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    Gamma Squad Roster

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    Gamma Squad Roster Empty Gamma Squad Roster

    Post by Fabled Emperor Karna on Mon Apr 13, 2015 8:19 pm

    Gamma Squad

    Gamma Squad has been tasked as the Jaegar Research unit, to fit in with us you must be a very strong willed person as we face some of the most dangerous Wraiths this planet has ever seen. We pride our self in being known as the toughest Squad because we take our battles on the offensive, bringing the fight to the Wraiths instead of sitting back and letting them attack us. Our main goal is to create a front-line and begin to take back the land we lost to the Wraiths. Alpha Squad is headed by Drake, one of the original 5 Jaegars, he is an experienced hunter and knows most types of Wraith that him and his Squad will encounter making him a good leader, able to teach his Squad about the types of Wraiths and how to fight them. Drake is calm and collected but dangerous, most would expect that he would want the strongest of all Jaegars to be apart of his team but if you are strong with no brain you will quickly find Drake's temper, he teaches that it takes both brains and brawn to fight high level Wraiths. Customized for each squad leader

    Gamma Squad Leader

    Gamma Squad Co-leader

    Gamma Squad Medic

    Gamma Squad Scientist

    Gamma Squad Gunner

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