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    End Blades

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    End Blades

    Post by The Gatekeeper on Wed Dec 17, 2014 10:27 am

    Weapon/Armor name: End Blades
    Weapon/Armor rank: Transcender
    Description: Twin Long Swords
    End Blades:
    Ability/Spell name: End Striker
    Description: The user charges at the target with top speed, he moves so fast that he makes a after image of himself. The real user appears above the opponent and slices downward across the targets chest. The afterimage this technique creates is so life like that it will take several seconds for it to be figured out.
    Duration and Cooldown: Instant Duration, 5 Post cooldown
    Strength: Creates a stealth like attack
    Weakness: Once the afterimage is discovered to not be the user opponents may see the user before he is able to execute the attack

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