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    Name:: Christina Bencivenga
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    Christina Bencivenga  C3VuZemChristina Bencivenga  1SoIwJq

    Who are you?

    Name: Christina Bencivenga
    Codename: Nemesis
    Age: 24
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Nationality: Italian
    Special features: N/A
    I.D. Number: X003

    What are you like?

    Christina seems to be filled to the brim with pride. Pride for herself, her family, her upbringing, and her carrier. It is hard to find something to shame her about, for most, or at the very least many, of her flaws are things she takes pride in, along with work to better herself at. She pays little emotional attention into petty insults and pokes towards herself, finding them humorous and often going along with it, but letting it effect her ego. If anything, she will come back with a witty retort in order to assert her dominance in the situation.

    However, Christina is easily irritated by other people's attempts to assert dominance. If they truly are higher up, or proven to be above her, she manages to settle her ego and listen to them, or at least settle it long enough to comprehend and follow through with orders. When people of lower rank, and/or have yet to prove themselves to have the private of talking to Christina in a superior context, she will not be very tolerant of them, and will go out of her way to make sure they know who is in charge.

    Christina has a very strategical mind, always looking at the world in terms of numbers; the number of people on her team, the number of opponents, bystanders, causalities, losses, victories, it is almost as if she looks at it like a game of chess. She will try her hardest to make sure that the number of bystanders around is as little as possible, and try to formulate plans which will allow for the greatest expulsion of Wraiths, and the biggest survivor rate of her allies .

    ~ Fencing
    ~ Leadership
    ~ Respect
    ~ Loyalty
    ~ Friendship
    ~ Humor
    ~ Tolerance
    ~ Greed
    ~ Annoyances
    ~ Arrogance
    ~ Flowers
    ~ Romance (although she loves to tease)
    ~ Guns (even though she has one)
    ~ Cats
    ~ The colors pink
    ~ The color yellow
    1) The elimination of Wraiths: Playing war with the wraiths is almost like a game to Christina. She formulates strategies, and understands that it is truly a game of life and death, how everyone, that does tm not stop her enjoying taking them out. Her most common motivation is truly just the possibility of getting put against a Wraith.
    2) The elimination of her fears: being as prideful as she isn't, Christina wishes nothing more then to get rid of her imperfections. She has come to accept them, how ever, that does not mean she wants them to be permanently embedded with in her. She wishes to one day over come all of her fears, and truly feel like she is deserving of all the pride she has.
    3) To out grow her uncles shadow: For those people who have been in Vanguard long enough to have witnessed the greatness of her Uncle, Christina is seen as in-superior. She is a good leader, however, in comparison to the great things her uncle did she is far from growing a shadow of her own, let alone get out from under his. She wishes to be done with it, never having to be compared to him again unless it is saying how she is better.
    Claustrophobia: Due to living in a small basement, void of almost all food and water, along with forcing her to listen to the sounds of monsters above her head, she can't stand small spaces. It always makes her feel like she is the same, defenseless person that Christina was when she was a child, even putting her back into the same mind set.
    Arachnophobia: Ever sense Christina can remember, she has always been afraid of spiders. Spiders them selves send shivers down her spine, however, Spider like Wraiths will cause her mind to shrivel.
    Losing Soldiers: Christina can't stand even thinking about causalities, though she does it anyway, solely for the purpose of trying to figure out a strategy on avoiding them. If the battle between Wraiths in like a game of Chess, then she refuses to loose any pieces to those bastards.
    Betrayal: She trusts her squad with her life, whether she shows it or not. The fear constantly on her mind is that one of them, or all of them, don't feel the same, and will betray her the moment they get.

    What do you look like?

