. Since Maxwell has just awoke within the past week, he has found himself on earth with nobody, he has no allies or friends at the moment, he simply is wandering and using his ancient knowledge to build his power back up again. Maxwell plans to build a following of people who wish to follow him into the abyss, to end this very world and start from scratch, building a new and what he believes to be a better world which would be places under only his rule with no god, simply the humans, monsters and himself.

    History: In the beginning, at least for Maxwell and his siblings, there was nothingness. While the three were 'conscious' of what was going on around them, everything seemed to be more like a dream as they were at the whim of the power that called 'world' which was something far greater than even their soon to be power. World brought Maxwell and his two siblings into being one by one, Maxwell being the last and most powerful of the three. After Maxwell and his family were strong enough to be a stable being and hold a stable form within the void, they took shape, a shape that the three made other beings in the likeliness of, a human form. With this form, they were able to see, hear, move, think, talk and act. And so with their power and their form, the three lived in the place that the power known as 'world' had created prior to creating them, the Creator Gods as they later named themselves. The three were the only intelligent form of life existing in the void though they were not alone, terrifying beasts of immense power also rules in the void, savage and untamed they would go against the Creators which ultimately started a massive war between the void beasts and the three Gods. The war itself lasted longer than even the lifetimes of the normal Gods whom were created from the power of the two later killed Creator Gods. The battle was Bloody and long though it seemed to be extremely one-sided. Even without Maxwell, his brother and sister held and immense amount of power that not even the beasts could defeat, they were too mindless and reckless and so the beginning of the war seemed to be nothing more than a slaughter of unnecessary creatures.

    This is when things started to change for the trio however, after quite some time the monsters seemed to get stronger and stronger, becoming harder to defeat and actually posing a real challenge to the 'throne' that the Creator Gods sat to high upon. With Maxwell's brother and sister severely injured from battling non-stop for centuries, Maxwell was done holding back and gave his full aid to his brother and sister, proving to them once and for all that he was indeed the most powerful of the three, slaying even the new and improved beasts with relative ease, his brother and sister followed him as if he were the leader and even gained himself the title of warrior among the three where as his sister was known as the healer and his brother, the supporter. Maxwell's true nature slowly started to show however, the more he fought against the beasts it seemed the more he became like them, a mindless killing machine though there had always been something in the back of his mind that had bothered Maxwell, something very powerful that the trio had never seen was coming, he could feel it. Despite the new and odd chilling feeling that Maxwell had running down his spine, he continued to lead his brother and sister through the horde of monsters who seemed to get stronger and stronger as they traveled deeper and deeper into the void, finding more secrets than they could imagine about 'World', the power even they were subjugated under.

    'World' would only speak into the minds of it's creations every now and then but as Maxwell and his siblings pressed on further into the void, 'World' urged them to turn back, to not continue deeper into things they should not. World proposed to them that they should use their power to create a world of their own as 'World' had done for them instead of using their power to try to find out the secrets of 'World', Maxwell would not have this however. Maxwell could no longer stand the thought that 'World' wishes for it's sons and daughter to forget about it, to not learn about even their creator, he would defy 'World' to the bitter end. His brother and sister were uneasy about Maxwell's aspirations however, they wishes to listen to their creator but they also feared Maxwell and so they chose to follow him still. They continued to fight and move deeper and deeper into the void, finding things that no one could ever imagine, beasts of nasty composure and simple disgust, Maxwell began to wonder if 'World' was even the entity that they had originally though it was, Maxwell was disgusted with what his creator had also made. This helped Maxwell to convince his siblings to follow him no matter what, they didn't see things as Maxwell did, they gave 'World' the benefit of the doubt as they tried to tell Maxwell that it was possible that all these things they found were simply the trial and error of 'World' before it could create the most perfect beings, the trio of Creator Gods.

    In a furious rage, Maxwell forced his brother and sister to come with him into the deepest part of the void but what they found was not something that anyone could describe, Maxwell to this date still does not know what to say about what he saw. Among all the vile creatures that they saw, the last thing they saw was the worst. Approaching the deepest corner of the void they found it, they had actually found 'World', the entity that had started it all. It was both the most beautiful and the most vile, disgusting thing that the trio had ever seen. A large ball of what seemed to be swirling light and darkness at its core, 'World' had many bodies attached to it, almost as if it were absorbing them, they were all moaning and crying out in both pain and bliss. All the monsters that they had killed they could see, being 'eaten' by 'World'. 'World' seemed to be a very organic-like entity that was actually attached to the void as if the void was it and it was the void. The trio suddenly feel to their knees as the screams of every beast they had slain was suddenly coming from them, so many different voices, they could feel the pain and see what those creatures saw, was this divine punishment? Over all this noise 'World's' voice could still be heard though it was much less of a voice and much more of a feeling that shook everything to its very core. It elaborated that they would all be punished for defying it, it would punish them worse than death. After that, Maxwell's brother and sister simply wiped away into nothingness while all Maxwell could do is scream out in the shared pain of all he had killed as tears of anger and sadness rolled down his face from the feeling of his brother and sister being taken away from him. After that brief moment however, there was nothingness. Maxwell thought that he had ceased to exist for sometime, there was only himself and nothing. For one thousand years Maxwell endured this until his anger built up to a point where he could no longer do nothing. Maxwell's eye's opened up once more to find out that there was now a world in which his brother and sisters power was used to create. Maxwell, filled with anger and hatred traveled to this place known as earth to take back his brother and sister.

    RP Sample: >.> fuckin kiddin me? (1k+ personality and 1k+ history, SMD)

    Who do you know?

    Reference: I am Oski
    Face claim: Maxwell the Creator/Ren Kouen/Magi: The Labyrinth

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    Creator Maxwell
    Creator Maxwell

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    Name:: Maxwell
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    Post by Creator Maxwell on Tue Jan 06, 2015 7:10 pm

    A few bits of information to add on about Maxwell.

    He will start out as a Transcender tier 1 character however, Maxwell's original power level is that of Divine 6, a new rank which will be released after Maxwell's death. Maxwell will have an ability called 'Destiny' which will allow him to access that power for a short amount of time since he is not strong enough to maintain it just yet.

    Maxwell will start out with 4 abilities and 2 weapons.
    Maxwell cannot be defeated by anything less than the power of at least 5 Gods.
    Maxwell cannot kill any Gods until the final battle.

    Maxwell cannot participate in any site events or receive money for site events unless plot related.

    Maxwell is meant to be a bit on the Godmod side since he is like a final boss type of character and such, his weapons and abilities are allowed to break the rules to a certain extent, so long as they are not so overpowered that he literally cannot be beat.

    This shouldn't prove to be a bad thing since he cannot kill Gods until the final battle and the final battle will have to be at least 5 on (Maxwell and his followers)

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    1/3 ~

    Maxwell the Creator[Plot character] 004267

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    So far I like what I see. I approve of this.

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