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    Torag, God of the Forge

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    Torag, God of the Forge

    Post by That Guy on Fri Nov 28, 2014 9:59 pm


    Torag, God of the Forge

    Name: Torag
    Nickname: God of the Forge, Father of Creation
    Age: Old as Dirt
    Sexuality: Straight as an edge.
    Race: God
    Special features:  Torag appears as a powerful and cunning dwarf, always busy at his forge hammering out a weapon or shield.

    What are you like?

    Personality:  He is the consummate planner, with a contingency for nearly every situation.  Torag loves the dwarven race (and, grudgingly, his non-dwarven worshipers), but he is like a distant father-figure who shows little of the affection he feels for his children because he knows life is a hard journey and he wants them to grow up strong, determined, and competent.

    The Father of Creation sees planning for a greater purpose and creating complex battle strategies like the necessary interlocking rings in chain mail, but knows there are times when a dwarf needs to abandon a failing strategy and think on his feet. He prefers an organized defense to a tactical assault, and a tactical assault to a reckless charge. He opposes acting without thinking, rebellious thoughts, individuals who place their community at risk, and the destruction of crafted things. Burrowing animals are sacred to the faithful of Torag, as are all animals that dwell in caves and mountainous areas. Flying creatures that live underground are viewed as abominations and freaks— bats in particular are hated things. Torag shows he is pleased through reflections of his face on polished metal, preparations happening smoothly and ahead of schedule, and finding mushrooms or fragments of stone that exactly match the shape of his hammer.  He sometimes sends messages through the appearance of cryptic riddles that appear on stone surfaces for a short period of time. When he is angered, forges grow cold, shields crack, and even the simplest plan carries a feeling of dread. Earthquakes (whether localized or expansive) are the ultimate indication of his displeasure, but those who survive a deadly quake are considered blessed.

    Torag cares little for destructive and aggressive deities, having battled them and their minions since the dawn of the world. The cult of the Dark God is particularly hated, for his spawn have long seethed and squirmed in the deeper corners of the earth. Yet despite this loathing of the Rough Beast, Torag’s followers do not get on well with it's nemesis, The Light God, as their worshipers’ willingness to forgive and their devotion to the sun seem to many underground-dwelling dwarves an indication of weakness.

    Likes: Crafting, planning, dedication, creation
    Dislikes: Aggressiveness, destruction, flying
    Motivations: Planning, as explained above: A necessary aspect to survival.
    Crafting: The means of creating the tools to provide the protection of your health.
    Dedication: The motivation in which to think upon and plan the tools in which to forge the tools to become better than before.
    Destruction: Everyone fears the loss of that which they worked so hard to make.
    Flying: It's neither solid, nor something that can be created. A big ol pile of nopenopenopenopenope.

    What do you look like?

    Height: 5'2''
    Weight: 248lbs
    Eye color: Golden
    Hair color: Brown

    Where have you been?


    Alright seriously, if it must be within word constraints, I shall comply.

    Torag took off the starting lines as a God since creation he was created and given the title of the earth to be reformed as he saw fit. For this reason, he remains one of the eldest Gods in the world. He saw countless wars and appointed an equal number of champions to defend his pantheon. He defended his title time and time again to which he equipped his vindicators with the steel to cut through his foes armors, and suited them with armor in which the sharpest of men's sword could not scratch. These paladins marched through the God Wars with his Dogma boosting their morale. Torag remains one of the literally hardest Deities to topple, the toughest to move on the battlefield, and the most stalwart of mental games to push on the warzone. He sits in his throne, awaiting his call to the next game of chess. Watching the world to pick his next paragon, and forging his soon to be strongest set of armor.
    The dwarves believe that Torag created the world at his great forge, striking it again and again with his hammer to get the shape he desired. As the rocks tumbled and the sparks flew, the dwarves were born, made of stone with bellies full of fire.
    RP Sample: Nearly half his clerics are dwarves, and although a great many humans have taken up his call, they only outnumber the dwarves because humans breed faster and are more populous than the dwarven race. Among dwarves, almost all of his priests are clerics, with perhaps 10 percent being paladins or dwarven defenders.

    Priests create and maintain the armor and weapons of the faithful, build defenses for their settlements, and instruct militias in the use of weaponry for proper civil defense. Every priest has at least a small amount of training in some kind of smithing, as well as the knowledge to better construct defenses and history to learn the battle tactics of famous leaders.

    Most non-adventuring priests work as smiths, are part of a governmental or military organization, or both. They understand the practical needs of crafting as a necessary trade rather than a form of artistic expression; a piece of armor or a weapon with a smith-mark crowned by Torag’s symbol may not be pretty, but it was surely tested for quality and durability. Those not inclined to work at a forge, anvil, or architect’s desk all day gravitate toward leadership positions where they can use their knowledge to direct others on the battlefield or city walls, whipping them into shape and maintaining discipline—a fortress with a priest of Torag as the steward is sure to be free of guards sleeping on duty.

    Torag’s followers take their responsibilities seriously and usually are working over one or two problems at any particular time. They can be patronizingly parental or bark at their underlings about how a careless act could endanger everyone. In the company of others of their faith they are more relaxed. They don’t like being idle and usually have some small crafting project with them at all times just to keep their hands busy, such as braiding cord into thicker strands or examining a bag of crossbow bolt heads for flawed specimens to reforge.

    Temples tend to be circular, built around a large central and fully-functional forge and anvils used for even mundane tasks, for every act of smelting and smithing is considered a prayer to Torag. Because of the early morning noise from prayer-work, it is almost impossible to sleep in at a temple, though some have a remote or sound- dampened chamber for when quiet is needed, such as for an infirmary. In outdoor settlements, the temple is usually built into the defensive wall, as this keeps the noise away from other residences and makes it easier for the priests to monitor defenses. The church is organized like a defensive army, with officers and a clear chain of command. Promotions and awards are given for excellent strategic ideas as well as heroic acts of defense in battle. Formal dress for the clergy is a work-worn, heavy leather, knee- length smithing apron, often with a large blacksmith’s hammer. Rings are common and often traded among the faith to show friendship, debt, or allegiance. Worship services take place at the central forge, usually with other priests assisting at the anvils. Services consist of long chants punctuated with hammers and bellows, and most result in the creation of one or more metal items. The church celebrates anniversaries of successful battles. Torag’s holy book is Hammer and Tongs: The Forging of Metal and Other Good Works, which is usually bound in metal with lacquered leather interior pages.

    Who do you know?

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    Face claim: Torag, Pathfinder
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    Re: Torag, God of the Forge

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