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    Ability creation terms

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    Ability creation terms

    Post by Fabled Emperor Karna on Tue Dec 09, 2014 2:53 am

    Ability creation terms

    Here you will be able to learn and check the terms we use in ability to describe how an ability works. First of all, Abilities come with a few terms especially when it comes to describing how your ability makes you better or what it can do to an opponent or area of effect. Abilities terms are broken down into the following aspects: Strength, speed, endurance, agility and ability level. Keep in mind that if you are not a God or Fallen God, you cannot have an ability that boost all of the aspects of an ability because that is counted as a rank-up ability that only a God or Fallen God can have.

    Strength: Strength measures how strong your character actually is. Strength determines now only the striking power of your character but also how high they can jump and what kind of pressure they can hold off and how well they can hold back the force of an attack or ability while defending against it. Please remember, as is with all of these terms, when looking at the actual number such as how much weight you can lift, that is the maximum meaning that you would be somewhat straining yourself with that weight.

    Speed: Speed measures how fast your character is in terms of top speed, acceleration in order to go from a dead stop to going fast as quickly as possible as well as how fast your character can deliver attacks and how quickly they can defend from attacks. Please remember, as is with all of these terms, when looking at the actual number such as how much many miles per hour your character can go, that is the maximum meaning that you would be somewhat straining yourself by going that fast for a long duration.

    Endurance: Endurance measures how long your character can keep 'going' without getting tired, the more endurance you have the longer you can be at your max potential without getting exhausted. Endurance also measures the amount of damage your character is able to take before they're too injured to fight, there is no exact number for this but keep in mind there is a rough estimate for your rank so check that and make sure you aren't godmodding your endurance in battles.

    Agility: Agility measures your characters reflexes and battle awareness, agility is what allows you to dodge attacks and preform actions of flexibility and acrobatics. Remember that just because you have the agility to perceive an attack doesn't always mean that you are able to dodge it, sometimes attacks are simply too fast or too large to react in time even if you saw it coming.

    Ability: Ability measures the power of your abilities and spells, raising your abilities power can increase the damage the spell can cause, increase the range it covers, increase the travel speed of the spell or increase the healing or defensive capabilities of spells. Decreasing the ability power will have an inverse effect and weaken spells.

    Stat boosting: When it comes to making an ability that boosts these aspects, unless it is a God weapon or God ability (Gods only get one of these) then it cannot boost all 5 aspects. Abilities and spells are allowed a maximum of a boost in two out of the five aspects, allowing players to customize their abilities to give them boosts in certain aspects, when it comes to boosting only a single stat, you are able to boost it by a whole two tiers instead of splitting the boost up into two single tier upgrades.

    Damage Resistances: Sometimes the best defense is the best offense. Damage resistance is a concept where an ability is reduced, negated, or even healed the person that would be damaged normally. This is usually a narrow category limiting to only a certain type of damage. Again, Clarity is key. A defining statement should be stated with intent to keep other players understood and the flow of RP running smoothly. In Example: A player with a Fire Shield ability active is immune to fire.

    Elements: Clarity is key, when dealing with usage of elements a direct statement is recommended. Rather than describing the way an element works, one could bluntly say what element it is for others to understand what it takes to interact with it. This way, people who have reactions, counters, or immunities to the defined element can easily adjust to something rather than swinging blindly in confusion.  For example: A Fireball is considered Fire for the purposes of overcoming damage resistances.

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