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    Post by Kaseki on Sat Apr 18, 2015 3:15 pm

    New Guy _fear_10

    Who are you?

    Name: Kaseki
    Codename: The Demon of Life
    Age: Over 3 million years
    Sexuality: Straight
    Nationality: Forest
    Special features: aseki is a hybrid of a Demon Swamp Spirit and a Metallic Wolf Demon. Because of this, his genetic make up is that of a metal tree, with the organs of the wolf. Kaseki has fangs of the wolf, and his body is a mix of various plants.
    I.D. Number: starts with X00001

    What are you like?

    Kodai is the demon spirit that resides within Kaseki's body. He is everything that Kaseki would have been, if he had killed the man that killed his brother. Kodai was the dark future that Kaseki never experience. Because Kaseki sealed this demon within him, Kodai appears to always be in a fit of rage to have to share the same vessel with his past and innocent self, Kaseki. Kodai is a mean and cruel being who appears only to kill or get rid of a threat that could potentially harm the bod he is bound to. 

    Kodai hates working with other people, and much less under a leader. He strives to accomplish things on his own, with or without the help of his guildmates. He likes to charge into battle fearlessly, disregarding his own health. He loves to watch humans spill their own blood, and on frequent occasion, he likes to consume the crimson drink.

    Kaseki appears to be absent minded most of the time. His soul was sealed at the age of six. Due to this event, his mind is practically frozen into the perspective of a child. He likes nature and strives to protect it. He normally does not go out of way to make friends and meet people, but he will comfort the lonely.  He takes care of his cloak. He named his cloak “Kuiyeong” which means “puppet.” He believes the garment to be an extension of his very being. On most occasions he considers it his own skin. 

    Kaseki likes to watch people and observe from afar. He knows that he is not the strongest being, and prefers to learn the tricks and skills of the world by watching. He prefers to talk to younger creatures like kids, over adults. The reason is because of his childish soul. Kaseki is afraid to talk to older people because he knows that they will notice his lack of intellect.

    When in a group of people he knows Kaseki will act almost as a parental figure and care for the group. He sometimes feeds his friends with the fruits of his being, this is only posible because of his plantlike body. With this ability he is able to bring healing herbs (that never work for him) and various foods for his teammates. He sometimes will place a large leaf over the face of the injured or the deceased in a hope that it heals them, however it has yet to work.

    Kaseki likes to fight to prove a point, but swore to himself to never kill. He likes to use his environment as a tool of evasion. He flees rather than fight. If needed, he will attempt to mimic the style of his opponent. He prefers to lead his own army, but would rather be led my a tyrant that knows the enemy than his own less experienced self.

    On the few occasions that the two do work together, they work efficiently. Kaseki will show his allies the bright side of the battle, and what they can do to defeat their opponent, while Kodai sees the almost reverse, by revealing all of the weak points in their opponent. In this case, Kaseki and Kodai will start to sound the same, and work together to achieve the same goal. 
    - Animals = Loves nature and all that live in it.
    - Robots = Likes to build things and give life to the unliving
    - Plants = Kaseki is part plant. (As well as wolf.)
    - Bullies = Kaseki was once an outcast, and strives to give everyone like him a chance.
    - Fire = He fears that he could be burned down, just like a forest.
    - Ice = He fears that the cold would freeze him and destroy his plant-like bod
    - Finding his love = He was transported to many worlds with the use of a mysterious portal. He strives to find the next portal, hopefully bringing him closer to his lost love.
    - Finding somewhere he belongs = Kaseki wants to discover his place in the world, no matter what world he finds himself in.
    - Protecting "Khaos" = Khaos is a weapon that he stole from his home world. He swears to protect it and prevent someone from using the destructive soul for evil. He has not yet learned how to awaken the shapeshifting weapon.
    - Not seeing his love = He has devoted the last millennium to finding his love.
    - Letting Kodai take him over = Kaseki knows of the great power that resides within Kodai's soul. He knows that if Kodai takes over, he could kill the world. (Possibly)
    - Wolves = He hates any furred creature. He fears wolves particually because of a traumatizing event he had as a kid.

    What do you look like?

    Height: 5'11.5"
    Weight:  216lbs
    Eye color: iolet normally, red when he is talking or is focused on something
    Hair color: N/A
    Appearance: New Guy Untitled-7

    Where have you been?

    History: Kaseki is a creature of few words, with even fewer words to describe him. He's one that keeps to himself and observes from afar. Very rarely will he appear to greet or meet something he has interest in. He wants to keep away from people for various reasons. He lives in a rural home made of trees and other various plants. This way, he is one with nature. This allows him to tend to the needs of the earth and protect things that gift life. He is someone who knows almost nothing about his past, and that's what shapes his future. He has been traveling from world to world given any chance given. This is a result of his host world, the Portals. The portals are his source of energy, and they give him life as he passes through them. Kaseki was born a human, when he passed through his first portal, he found himself in a new body, with a new body. This was the beginning of his immortal life. How did he become immortal? Simple, his human body was destroyed and his soul possessed nature. This gave him the give of immortality. If his body is to die, he will simply possess a new vessel elsewhere. This is the power of the Demon of Life. The tale of Kaseki, the son of death, the living tree, the creature that defies logic. He is nature itself. He is the water in the rivers.

