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    Book 1: The Beginning || Chapter 3: Fallen God Vs. God

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    Book 1: The Beginning || Chapter 3: Fallen God Vs. God

    Post by Wave Darkbright on Wed Dec 17, 2014 6:07 pm

    Wave walked through the Forest in his all black cloak stepping in several water puddles as he walked. He was all alone and it was dark out however he was on the hunt, the hunt for a fallen god. Wave needed as many members as possible for the inner circle of Genesis and he had a lot of things in the works. He had already approached 2 of his brothers with the idea, now his next targets were a fallen god and the king of Albastion. However right now he had tracked the fallen god down to this forest. For the most part fallen gods could be tracked just as easily as regular gods seeing as they were once the same thing. As Wave walked deep into the forest he could feel the energy signature get closer and closer.

    As Wave entered what appeared to be the center of the forest, he saw a being standing in the shadows. He walked and stopped about 10 meters away from the being and said "I assume that you are Apocryphos, or do you go by the name Solomon now?" Wave said with a smirk that could barely be seen from under his cloak. Wave then began to lean on a tree as he waited for the figure to turn around and introduce himself.

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