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    Name:: Solomon
    Race: Fallen God

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    Solomon Tumblr_mjml1kaEhR1s2823fo1_r1_500

    Name: Solomon
    Nickname: The Sage
    Age: Ageless (Looks 17)
    Sexuality: Gay
    Race: Fallen God
    Special features: N/A

    What are you like?

    Solomon is a very shrewd observer, calm, prudent, and remarkably wise. He is avid reader, strategist, scientist,  and is very often seen carrying around a book or discussing various subjects with his friends around him. He also has a bad habit of acting like an excited child whenever he encountered things unknown to him and would immediately investigate so as to better understand the object of his attention. Solomon will be become visibly sad if any of his investigations prove to be futile, as he feels like his new discovery was just a waste of time.

    He was never afraid of telling people what he really thought of them, which would sometimes cause others to see him as far too blunt or even downright rude. However, as Solomon is a careful and calculating thinker who had a very deep and personal understanding of honor, compassion, and tolerance, and strives to prove just how important they are. He wants to make the world a place where all being can live in peace and equality.

    He treasures his friends immensely, despite being a god, because even a god can get lonely at times. Despite his serious nature at times, the God loves to go out ad hang with his friends weather they are human or not. The God hates when his people and him are threatened, as he feels people have no right to threaten a being as powerful as him and the people that he cares so much about.

    In battle, Solomon is just as calculated as he is outside of battle. He will look around his environment and see what he can use to quickly end battle. However if he can not, he will try to calculate a plan to quickly end the battle as he does not like to do it period. If he is forced to battle, and has no time to calculate a plan he will just use brute force against his opponent, however he will never kill, as he thinks it is morally wrong. However if killing is the only option, Solomon will do so. The

    •Science: He loves the way science introduces him to new things he might have not know of. Even as a god.
    •Friends: He loves to hang with friends, as they keep him from feeling alone.
    •Reading: he loves how reading makes his imaging grow.
    • Overly spicy things- things that are too spicy tend to make his taste buds useless for a while.
    • Deception- he believes and trust people, and if people deceit him Solomon will feel like a fool.
    • Bullies- Solomon hates those who hurt others because of their own insecurities.
    Finding Love: Solomon one day wants to find the love of his life, so he can spend 24/7 with them and never be lonely again.
    Gaining Power- He wishes to be the most powerful of his race, so he can protect himself and his loved ones.
    Being alone- Solomon fears being alone and suffering.
    Being weak- Solomon fears being weak as he wishes to protect himself and others around him.

    What do you look like?

    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 130 lbs
    Eye color: Dark Blue
    Hair color: Snow White
    Solomon Tumblr_mletlqDwRw1rga65to2_250

    Where have you been?

    History: Solomon is to be predicted as the first God to be created from the nether, however this has no substance as no one knows but the creator God himself. However it is known that after being born from the aether, Solomon was thrusted into human world naked, both figuratively and literally, with knowledge of nothing and no one. He wandered the world by himself, becoming lonely as he slowly regained memory of who he was. After a year he fully remembered who and what he was, also while coming into his godly powers. While crossing around the world, Solomon learned of a thing called science and partook in numerous explorations with scientist. Doing this he came love science, despite being a being of unimaginable power. During this time however, he also studied humans and monster alike, trying to figure out why the creator god made these species and why the humans are the weakest of all. However he wished too see if they will ever grow as powerful as their counter-species.
    RP Sample:
    "Solomon...Solomon...Solomon" the whispers filled his ear. They where faint, seldom audible, yet they sent a chill down his spine. Finally opening his eyes, Solomon was covered in darkness, not just any darkness, but one that would scare the devil himself. He felt as if he knew this place, it felt comfortable to him, however he could not pinpoint why it felt like this. "Solomon... Beware" the voices said in synch once again, sent a bone chilling coldness down his spine. Before he could do anything else Solomon was thrown back into his bed, his eyes wide and full of confusion. "W-what was that?" Solomon uttered as he sat up and grabbed his glasses from his dresser stand.

    "Haha! Who knew a human could access the nether realm?" A loud boisterous voice echoed in his pitch black room. He quickly looked around seeing nothing around him, who could be in his home? Why where they here? He tried reaching for his lamp before an sharp pain went through the center of his palm. "Don't try it buddy! I don't think you would wanna see those who will end your life" the voice said with a loud chuckle. Solomon quickly pulled his hand back to see that it had a hole through the center of it, man who does this? Why would of all people attack him?

    "What the hell are you?" Solomon said in a stern voice, meaning he was demanding to know who it was and not asking. The voice chuckled as a pair of beady red eyes floating seven feet in the darkness appeared, "they call me the boogie man, but I have no name so call me the unknown". Solomon let out a small laugh at after the creature spoke, he knew all creatures had a name, so why lie to a god? Well he was just going to see how long he could taunt the creature before it was stupid enough to actually come towards Solomon and try to hurt him. He hopped it would just leave but he knew it wouldn't, as it had came to kill.

    The beady red eyes seemed to float closer, making no nose, making Solomon guess this was a swift one. "Well since I see you are bold enough to laugh, let's see if you are bold enough to look at me in full light" it's voice said as his lamp light quickly filled the room. Solomon laughed once again "your absolutely ugly, I hope you know!" He said looking at the unknown creature. It had an all black body, with sharp claws on his toes and hands, twisted deformed horns came from it hands with little patches of hair coming from its head and two different sized eyes. Spikes also covered its knee caps and shoulders, seemingly twisting and deformed like its horns. Did the creator god really have any idea what he was doing when he made this thing? Clearly not.

    "How dare you laugh you human!!" The beast roared as it lunched one claw back then forwards towards Solomon's heart. Before the beast could see anything the God caught its claw and twisted it before promptly ripping the beast whole arm off and throwing it aside. "W-w-what the hell are you? I thought you where human!" It screamed as black blood dripped from the spot where it's arm use to be. It backed away slowly from Solomon as he got out of bed, only dressed in his boxers however, he addressed the monster. "There's the problem, you assumed, you did not know who I really am" Solomon said boldly as a dark hue surrounded his half naked body. "Truth is I'm a god, and you just messed up big time ugly" Solomon said "a god? I-I didn't know! I'm sorry!" Solomon did not listen to his words as he quickly approached the monster, grabbed ahold of its neck before twisting it and breaking the monsters neck.

    Who do you know?

    Reference: Wave
    Face claim: Ryuken Ishida- Bleach
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    Name:: Torag
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