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    Post by Fabled Emperor Karna on Thu Apr 06, 2017 8:49 pm


    Humans are a relatively new race which was created by the second generation of Gods who had come before Fabled Emperor Karna. During the time of the Original Gods and the second generation the lands were filled with beastly and terrifying creatures which were a more morphed and disfigured versions of the Jotun, Elves and Dwarves. Because the Gods wished for there to be more intelligence life within the word, one that could possibly sustain peace the second generation created intelligent life forms in the likeness of their image thus creating Humans.


    The original creatures of the woods, long ago they were much more crude though since the advent of the humans, Elves have become much more sophisticated, most are very reserved and the race as a whole still prefers their privacy. Elves became extremely in-tune with nature and the natural world which lead them to become naturally skilled in the use of magic though some elves took things too far, infusing their own bodies with magic thus creating a dividing line between elves and ultimately splitting the race itself. Offspring of those who infused themselves with magic gave birth to a new generation of Elves which donned much darker and tinted skin. There are the Wood elves and the Dark elves.


    Similar in manner and length of existence to the Elven race, Dwarves also have been around since the first generation of Gods. Dwarves were much more impish in build though many were rotund and bulky creatures who lived in the mountains and only on rare occasion or out of necessity would they leave their mountain domain. Over time they have evolved into a less imp-looking and more human-like people which much more varying body builds though sharing one main thing in common, they are extremely short in both height and temper.


    The Aesir, a term that was coined for those that, through their lineage no matter how deep it goes, has a bloodline that dates back either 3500 years ago to the second generation of Gods or dating back roughly 1300 years ago to the advent of the Fabled Emperor Karna, being an offspring of him. Aesir encompasses any and all that have 'divinity' within their bloodline. Despite Demons being a tainted version of a God, they too technically have Divinity within their blood.


    The Jotun, also known as  beast people is a general race and term used to describe the creatures whom much like the Elves and Dwarves, have been around for a very long time. They use to be much more beast-like in manner though over the years they have evolved into creatures that are seemingly humanoid creatures. The Jotun greatly vary in appearance as they range from just about any and every animalistic creature with a more human-like body and appendages and are capable of advanced speech and thought as well.


    Throughout the years cross-breeding of the races has occurred and thus it has brought about Hybrids. Hybrids aren't exactly a singular race and can range from a rather mundane cross-breed to something completely unique with a mix of a few or even all races. The Hybrid race allows for players to be able to be able to make their character whatever they wish it to be, while our races are very unique and diverse by themselves, if someone wished to have a few unique traits from many different races then the Hybrid race if for you.

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