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    Xingke, The Mind Path

    Wave Darkbright
    Wave Darkbright

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    Xingke, The Mind Path  Empty Xingke, The Mind Path

    Post by Wave Darkbright on Thu Dec 25, 2014 12:58 am

    Summon Name: Xingke, The Mind Path
    Summon Rank: Master
    Xingke, The Mind Path:
    Xingke, The Mind Path  Image
    All of Wave's summons are part of a set called "The Six Paths of Power". Each summon in this set is not to be considered a summon but more like an extension of Wave himself. They have no real personality but they will talk to Wave, each other, and opponents. The summons all share vision with Wave and each other meaning, they have 7 separate fields of vision that can be seen by all of them. Any summonings by any of the paths also add to their field of vision with however many more view points.

    Ability/Spell name: Mind Link
    Description: The user through physical contact(As long as any of the paths can touch the opponent it works) links the minds of the opponent, themselves, and anyone linked to them(ie the other paths and the summoner). Any damage done to the user and connected parties is reflected upon the opponent, and vice versa.
    Duration and Cooldown: 5 post duration, 7 post cooldown
    Strength: Mimics damage on the user to the opponent
    Weakness: mimics damage from the opponent to the user

    Ability/Spell name: Consciousness Transferal
    Description: The user can transfer their or someone else's mind and memories into a new body while retaining all of their powers and skills, which grants them a variation Immortality. However when this is used the person who has their mind transferred loses a whole rank in stats until they buy a resurrection scroll. Can also use resurrection scroll to stay in new body with normal stats.
    Duration and Cooldown: Instant duration, permanent effect
    Strength: Grants the user a variation of immortality
    Weakness: Needs permission to be used
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    Xingke, The Mind Path  Empty Re: Xingke, The Mind Path

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