    Someone who is a god in his own sense.
    RP Sample:
    Dregon led Kaseki down the crowd and into a dark and hidden hallway. He was following based on just the mere fact that he was his family. Dregon was more than a brother to Kaseki, he was everything his life lived for. It was Dregon who saved Kaseki, and he owed his life to him. "Brother, keep going." Kaseki listened to the words of the man, obeying it to every last word. He walked down the hall to meet a door at the end of it. It smelled funny and Kaseki held the doorknob. He looked over at Dregon for an answer, and his brother nodded. Kaseki exhaled slowly before doing so. And then he turned the doorknob.

    "Well it's the grandmasta God himself, tha great Kaseki!"

    Skullface sat on a couch pushed against the darkroom in the back. Two girls were with him, one on either side. Both seemed unamused and emotionless, yet them remained close to Skullface as if they were soulmates. Dregon nudged Kasei to continue forward, and Kaseki moved in. Dregon smiled as he walked over to the short table infront of the couch, just a few feet away from Skullface and his girls. "He knows." Dregon said.

    Kaseki felt a strong and strange feeling. He wasn't sure what he meant, but then he saw it. He looked at the girls again, seeing that they had wings. Both of them were hidden in the dark, illuminated by the few neon lights in the room, and Kaseki's bright eyes. "Now, y'see these Starfalls are from out of this world, yo. They fell from the heavens and landed here. Now I know you know that we know this is the Plane of Obilvion, limbo they call it. Your father, Death, asked the great god, and devil himself to give this place to you, as you have it..."

    "Now hold on," Kaseki interrupted, "This place was a haven to the souls that were too pure for hell, and those who are here for a second chance. I selected each soul myself, to ensure this place would be founded on sheer principle. It wasn't until the last century that I allowed all that the heavens would protect, but not keep, as well as the souls too black for the devil. Then we took people from the realm of the living and put them here too. Because the Maker, and the great Demon demanded it so. However, this, Pandora, is my realm. I control it." Kaseki was furious, yet confused. He needed answers. "So why would angels fall here?"

    Dregon leaned back slightly, folding his arms and looking at his brother. "The world has changed Kaseki. You now not only watch over the Plane of Oblivion, but Purgatory as well." Dregon smiled, "I'll protect you, as I said I would."

    Those words... they cut deep into Kaseki's heart. Did this place turn into a kingdom? Was Kaseki being etched into history? What was Kaseki? He was in the opposite business of his father, Death. He wasn't in the business of collecting souls, he was in the business of distributing them. He was the Demon of Life, the opposite of his father, the Angel of Death. 

    "Ya mon, ya see we have a plan to get these babes to help us out.' Skullface said with a laugh, "These are the last of 'em. There was eight of them to begin with."

    Kaseki froze. "Wait, if they're two... and there was one in Toonville, Kanto, Konoha, Fiore, and Kai... where was the eighth?" Kaseki was puzzled. "Brother, it was Ramen who wished it. He and Brushogun wished for a home where there would be hope. And here we are." Dregon stood up and walked over to his brother, with the widest smile on his face. It was lifetimes since they last saw each other, at least, when the other wasn't dead. He extended his hand to Kaseki, looking more content then ever,"This is the place we dreamed of when we were kids. This place... we can be free."

    Kaseki let a small tear build up in his eyes as he grabbed the hand of his brother. He pulled him in and held him. It was a long time since he would ever see Dregon breathing. And that moment, Dregon began to glow a white aura, some unseen, and unheard of. Kaseki felt the change, but decided to enjoy the moment. "I'll protect you. I promise brother." Dregon turned into a white silhouette, showing no features, just light. "I will protect you. In this life, the next life, and every life. You're my family, never forget that."  Kaseki held on to the last of his family. The one who raised him. The one that protected him from the beginning. "I'll always be with you, Yoshigé" 

    His brother began to dematerialize, yet Kaseki held on. He gripped the shirt of his brother hoping this time he wouldn't go. "Not again brother..." He felt his body disappear, yet his hand seemed to hold on. "... Always in my arms brother... You have a habit of doing that." But Kaseki knew, this was different. He could feel the presence of his family leave the room, yet his hand was full. He opened his eyes to find an interesting tool. His eyes fogged, a full of tears. He observed the object.

    "And our new story begins!" Skullface cried out. He began to laugh, as the Starfalls began to smile. He cheered for the new god and his new weapon. But even that object Skullface had never seen. "Ay, but what is it, mon?"

    Kaseki looked down at the gift his brother created. He smiled. He would keep it for the rest of his life. "It's a Keyblade, Skullface." Kaseki scoffed, "It's  a keyblade."

    Who do you know?

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