    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 135 lbs
    Eye color: Light brown
    Hair color: Auburn
    Christina is a women of what physicians would call average build, but most, common men would call perfect. Lean, and covered in the muscle, the only fat found on her body would be in her breasts. Sized in at D. The skin which stretches across her face, hiding beneath her dark auburn hair which occasionally covers up her right eye, is olive toned, complemented perfectly by her bright brown eyes. Christina's face is usually left alone, untouched by make up, her body, of course, is clothed. Casually, Christina wears a white, collard shirt which covers most, if not all of the skin between her hips and the bottom of her neck. A scarlet red handkerchief is kept tied beneath the color, flaring out for most to see. As for bottoms of this casual appearance, Christina's white shirt tucks underneath the black, knee length skirt which starts just above her belly button. Starting at the knees, where the skirt cuts off, are her leather black boots.

    When she feel less casual, typically when going on missions and is allowed the time to change before hand, Christina goes through a drastic change in attire. A change where only her black boots are the only things to stay. A black, skin tight body suit covers her from neck to toe, covering even her hands and fingertips. A black belt is slanted around her waist, typically a gun in the holster on one side, and a rapier in the other. (to keep the peace with people of course). Falling off of her shoulders, usually with the sleeves resting at her arms, is a white fur coat which flows down to her a about the center of her calf.

    Whether in casual or "professional" attire, Christina will always be wearing her black boots, and red sunglasses.
    Christina Bencivenga  NfyVJIp
    Christina Bencivenga  MH8dx2I
    Where have you been?

    Twenty four years ago, Christina was born. Twenty two years, before "the gate appeared", that wouldn't seem that long ago, but now? Now it seems like decades. Christina was one of the few still living who experienced life before the Wraiths appeared through "the gate", tormenting the world and for unknown reasons, starting war with the humans.

    She doesn't remember much about what life was like, however, simply living before the gate seems to have been a miracle. The Gate opened when she was two years old, the day after her second birthday. Her parents weren't worried, they weren't scared. They were fairly religious people, and believed that god would save them. They were wrong. It was at the age of three, less then a year after the gates opening, that Christina's home was overrun with Wraiths. Hidden away in the basement, Christina and her mother awaited her fathers return. It became painfully obvious to her mother, who wouldn't stop preying for her husbands soul, that he wasn't coming back. Christina remained vigilant.

    They stayed in that basement for two weeks, living off of what little food storage they had down there. It was after that two weeks time that they were uncovered from the rubble of their home. Christina didn't quite understand the situation, however, her mother did. Even after they moved to Christina's uncle's house, her fathers brother, her mother became crippled with depression. Her brother in had practically been a devout Atheist sense birth, however, she struggled with believing in her own absence of faith. She became confused, constantly conflicted with an internal battle of whether or not god existed. Before either side won that battle, Christina's mother had killed herself.

    Now at the age of four, Christina lived with her uncle. It was just the two of them, however, it was a large house. Her uncle had inherited all of the money, her father having been abandoned and cut out from the will for marring a Catholic. Christina's uncle treated her well. He was gathered by the Vanguard, being one of Italy's former best generals. Even though Christina had to relocate yet again, she didn't mind. it meant she wouldn't have to leave any more family.

    After relocating to the Vanguard base, helping put together strategies to fight against the Wraiths, Christina's uncle began to see just how horrible they were, up close and personal. it was after his first time commanding on the field that he came home, frightened, and worried for Christina's wealth and well being. It was that day forward that every day after her returned from his duties with Vanguard, that he would train her in the art of sword fighting (fencing). Christina was a natural.

    By the time she was seventeen, she had practically mastered fencing. Being able to take on up to three or four guys at once. At this point, she had even started working with her uncle, being an assistant general (despite the lack of encouragement from other Vanguard members, members who had been aiming for that position for years and had lost it due to favoritism and family relations.) Christina, however, did not care. She knew she could take them.

    At the age of twenty two, Christina had proved herself worthy enough of allowing her uncle to retire, and replace him as general. However, this didn't matter. Her uncle barely managed to put up a good fight against the Wraiths, and Christina, being no where near the same level as expertise as a general that her uncle had, barely put a dent in the efforts.

    Two years later, at the age of twenty four, present day, a master invention was created, Arcs. Being known for her skill as a swordsman, and as a general, Christina was granted permission to be trained as a Jaeger, and given the title as a Squad leader for the Beta unit.

    RP Sample:
    As the world around her turned red, Christina's lance , Arondight, fell to the ground. Her eyes widened as she saw the corpses on the ground, everything her eyes viewed seeming to be tinted red with blood. She wanted to open her mouth and call for help, but before she knew it her knees bashed into the pavement. The impact startled her, eyes closing just a bit, and Christina going back to her senses. It was her first mission as the leader of Beta, and right now? Right now people were dead. Civilian bodies laid on the ground as she reached up, ignoring the creature being fought off by Jaegers before her. Letting in a large amount of air, a shriek was released from her gullet.

    As a handle found its way between her finger tips, Christina herself found her way into the air. Without saying a word, the weapon people called an arc pierced through two Zhou Wang, leaving the creatures yelping in pain as Christina took off the red stained, white fur coat. Looking up, brushing red hair from her face and sliding it, for once, out from both her eyes, she pointed her lance towards the air. A harpy-like creature was in the sky, fighting off the attacks of two Jaegers. On the ground, at least a dozen Yan zhi, its minions, pranced around the battle field, biting chunks out of the deceased civilians. "We got here too late," She muttered, "However," Leaping into the air, she watched as the buildings passed by her, "my code name isn't nemesis for no reason."

    As the Creature saw her coming, it swept to the side, but not soon enough for Christina not to cut away at it, taking a chunk of flesh from its wing.

    As the creature fell to the ground, Nemesis followed after it, lance raised high and ready to pierce through its chest. The harpy, a Yan zhi, didn't seem to agree. Raising her left wing, the wing that wasn't cut through, she slammed it into Nemesis's side. Christina held on tight to her lance as she felt the brick slam into her back, listing to it crack as she quickly fell to the ground. As her eyes reopened, she saw a blast of energy fly towards her, "An enchantress..." She muttered, leaping to the side and watching as the ball bashed into the wall, breaking through it completely and causing the structure to collapse.

    Looking back at the creature, her attention now away from the collapsed building, Jaegers began to walk towards her. "I'm fine," She shouted, slamming her lance into the ground with one hand, and raising the other, signifying them to come to a halt. "Take care of the Zhou Wang," She shouted. As the four remaining jaegers, Christina include, were surrounded by the 8 remaining Zhou Wang, she gripped Arondight's handle and yanked it from the ground, pointing it straight up into the air. "I'll take care of the harpy bitch," Letting all the strength in her arm go limp, she watched as her arm pulled the lance down, slamming it into a Zhou Wang  and piercing right through her. "Now!"

    Leaping back, she watched as one of the Jaegers summoned their weapon, a matching gun.

    Bullets flew through the air as both the Zhou Wang's and the Yan Zhi were pelted with bullets. The Yan zhi managed to step t the side, taking barely any damage. Well, no damage from the machine gun. Nemesis had charged behind her, and before the creature could react, the creatures wings flew into the air.

    Blood poured onto the ground as the Enchantress shouted in pain. Stepping back, Christina did twirled 360 degrees, Aronsight held out in the air. "Good night, bitch." As the spear flew through her gut like butter, she watched as its core shattered into pieces.

    As the taste of victory touched down on her taste buds, her mouth stayed solemn. There was nothing to be cheery about. No Jaegers had died, and no one had died after the Jaegers had gotten there. However, the bodies of fifteen civilians that passed before they had arrived meant only one thing. Even though the mission was to take out all of the Wraiths...

    This mission was a failure in the eyes of Nemesis.

    Who do you know?

    Reference: I'VE BEEN HERE!!!

    Face claim: Nemesis/Persona/Mitsuru Kirijo.

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    Name:: Christina Bencivenga
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    Looks good to me 0-0

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